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Gorgeous Basket Wall Decor Ideas

Those blank walls can feel intimidating to decorate. Creating a basket wall is a fun and unique wall decor idea that can add an element of design and charm to any space. A basket wall is excellent for new home decorators and renters alike because they are easy to hang and causes little to no damage to walls.

Basket walls are versatile and can fit within many different design styles from minimalist to coastal casual. It’s also an achievable project that can be completed in an afternoon and can be budget-friendly if thrifting items are more your speed.

Wall baskets themselves provide a texture and charm to a space that a blank wall lacks. Creating a basket gallery wall in an otherwise neglected space brings gorgeous texture with minimal effort. In just a minute we’ll look at some examples of basket walls but some places I think are great to include wall baskets are hallways, entryways, and above a bed or sofa.

How to Create a Basket Wall

To create a beautiful basket wall, think gallery wall. You’ll need several baskets, woven chargers, or really any woven piece like a woven bowl. I recommend using anywhere between three and seven items. In decorating, the eye prefers things in odd grouping opposed to even numbers.

How to Hang a Basket on the Wall

First, let’s get the basics out of the way. Hanging a basket on the wall can be done in a few different ways. You can use small nails and simply nail right through the basket. If the nail head is small, you won’t see it at all. Another option is to carefully attach some floral wire to the back of the baskets and hang them on the wall with nails or command hooks. Finally, the sticky command strips will work for hanging baskets as well. Wall baskets are relatively light so command strips do a pretty good job at keeping them in place on the wall.

Let’s take a look at some pretty wall basket decor ideas.

Wall Basket Decor Ideas

entryway wall basket decor gallery
via The Fontaine Flat

Three larger-sized baskets work well here in this entryway basket wall. I love that the baskets are all the same texture just different sizes. It shows that you don’t have to go super eclectic with your basket wall going for different shapes, textures, and sizes. Something as simple as the same basket in several shapes hung together works really well.

entryway cascading basket wall gallery wall
via Our Niese Nest

While the previous entryway was a bit more uniform, this one is definitely eclectic. I love the mix of tones and textures. I also like how close together the baskets are hung and in the cascading fashion that they come down just above the entryway table. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option for a blank wall, I think this is some great inspiration. Similar baskets can be found at thrift stores and antique shops to come up with the perfect mix of texture and charm.

globally inspired wall basket decor gallery
via Kelly Elko

This globally inspired basket wall combines an eclectic mix of sizes as well as colors. The similar texture of the baskets allows them to look cohesive. If you are one that loves to bring pieces into your home that are meaningful, perhaps you start collecting baskets from locations that you’ve visited to create a similar-looking gallery wall of baskets. That way, every time you look at it you’ll be reminded of the sweet memories from that adventure.

coastal casual wall basket diy corner gallery wall
via Green With Decor

How about this corner basket wall situation? I see a lot of corner art gallery walls but this a basket wall is different. A corner gallery of baskets is unexpected and is a unique way to utilize blank wall space. Additionally, I love the variety in the basket colors and textures. These type of wall baskets can easily be found at home decor stores like Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and even Target.

DIY wall basket gallery wall with painted baskets
via Up to Date Interiors

One way to make your basket wall pop is by adding some color to the baskets. If you can’t find colorful baskets on your own. You can still get that pop of color with a swipe of a paint brush. Consider painting your own baskets to create truly custom basket wall decor like this beautiful space above.

Where to Hang Wall Basket Decor

wall basket decor gallery wall above the bed
via The HoneyComb Home

Where do you hang a basket wall? That’s a good question and there are really no wrong answers here but one of my favorite places to see basket wall decor is above a bed. I like to hang something light above the bed (maybe it’s all those years living in California and having to consider earthquakes) and baskets are great option. I love this slightly layered basket wall gallery. It’s adds great texture and charm to this cozy space.

above the bed wall basket decor
via Average But Inspired

Another over the bed basket wall decor that is easily achievable and highly attractive. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen similar baskets to these at the thrift store. Hitting them with a can of spray paint and you, too, can have this gorgeous over the bed basket wall.

wall basket decor ideas - above a sofa gallery wall
via List in Progress

Another favorite spot for basket wall decor is above a sofa. If you have a sofa that’s backed up against a wall it can be tough to decide what should go above it. I always gravitate towards some kind of large scale art or some sort of gallery wall. This layered basket wall gallery has a boho collected over time look that is really lovely and inviting.

I hope you feel a bit inspired to create something new in your own space after taking a look at these delightful spaces. Thrifted, found, or new, you can gather baskets and create, make it interesting with a gallery of wall basket decor somewhere in your home.

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  1. I love the basket wall displays! Thank you for the article. It reminded me that I do have some great baskets and it’s time to move them around a bit in my house, and maybe add something new.

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