Plans for a Blue Christmas Tree

I was driving home from the grocery store a few days ago and I spotted a lit Christmas tree in the window of a house on my street. I prompting walked into the door declaring that it’s time to decorate. To be honest, in the blogging world it’s about time anyway. Is it annoying that all the influencers you follow have their trees up before Thanksgiving or are we all just used it to now? It’s hard to tell but I think in 2020 it’s accepted by the masses and I am really feeling it. This year I knew I wanted to have a blue Christmas and I blue Christmas tree. Last year, I felt a little blue missing our friends and neighbors in Florida but this year I feel much better, and dare I say hopeful?

In the last few years, I’ve tried to keep my holiday decor in line with my everyday style. I like it when the tree looks like it just belongs. Don’t get me wrong, I also love traditional Christmas colors as well, I just don’t think they look as lovely in my home. Last year I did a really pretty navy and emerald tree and I was tempted to do it again but then I found these gorgeous ornaments and was inspired to go a little lighter this year.

Blue Christmas tree decorating ideas - green tree with blue and white ornaments and ribbons

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Let’s first talk about my tree. I’ve been using and loving an artificial tree for about eight years now and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a real one. I miss the smell but I don’t miss the pine needles and I love being able to decorate early in the season. I got this tree last year after moving because our previous tree didn’t fit this space. I love this tree so much because it requires minimal fluffing once it’s up, it’s the perfect fullness, and it has a very realistic look.

Now that my girls are a little older I feel much more comfortable using real glass ornaments on the tree. I mix them in with many more inexpensive shatterproof ornaments. The glass bulbs I got are so beautiful in person. Each one looks like a little piece of glass art. These shatterproof ornament kits are my favorite. I use the matte and shiny bulbs and usually let the girls use the glittery ones on their tree. I have several others that I’ll include on my tree this year that are a bit more unique but fit with the color scheme.

The other thing I’m really excited about this year is the pretty ribbons I’ve found for the tree. I always get 2.5″ wired ribbon for my tree. I’m not a master at placing ribbon but I think I get a little better each year. This year I’m using three different ribbons on my tree: this tan and white offset plaid, this blue and white stripe, and this really light gray satin one.

I’ll be sharing my blue Christmas tree tomorrow with a few blog friends. In fact, all week blog friends will be sharing their Christmas trees so you’ll have tons of inspiration to decorate your own trees! I am very excited! See you tomorrow!

See all my Christmas decor items so far below:

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