Beautiful Bunk Beds for Girls

One thing about moving every couple of years is we have to keep coming up with ideas to get the girls a little excited about the new place. When we moved to Florida it was a pink room for Peighton. For our big move to Twentynine Palms, it was bunk beds. The girls had been wanting bunk beds for awhile since their best friends have them and it was very easy to say, “When we move, we’ll talk about bunk beds.” Then we became more persistent. I was happy to oblige because their new room is much smaller than their old one. I began my hunt for the perfect set of bunk beds for girls.

Bunk Beds for Girls’ Rooms

Finding a great quality set of bunk beds that fit our home’s style was a bit of a challenge. I spent more time than I want to admit researching and digging into reviews. Our bunk bed situation was a bit of a saga but at the end of the day, we’re happy with the set that we have.

Bunk Beds for Girls - Beautiful and affordable bunk bed options for a girls room

I first purchased this set right when we moved in. It was my favorite looking bunk bed. I loved the weathered wood look and the drawers below. I also figured it would be really sturdy and last a long time. I had a bit of buyer’s remorse because of the price but I was still looking forward to them arriving. There was a problem with delivery and they ended up backordering the beds for an additional month just one day before they were set to arrive. This really irritated me so I ended up canceling my order altogether and went with another (much cheaper) set of bunk beds for girls.

Had we been close to an IKEA, I likely would have purchased the IKEA Tarva bunk beds and just painted them, but I ended up purchasing this set which is similar and already white. I’m really happy with the girls’ bunk beds. This set was very affordable, easy to assemble, and had great reviews. Looking back, I think it was a blessing in disguise that we didn’t get the Pottery Barn bunk beds. Our girls aren’t very delicate when it comes to furniture and we know that movers aren’t either which means I’ll likely be buying another set of beds for our next move anyway.

I did round up a few bunk beds for girls that I really liked and considered which you can see below. This set is a twin over full and comes in several colors. I love it in Elsie’s guest bedroom seen here.

If you’re considering bunk beds for girls I hope you found this post helpful. If you have another set of bunk beds that you love, please share in the comments!

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