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I mentioned yesterday that I would be sharing several gift guides this week. Gifts for the home, gifts for her, gifts for him, and gifts for them. Today it’s all about gifts for her. All year long it seems like I am constantly coming up with things to put on my Christmas list and then when it actually comes time for that I can’t think of anything. Anyone else have that problem?

With the gifts for her holiday gift guide – my approach is to share things that I love and adore so you can mark off the gal in your life OR put them on your wishlist!

Holiday gift guide - GIFTS FOR HER




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  1. Guys, I do not kid when I say this is my favorite sweater of all time. It’s one of those pieces that you purchase and then you immediately wish you would have gotten it in all the colors. It’s cozy and comfy. All of my yeses go to this sweater folks.
  2. It seems like something camera related is always on my wishlist. I originally got my first DSLR to take pictures of my older daughter when she was born. I use my camera all the time. If you have kids, love to travel, insert pretty much any hobby here, you might want a DSLR. They are perfect for capturing moments. I started out with the T3i (the current starter version is the T5).
  3. Kate Spade earrings. Okay, you probably will never see a gift guide (for her) from me without Kate Spade earrings. They are my thing. I got these glitter ones during the Nordstrom anniversary sale this summer, in multi glitter like the ones shown here and also in blue. I also love them in gold!
  4. Pouches. The end. But really, mom life requires pouches. Actually girl life in general requires pouches. For makeup, for diapers, for school supplies, whatever it is, a pouch will contain it and they may as well be as cute as this one. Perfect stocking stuffer, I think.
  5. I mentioned the DSLR thing, in addition to it I love the 50mm 1.8 lens. I got it at the same time as my camera and it’s almost a must for photographing cute little faces. It allows you to have that perfect blurry background in photos. I have the 50mm 1.4 on my list this year!
  6. Big shock, I know – plaid. You guys know I’m a plaid crazy over here so this flannel shirt (plus about 30 others) are in my current wardrobe. I especially love this classic black and red one.
  7. Ray Ban aviators are my all time favorite sunglasses. I have a couple of pairs and now I’m finding myself wanting these gold framed ones.
  8. This precious personalized initial necklace is just so sweet. I bought one soon after Millie was born with a “P” and a “M” and I wear it daily.
  9. Design books are a great gift! I have a couple on my list this year. I just received Eddie Ross’s book, Modern Mix and it’s great! Definitely recommend it to any design lover.

So those are my picks for her! Do you have any great suggestions on gifts for her? Or something that’s on your current wishlist? I’m always interested in new finds.

holiday gift guide gifts for the home

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