Natural Stone Fireplace Ideas

I don’t think there is a more eye-catching focal point in a space than a fireplace. I love a fireplace. We had one in our Florida house and it was a huge selling point for us and we couldn’t wait to make it over (spoiler – it turned out amazing). Fireplaces bring warmth and texture and depending on the style of the fireplace, it can be an interesting conversation piece. That’s the case for most stone fireplaces. In this guide, we’ll share some beautiful stone fireplace ideas that give loads of inspiration for creating charm regardless of design style. 

Fireplaces as a whole date back to medieval times as a source of heat and for cooking. They were placed in the main areas of the home to accommodate the occupants gathering around it for warmth. Even in medieval times, fireplaces had ornate and decorative carvings making them beautiful centerpieces of their rooms. Fireplaces have evolved tremendously since the Middle Ages but the popularity of the stone fireplace remains. Today’s stone fireplaces are created from a huge variety of stones from stone veneers to solid stones like marble and limestone.

Fireplaces are a piece of architecture that can create a different mood and feel depending on the stone type, color, size, and shape. The great thing about stone is that there is a huge range to choose from which means you’ll be able to find a stone that blends in with any style of home décor from traditional to modern. Whether you’re looking for a modern floor-to-ceiling marble fireplace or one made from natural river rock, stone is a gorgeous choice of material for a showstopping fireplace. Let’s look at some beautiful stone fireplaces and get inspired together.

Stone Fireplace Ideas: Marble fireplace, stone cladding fireplace, limestone fireplace

Stone Fireplace Design Ideas

What are the best materials for interior natural stone fireplaces?

  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Travertine
  • Granite
  • Concrete
  • Fieldstone
  • Flagstone
  • Faux Stone
  • Stone Veneer

Floor-to-ceiling fireplace ideas this way!

Fireplace Stone Ideas

Marble Stone Fireplace

A luxury material, marble is a classic stone choice for fireplaces and exudes a timeless beauty. A marble fireplace can look subtle and elegant or more modern, depending on the style you choose. This material looks especially stunning in floor-to-ceiling designs as it brings height to the room while also adding texture. Marble is available in many different colors with white and black marble fireplaces being the most popular.

I think hearing the term “natural stone fireplace” brings to mind a wood-burning firebox with a stone fireplace surround in a cabin in the woods. Today’s stone fireplace is popular with interior designers because stone fireplaces are incredibly versatile. This gorgeously designed modern marble fireplace is cut into four different slabs and then butterflied to go to the ceiling. It makes a gorgeous statement focal piece in this well-designed living room.

marble fireplace focal wall
via Cari Giannoulias Design

Marble stone is versatile and the difference between these two spaces really proves that. From modern to traditional, this classic stone fireplace is an elegant and classic look. Talk to your local stone studio for the best tips on creating this look.

Limestone Fireplace

Limestone is a great choice for an interior natural stone fireplace. It’s a softer stone than marble, so it can be carved more easily into different sculptural shapes so you’ll see more ornate stone surrounds in limestone. Limestone is available in many colors like gray and beige, allowing you to choose a design that will complement your existing decor.

The cottage fireplace above has a limestone stone surround. The natural stone matches the neutral colors in the space really well. The whole space is inviting and cozy and it begins with the fireplace as its focal point.

Stone Cladding Fireplace

Stone cladding is a popular choice for interior fireplaces, as it’s easy to install (less labor) and comes in a variety of styles for both an indoor stone fireplace and an outdoor stone fireplace. Stone cladding can also be used as an accent to create a high-impact decorative piece. Using the stone cladding all the way up the ceiling makes a lot of visual interest.

You can see how commanding the stone cladding installation is here in this living room. The stone is clearly the focus of this space yet it’s not overwhelming or heavy. This type of stone fireplace installation has a large variety of styles and colors so if gray isn’t your favorite, there are many more options to explore.

Spray paint fireplace box black

Boulder Stone Fireplace

Boulders are a great way to add texture and shape to your fireplace. Boulders come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors so you can find the right one for your home. Boulders work particularly well with outdoor stone fireplaces as they can create an outdoor oasis that looks like it came straight from nature. One thing to be conscious of is that boulders are a heavy material so installation can be more labor intensive. The finished result is worth the effort.

This cottage fireplace is really cozy with the chunky wood mantel and white walls. If you love a stacked stone fireplace, this one is quintessential. The stone complements the neutral home decor of the space beautifully. I imagine this being the perfectly homey family space.

boulder stone fireplace ideas built around fireplace stove
via Remodelista

Another example is this boulder stone fireplace built around a fireplace stove. The extended fireplace commands attention and it really draws you in. The boulder fireplace contrasts beautifully with the brightness of this space creating a really cohesive space.

Faux Stone Fireplace | Stone Veneer Fireplace

Stone veneers are another great option for a natural stone fireplace. It’s something that I didn’t even know existed until recently. Stone veneers are made from cement, iron oxide pigments, and aggregates that are poured into a mold. They are used for siding as well as fireplace surrounds. Stone veneer is less expensive than real stone and can make any room look finished if done the right way. Stone veneers come in many different colors and textures, making them perfect for customizing your fireplace to your style and taste.

This fireplace is made using stone veneer. This is a great option when you want a stone fireplace but you are concerned about the weight of the stone on the wall. You can find a stone fabricator that can create the exact look and color of stone that you desire and create a one-of-a-kind stone fireplace for your home.

Concrete Fireplace

If we’re talking about stone fireplaces we have to talk about concrete. Perhaps it’s not the first “stone” that comes to mind when you think of a stone fireplace but concrete is a great choice for an interior stone fireplace as it’s easy to install and highly durable. A concrete fireplace can be sleek and modern or more rustic depending on the design details you choose.

concrete stone fireplace ideas
via Jute Home

Take a look at this chic concrete fireplace. Minimalist and modern with clean lines, the fireplace color aligns perfectly with this monochromatic living room. There are even some DIY options to consider if concrete is the look you desire.

Soapstone Stone Fireplace

Soapstone is becoming more and more popular as a countertop selection but as a fireplace stone. Actually, soapstone is an excellent choice for a fireplace because it absorbs heat and then gently radiates it back into a room. It also is incredibly sleek looking. Soapstone has an attractive soft patina that gives it a natural look. This material can be used in both traditional and modern designs, making it perfect for any style.

luxury soapstone fireplace
via Jones and Haydu

This soapstone fireplace takes your breath away. Despite being in a stunning home with a stunning view, the fireplace alone is a showstopper. Who wouldn’t want a stone wall of soapstone? It’s gorgeous. Soapstone is a great option for fireplaces with gas fireplace inserts or ones that are wood-burning.

Wrapping Up

To wrap this up, there are many great stone fireplace ideas worth considering. From limestone to concrete, and every material in between, each can be customized to fit your existing style and give your home character. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect stone fireplace for your home. I hope this post gave you some inspiration and a starting point when it comes to selecting stone for your own fireplace.

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