Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts for Him

Day 3 (see Day 1 and Day 2) of the holiday gift guide and it’s gifts for him. For the guys in our lives! If your guy is tough to shop for here are a few ideas. This is basically my shopping list for my husband/his wish list (not getting everything on here but I will pick a few).

Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts For Him




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  1. Hydroflask – I’m obsessed with these water bottles. I got mine over a year ago now and still use it every single day. It helps me drink more water and it stays COLD. While I was pregnant with Millie, I had to have water by my bedside. I would fill it with ice water before I went to bed at night, and in the morning the ice would still be in the bottle.
  2. Router – My hubs has been wanting one of these to make fancy edges. I understand they do even more than that so I’m excited to see what kind of DIY wood projects we can get into with one of these!
  3. Chucks – If you know Matt you know that he wears sandals 99% of the time. It’s true. Since the weather is turning a little cooler it’s time for some closed toed shoes that aren’t boots or running shoes. Chucks are just classic.
  4. Kreg Jig – so we have this pocket hole system. We got it earlier this year and have used it on multiple projects (like the entryway stand). If your guy likes building stuff this is a great gift. It makes joining wood a breeze. One of our best purchases by far!
  5. A caulk gun – okay, this probably isn’t something to get super excited about but I know Matt will be thrilled with this gift. We have about 34513 walls with brand new trim that still need to be caulked. After messing around with a manual caulk gun to caulk the toilets and bathrooms, I know he’s going to appreciate this battery operated one.
  6. Socks – You just can never go wrong with socks, you know to go with the new shoes! Love these fair isle ones!
  7. Table saw – My husband specifically asked for this gift for Christmas. It’s a splurge gift for sure but I know it will get a lot of use. If  your guy is a DIYer or enjoys home improvements/building things this is a great surprise gift, I think!
  8. Plaid. Enough said.
  9. Baseball cap sporting their favorite team. This is a failsafe in my eyes!

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  1. This is a great gift guide. Christmas can be so stressful trying to find the best gift for each person. You gave me some great ideas. By the way, I am such a huge fan of your work and your style.

    Much Love,
    Erica from Designing Vibes