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Day 4 of the holiday gift guide and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I wanted to be sure and get this up before black Friday, you know just in case you plan on doing a little shopping!

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Holiday Gifts for Little Girls


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With two little girls at home, I feel like subject matter expert when it comes to gift ideas for little girls. My older daughter just wants all of the things. She brings over the Target catalog and literally chooses something from every page to put on her list for Santa. I like the something to wear, something to read, something you want, and something you need philosophy when it comes to the kiddos. I plan on getting the girls some jammies, a few other necessary clothing items like tutus and hair bows, some books, and a couple toys. Peighton is really into science and animals right now so I thought a children’s microscope would be a cute and educational gift for her. She’s also really interested in puppets and puppet shows, in fact that was one of the five things she was grateful for (chocolate s’mores and turkeys were also on that list) when they did a Thanksgiving craft at school. This cute puppet show hangs up in a door way – I love that you can just fold it and put it away. P also loves her baby dolls right now and I love this cute handmade mermaid dolly. Books are  huge in our house. We read all the time. We all love Rosie Revere Engineer so much that this year I bought Iggy Peck Architect for the girls for Christmas. They are both written by Andrea Beatty, and are both great stories with amazing illustrations.

Millie is a little tougher to shop for because she’s a baby, I mean she doesn’t need much. I’m looking ahead a little bit and I’m getting her this cute rattle, animal shakers, hair bows (these glitter ones are my fav), some baby moccasins, and this activity mat. She loves anything that makes noise right now so I think these toys are all perfect for her!

I have a ton more gift giving ideas – you’re sure to find some good ideas!

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