Christmas Tree Collars Inspiration and Where to Buy Them

Are you team tree skirt or team tree collar? It’s been a while since I gave up the traditional tree skirt of my Christmas tree. I’ve used lots of things from blankets to actual baskets to spruce up the base of my Christmas tree but my favorite thing came on the market several years ago and the options have only gotten better since then. Say hello to the Christmas tree collar. I love it because it’s so simple yet very impactful. They come in a variety of designs so whatever style you prefer for your Christmas tree you’re bound to find a collar that will complement it. Today, I’m sharing my current favorite tree collars as well as some photos meant to inspire you! Let’s get into it.

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There are so many good tree collars here I want to call out some of my favorites. This scalloped woven tree collar has Serena & Lily vibes and would be the perfect finishing touch on a coastal-inspired Christmas tree. This white washed woven tree collar is the same one I have. I don’t think there is a more luxe looking tree collar than this one. You also can never go wrong with a basic black tree collar.

Is a Tree Collar Necessary?

Of course it’s not necessary but I think they look great! The reality is, once you start adding gifts under your Christmas tree you probably won’t be able to see the tree collar. If you have a Christmas tree that is specifically for decor purposes than you probably want to add a tree collar or tree skirt or something to disguise the base of the tree. In the past I’ve used textured blankets, tree skirts, even baskets to hide the base of my Christmas trees. That being said, I think the most polished looking option is a tree collar.

Why Should You Use a Tree Collar?

Both real and faux Christmas Trees have a base that the stem of the tree screws onto it. Like a tree skirt, a tree collar covers that base. A tree collar is a simple, more structured option for disguising the less appealing tree base. While you can use anything to mask the tree base, I like the texture that a tree collar offers. You’ll see woven options, different metals, or wood options to name a few.

What’s the Cost of a Tree Collar?

I think they look high end but, perhaps surprisingly, Christmas tree collars vary in price. The ones I’m sharing today range from the $15 rope tree collar to this $200 textured stainless steel beauty. There really is something for every budget.

Tree Collar Inspiration

I love this whitewashed tree collar that I used in my coastal inspired Christmas tree. The woven collar hides the base of the Christmas tree while maintaining the design of the tree.

colorful christmas tree with a gold tree collar
Kate Decorates

Kate uses a gorgeous textured gold Christmas tree collar that fits her colorful glam Christmas tree beautifully.

Another example of a textured metal Christmas tree collar but on a whole different Christmas tree design. I think that shows the versatility of a Christmas tree collar.

Here’s another woven tree collar. It’s such an effortless way to give your Christmas tree a polished look.

Where to Buy a Tree Collar

I added 12 beautiful tree collars above but that is by no means an exhaustive list. Tree collars are so popular now that you can pretty much find them everywhere you would buy Christmas decor. In person, I would check out Target, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Michaels. Online, the options are endless…

Final Thoughts on Christmas Tree Collars

Regardless of budget, I think a Christmas tree collar is a good investment for Christmas decor. A Christmas tree collar adds a polished finish to any Christmas tree. Have you used a tree collar before? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments below!

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