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Tell me, who else can find things they want allll year long but when someone asks you, “What do you want for Christmas?” you give them a blank stare? For real! Not this year folks. I’m ahead of the game – I’ve got my wish list ready to go and it’s so good! If you need ideas I’m armed with some of the best and I’m sharing them with you so if you need gift ideas – you’ve got them!

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The weekend after Thanksgiving always seems to be pretty magical for us. We put up our tree and got it decorated and I’m loving the whole feel of the season. How about Black Friday? Did you get any sweet deals? I didn’t leave the house! I did score these picture frames for about $10 each but I was able to do that while sitting on my couch in my pajamas! ha!


holiday-wishlist-making-home-base-copyRosé All Day Print | Pineapple Measuring Cups | Amazon Echo

Marble Utensil Holder | Succulent Candle Jar | Tassel Power Charger | Stud Finder

Buffalo Check Blanket | Velvet Pillow Covers 

Tassel Neckless | Stud Earrings | Comfy Sweater

Lilac Aviators

Guys! Isn’t that a great list? The Rosé All Day print is from the cutest Etsy shop. I love this one but she’s got about ten more that I equally adore.

I’m a little late to the game with the Amazon Echo because I just heard about it a few months ago. I love the idea of being able to play music while cooking dinner and shouting to Alexa to add milk to the grocery list! It seems like the perfect gift for a busy mom!

The stud finder is a gift that I’m in desperate need of but never seem to buy for myself. We’ve been borrowing our neighbors but there have been a few times when I didn’t have it and ended up with approximately ten holes in the wall. I’m really bad. This one looks legit and has amazing reviews on Amazon!

The succulent candle jar is just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m working on my office right now and I think it would be the perfect addition to my desk plus it comes in three different scents that all sound delicious.

The velvet pillow covers are just my favorite of all time and I really want them in dark blue so I added them to the list. I have them in several other colors and you can’t beat this price for velvet.

Every year I ask for a pair of Kate Spade studs. I have these and they are my favorite EVER. I found these that are almost identical to Kate Spade’s but at a fraction of the price. Put them in my stocking please! 😉

Ray ban aviators are my favorite sunglasses! I’m not the most delicate with them so I’ve had to retire a couple of pairs. I’ve been on the hunt for these lilac ones in stores for ages – of course, Amazon comes through. I just love them.

What’s on your wish list this year? I hope this gave you a few ideas if you are like me and giving your hubs the blank stare when he asks you what you want!


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