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Hey friends,

I hope you are having a great week. This week has been such a blur. I blinked and it’s already almost over! That’s what happens when you’re busy I suppose. I was taking a few pictures of our living room for Instagram and I realized that I haven’t shared any new shots of the living room since Christmastime. Post-Christmas usually feels a little bare but I’m always okay with that because during the holidays my home starts to feel a bit cluttered. Ya know?

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Living Room - Blue and White Coastal Inspired

Cozy Blue and White Living Room

There have been a few new updates in the living room. These ottomans serve as our “coffee table” replacement until I can find the perfect one. The girls love to move them all around and use them as their personal trays for playing or eating. I love that nobody gets hurt when they run into them. We also changed up the pillows adding in these blue and white striped ones.

Small and Cozy Living RoomAnd of course, the new built-ins are a big update (tutorial coming soon – trying to get my stuff together to sit down and write the tutorial). I’ve been having a fun time styling them. This was the perfect solution for this space!

Cozy Coastal Blue and White Living Room

We also added a new fiddle leaf fig to the family. This one is a bit bigger than my other one. I get my figs from The Home Depot and they are usually between $10-$13. I think this one was just $13 so I couldn’t pass it up. One thing I’ve realized lately is that I crave a splash of green in every one of my spaces. Since the majority of my palette consists of blue and white, adding a plant or two is the perfect way to add a splash of green.

Blue and White Living Room - Coastal chic

You guys always love this gallery wall, and I do too. I am planning to update some of the pictures in the next few weeks. I love the black and white but it would be fun to have color photos in here too. I’m going back and forth with the idea of using color photos next time. What do you think?

I love this achievable and chic coastal inspired living room

I hope you are having a great Thursday. If we aren’t already connected over on Instagram, I would love to have you pop over and follow along. I post lots of recent photos and behind the scenes looks on stories!

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  1. Hi! I recently found your blog and love how approachable your style is. Your living room looks so bright and airy!

    xx Tiffany

  2. I want to live in your house (but you already know that! :)) I honestly think you should keep the photos black and white. I love that gallery wall so much!

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  4. Your living room is so picturesque! We are in the midst of updating our living room and it feels so intimidating. I plan on sharing this post with my boyfriend in hopes of swaying him away from all the brown he is determined to bring in. I say go with color photos this round to really spice things up!

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  6. Your Billy bookcase hack is excellent – what a great way to get a piece of furniture that is so custom for a reasonable price. The raised bottom and crown molding give a nice “heft” to the unit. (Have you considered adding a thin strip of molding to cover where the 2 bookcases join together?) This was a great addition to your living room (along with your fireplace re-do). Your entire living room is so light, bright and welcoming. I like the black and white photos – more artistic than color ones (you could that in another area perhaps).