How to Shop eBay for Furniture

I’ve slowly been tweaking our living room to complete the casual beachy space I’ve been dreaming about. I’ve been swapping out accent pieces and adding in new bits here and there. One thing I’ve noticed about all of this tweaking is how essential accent furniture can be. Accent furniture is the pieces that aren’t exactly staples but really finishes a space. They are background pieces that if done right, blend in perfectly. If they don’t work, they stick out like a sore thumb.

How to shop eBay for Furniture

We had a black console table in our living room. It’s not a bad piece of furniture at all however, it is out of place. I considered painting it but kept putting it off. After I found gorgeous bedding on eBay, it occurred to me to look there for furniture as well. I innocently started by looking for a coffee table for our living room. That turned into hunting for a replacement for the black console and tada! The next thing I knew I was styling this gorgeous oak console that fits so much better with the style of this room.

Do you ever shop for furniture on eBay? When you’re on the hunt for something make sure to check eBay too. I found this console table first on Wayfair but found it cheaper on eBay with four-day shipping, not bad! If you’re looking for furniture, there are tons of new furniture pieces on eBay. In fact, 81% of all items sold on eBay are new and available with the “Buy It Now” option, so no bidding necessary! Not only are there tons of options on eBay, many of them ship free and can be at your doorstep in three days. Plus, they offer a Money Back Guarantee.

TIPS for buying furniture on eBay:

  1. Use the filters. You can filter the “Buy It Now” option and “New With Tags” to only see new items. You can also ensure you’re not paying for shipping by selecting the “free shipping” option.
  2. Be specific in your search terms. For example, when searching for a table, include the color of wood in your search.

I love this pickled oak console table I found, it’s the perfect furniture swap. The table is sold at several retailers but eBay had the best price! The wood finish is a much better fit for this space than the previous black table. Here’s a few other furniture pieces I found and love:

I’d love to hear if you’ve scored any great furniture pieces on eBay! Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Chelsea, what sort of camera and lense do you use? i love your photos and they are so clean and crisp! Thank you!

    1. Hi Sarah, thank you! I use a Canon 6D and a variety of lenses – I think these shots are from my 35mm.