Fireplace Paint: Using High Heat Spray Paint for a Fireplace Makeover

A couple weeks ago a reader asked me if I had ever considered painting the brass hardware on our fireplace. We had completely redone the fireplace surround last year with new tile and Matt even built a gorgeous mantel to go with it. It went from an eyesore to a main focus of the room. The only thing we didn’t do was actually paint the fireplace. Actually, I had planned to do so but you know, life. So when my sweet reader asked me this question, it reminded me that yes, I did want to do that! So, not even a handful of days later I picked up some high heat fireplace paint to update my fireplace hardware.How to Update Your Fireplace with fireplace Paint

Updated Fireplace with Fireplace Paint

I’m a firm believer that most everything can be updated with paint. I’ve seen it transform so many things and that’s what really happened it. With the spritz of spray paint, my fireplace all the way leveled up and I’m so happy with it. I went to Home Depot and found paint that is specifically made for fireplaces or grills. It’s a high heat spray paint that you can use for this type of project.

How to Paint A Fireplace with fireplace paintThe first thing I did was tape off all the areas that we didn’t want paint. Since I used a spray paint, I made sure to cover all the tile work to avoid getting any overspray on that pretty hex tile. Millie and I used some scrap paper to cover the fireplace surround. The first thing we had to do to update the fireplace with the paint is to tape off the tile.

After everything was covered and taped off, I used a very High Heat Spray paint in a flat black finish (make sure to read the label to ensure the paint you use is 100% safe for fireplaces. Here is a product that is similar to the one I used and claims to be safe as fireplace paint. I spray painted the brass pieces on the fireplace flat black to match the rest of the fireplace.

Here's how you paint a fireplace's hardware

The high heat spray paint I used had great coverage. I held the paint can about 10 inches away from the hardware and sprayed it in an even back and forth motion. I allowed the paint to dry and then painted one more coat. Since the hardware didn’t require that much paint, I decided to use the rest of the can of high heat paint to spray the inside of the fireplace (you should refer to the fireplace paint can instructions on whether or not this is a recommended/safe thing to do). You can paint the inside of a fireplace with safe/recommended high heat paint.

How to paint the interior of a fireplace

The inside of our fireplace was a gray with lots of scorching. Painting the whole inside of the fireplace black with high heat spray paint completely changed the look of the fireplace. I seriously have no idea why I waited so long to finish this fireplace makeover. The black hardware really wipes away any remnants of the 90s that were lingering around, don’t you agree? Kathy, thank you so much for reminding me I wanted to do this! This was the best low cost (under $5) high impact project, I’ve done in a while. It made such a difference.

Freshen up your fireplace with fireplace paint! Pin this project for later:

How to paint a fireplace with fireplacepaint to refresh a 90s era fireplace

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  2. Chelsea, this is just the project that I needed a tute for! We built our house in 1996 and have the same brass accents. I’m over brass big time and have been sweetly hounding my husband to take on this job. Now that you make it look so easy, I may do it myself! Thank you!

    1. Kathy! Thank you so much for reminding me I wanted to do this. Seriously, the toughest part was taping off the rest of the fireplace to avoid overspray. You can do it!

  3. It turned out great Chelsea! I am so impressed with keeping those pretty hex tiles clean. I’d make a mess!! 🙂

    1. There was an intense amount of fumes. Had two air purifiers going on high for the next few days. Make sure you can do it when the weather is appropriate to keep all of your windows open. This is not a kid friendly project and will make that space uninhabitable for roughly 24 hours.

  4. Any chance you can tell me how the fireplace is holding up? I just spray painted mine with the same paint, same process, and I’m worried the paint won’t adhere properly.

    1. Hi Rachel, it’s holding up great – we used it several times this winter and it’s been completely unaffected!

  5. How has the interior paint held up with use? I need to repaint mine but I’m afraid it won’t hold up well!

    1. Hi Cami! I had the exact same fears. It’s held up great. We’ve used our fireplace a ton this winter and it’s still black on the inside. My biggest concern was the potential for fumes and there have been none!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this! We have a gas insert and I’m going to try the white for the inside (it’s already mostly white). I couldn’t find tutorials from people who actually use their fireplaces so I’m relieved this will be an option. Yours looks amazing (also your fireplace makeover in general is so perfect)!

    1. What is the exact high heat spray paint that you used for the inside of your fireplace? I know that rustoluem is primarily for metal but I wanted to paint the brick in the fireplace black as well. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Lori, I did not deglaze or do anything to the brass other than clean it with an all purpose cleaner.

  7. I bought the same exact can of paint a couple of months ago to do the same exact thing that you just did to your fireplace. On the can it says not to use it where there’s going to be an open flame. It sounds like you did the inside of your fireplace and then use your fireplace without any repercussions whatsoever. I just want to make sure that I’m understanding that correctly and then I will move forward. I just scrubbed everything with a wire brush and tsp and I’m going to get up tomorrow morning and paint

    1. This should only apply while you are spraying. If you have gas logs be sure to turn off the pilot light. Once the paint is dry and the room has had adequate time to air out there should be no problem using the fireplace. I would recommend fireplace paint, which is safe to 1200°. It’s a little more expensive but worth it for safety.

  8. Do you know of any non-spray paint that could be used for this? I have this exact fireplace and have been wanting to do this since we moved in. But I have an infant in the house so I really want to avoid spray paint. Thanks! Beautiful page!

  9. Hi there,
    Any chance you know anything about the brand or style of your fireplace? I need to buy a fan but I can’t find the brand and it’s the same one 😉