Basic Cleaning Schedule Printable

I’m sure I’m not alone when the new year rolls around and I go on an organizing and purging spree!

This year, one of my personal goals for the new year was to make a cleaning schedule and KEEP it. In the past, I’ve always just cleaned “as needed” and never on a schedule. This never really worked for me and I often times felt out of control and overwhelmed. Doing three loads of laundry in a day is exhausting. With a schedule, I can easily do one load of laundry per day and consistently stay on top of the laundry and all household chores.

In preparation for the new year, I scoured the blogosphere looking for the perfect cleaning schedule. I couldn’t find a basic cleaning schedule that was just right, so I made my own!

This basic cleaning schedule is just that, BASIC. The household chores you need to tackle to keep a house picked up and tidy on a weekly basis. I also created it as a checklist so it can be laminated or covered with a page protector, that way each chore can be checked off with a dry erase marker and at the end of the week the whole thing can be erased and ready for a clean slate!

Basic Cleaning Schedule

Basic Cleaning Schedule Checklist

My favorite part about this printable is the quote. I found this quote and it’s just the words I need to remember while I’m organizing and tidying up. If it’s not useful or beautiful, there’s no place for it on home! I’m hoping that seeing this on a daily basis I’ll be able to let go of the unnecessary “stuff.”

Join over 50k people who are whipping their homes into shape and download the FREE Basic Cleaning Schedule!


If you have any questions about this printable or any ideas to make it work better, leave a comment! And before you go, I have more organizing ideas here.

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  1. Great post Chelsea! I love that William Morris quote too, I try to remember that whenever I’m purging an area in our home. I think it’s time for me to get back on a cleaning schedule as well. Happy New Year!

  2. This is just what the doctor ordered for me, and at the perfect time. I only saw it because “browneyedbaker” tweeted it. I’ve never been to your blog. Well done. Maybe if we hold each other accountable we’ll stick with it! 🙂

  3. I’ve always wanted to get myself organized enough to make one of these- thanks for sharing it Chelsea… Great inspiration for a clean start to this year. Pinning it:) love the quote too – a great thing to remind yourself of.

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  6. Thank you so, so much for sharing your cleaning schedule printable!!! This is EXACTLY what I was needing. Thanks again!

  7. This is a wonderful idea! And I love the way you have your schedule set….it’s very simple and would help me stay on track lol! 🙂

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  10. Great job Chelsea! What a nice plan 🙂 Pinning!! Thank you so much for linking up with Get Your DIY On, I hope you’ll join us for February’s theme on Feb.2nd and link up projects that you love! See you there 🙂

    Mandy @ The Hankful House Blog

  11. Is there an editable version of this printable? I love the layout, but I’d like to add a few things. Thanks!

      1. Editable version would be fabulous! Very cute layout and love the idea. Being able to tweak it would be perfect.

  12. Thank you for the printable, I love it. I’ve included it in my 2014 planner and am posting about it on my blog and including a link back to you. Thanks!

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  25. Fantastic schedule. I have made my own but I lost it. Now I am going to use this one which you have posted. It is a bigger one. Best regards! Thank you!

    1. Hi Anna, the printable cleaning schedule is in the Love Your Home Vault. You should have received a confirmation email with instructions to access it.

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    1. Hi Elaine, thank you – I’m afraid I don’t remember what font this is (it’s a really old post).