New Year 2014 New Goals

At the beginning of each new year, I like to take time to reflect and make necessary changes. A new year is a sort of blank slate. It’s like starting the timer of life again, and you get another 365 days to make it the best you can! Last year on the blog, I only shared my home goals, just things I wanted to do around the house. While we didn’t complete the entire list, I’m pretty happy all the completed projects around our home. It’s amazing what a year of DIY can do 🙂

I love sharing these on the blog because it helps me stay accountable. For the new year 2014, I’m not just talking about my goals for the house but for my life.
New Year New Goals

1. Be present. This is my absolutely number one goal this year. I know we live in a world where technology rules but there is something to be said for unplugging and being present with your family. Way too often am I on my phone checking the blog or social media while trying to play with my daughter. Or rushing through the bed time routine just so  I can get a longer shower. When I’m caught up in the busyness of life I seem to forget how precious these years are. She won’t be little forever and she won’t be home with me forever so I really want to breathe in every moment and not take them for granted.

2. Be brave. I don’t step outside my comfort zone often enough. There are things I want to do in my personal life and with this blog but I get self conscience and scared. I want to be brave this year. I don’t want fear to rejection or anything else to hold me back from what I want.

3. Share. I want to share more with you guys. Stories, real life, in real time.

4. Keep a tidier home. Dude. Nobody ever told me that having a toddler would be like trying to clean in a tornado. By the end of the day I’m so exhausted from chasing after P that the only cleaning I do is the bare minimum forcing me to end up doing all my household chores in a day. Ugh. I created my super basic cleaning schedule (FREE printable here) to help me stay on top off all my household chores throughout the week.

5. Build a piece of furniture. That probably sounds dumb to some of the bomb DIYers out there. I’ve played around with my power tools and build a few things like my rustic framed map and my wood caddy but I want to build a whole piece of furniture like a desk or console table. I absolutely love the idea of having something in my home that we hand built.

6. Time management. Anyone have tips on this? Ugh. I need to learn how to manage my time better so I can get more done in a day.

7. Organize and create proper storage for my craft supplies. I’ve got craft supplies in every closet of our house. I’d love to get it all in one place and get it properly stored so I can see what I have. If I can’t see it, I can’t use it!

Okay, that’s it.

Can you relate to any of these new year goals? I’d love for you share your goals in the comments if you’d like.

Happy, happy new year!

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  1. Chelsea your goals sound very familiar! But they are attainable too. I have found a bit of sanity in doing two things: The first is keeping my supplies organized well, and second, keeping the main floor of our home fairly neat that way I don’t feel like the house is out of control. If there are unmade beds upstairs, I don’t see them till bedtime that night, 🙂
    Heading over to check out your printable, thank you!!

    xo, Tanya

  2. What a great list.

    Minimizing my time online is high on my priority list. I want the time I do spend to be purposeful and not endless.

    Time management ideas? For me having a to do list and a timer works. I find that putting everything on paper or in my google calendar and setting my timer (kitchen timer I got at the dollar store) helps me stay on task. Best of luck to you!