SW Greek Villa – A Perfect Warm White

Searching for the best white paint for your space can be overwhelming. On it’s own, all white paint cards look white but once you start holding them up next to each other you quickly realize that all white paint colors aren’t equal. There are undertones and casts that you have to account for. If you are looking for a nice warm white paint color then today’s blog post is for you. We’re talking about Sherwin Williams Greek Villa. It’s a great option for you if you’re looking for a soft white paint that provides warmth to your home.

What Color is Greek Villa?

SW Greek Villa is a white or off-white paint color but it is in the yellow hue family, so it has a warmer tone than some other white paint colors. It’s part of several Sherwin Williams Collections including Living Well, Top 50 Colors, and Timeless White. It is perfect for creamy white walls or for painting kitchen cabinets and exteriors. Greek Villa also coordinates well with other warm tones like beiges, browns, and warm grays.

How Light is Greek Villa?

In terms of lightness, Greek Villa is a light paint color, it is white after all. However, it’s not as light as Benjamin Moore White Dove which has an LRV of 85. It’s also slightly lighter than, another popular white paint color, Sherwin Williams Alabaster which has an LRV of 82.

What is the LRV of Greek Villa anyway?

The Light Reflective Value or LRV of Sherwin Williams Greek Villa is 84. 

LRV is a useful tool for finding how light or dark a paint color is (100 being the whitest white and 0 being the darkest black). Keep in mind that “light” refers to Light Reflective Value, meaning the amount of light reflected. The more reflective the color, the brighter it will appear. This paint color is “white” so it has a fairly high LRV but you can see that it’s not the purest white (100). It absorbs some light giving it that creamy depth that makes it so inviting.

Is Greek Villa a Warm White?

Yes – Greek Villa would be categorized as a warm white, even off-white, because of its undertones.

What Undertones Does Greek Villa Have?

Speaking of undertones, Greek Villa has beige and yellow undertones. The undertones are subtle enough to make the color a nice mid-tone warm white. It’s a subtle creamy hue without going too far into the yellows.

If you are ever unsure about undertones, you can always hold it up against a similar paint color. Typically, when seeing two similar colors together you’ll more easily be able to notice subtle undertone differences between the two.

Is Greek Villa a Cool or Warm White?

Greek Villa is a solid warm white. Its yellow and beige undertones bring it cleanly into the warm white category.

Lighting and Sherwin Williams Greek Villa

It’s important to be aware of the lighting conditions in the room you’re painting. What direction is the light coming from? According to Benjamin Moore, “paint colors can cast differently depending on the lighting in the space. All light, especially natural light, will make an impact.” Directional lighting plays a role in how the color will look in a space. Some rooms and window positioning are more favorable to certain paint colors than others. Here’s a quick guide to directional lighting.

North-facing Rooms

Light in north-facing rooms is usually more muted and cool, with a slight blue undertone. Lighter colors will appear even more subdued while brighter colors will stand out.

South-facing rooms

In south-facing rooms, the sun’s rays are usually quite bright throughout the day. Warm and cool tones are appropriate for south-facing light. Colors will seem more vivid as a result of this light, which makes darker colors appear even brighter.

East-facing rooms 

East-facing rooms have the brightest light in the morning, with warm undertones. Take note, if an east-facing room will be used regularly in the evenings, a warm color scheme may help to offset the lack of natural light.

West-facing rooms

In the morning, west-facing rooms receive more indirect and somewhat subdued light, while stronger direct sunshine prevails afternoon. The natural light in a room with western exposure is typical of a warmer hue. Greek Villa in a west-facing room will appear quite warm, possibly too yellow.

It’s a really great idea to grab a paint sample of the color you desire and check on it at varying times throughout the day to get a true, accurate idea of what the color is going to look like in your space.

What’s a Good Trim Color for SW Greek Villa?

With white paint colors, I’m a fan of keeping things simple and using the same color on trim as you do the walls. You can change it up by using a different sheen on the interior walls and the baseboards.

What Paint Sheen Should I Use for Greek Villa?

I always recommend a flat paint or eggshell finish for interior walls. If you use Greek Villa on trim, use a semi-gloss paint. It’s easier to clean and it gives a very slight distinction when using the same color on the walls and baseboards.

Where to Use Sherwin Williams Greek Villa

Well, I’m happy you asked. Greek Villa SW is a versatile color that is in the neutrals family. You can use it anywhere you might imagine. I think it’s a great color for interior walls, ceilings, and trim. It’s a gorgeous creamy white to use on cabinetry. It’s also a beautiful off-white color for exteriors. 

Is Greek Villa a Good Exterior Paint Color?

Greek Villa is a lovely exterior paint color. Because of the full light exposure, paint colors on exteriors appear lighter than they would inside. Greek Villa lightens up a bit and loses some of its warmth making it an even more solid white paint color. Whether you are painting siding or brick, Greek Villa is a classy color that stands out on the street. If white exteriors are of interest to you, then Greek Villa should definitely be on your shortlist.

Greek Villa in Real Spaces

Now that we’ve discussed Greek Villa in-depth, let’s take a look at this color in real spaces.

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa bedroom warm white paint color
via Blushing Boho Design

Look at how warm and inviting Greek Villa is in this bedroom. Its creamy tone is just right to create the perfect backdrop for a cozy bedroom retreat.

SW Greek Villa dining room - warm white modern dining room
via Style by Emily Henderson

Greek Villa is looking quite white in this gorgeous modern designed dining room.

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa millwork in stairway
via P Chee Co

This stunning space is painted Greek Villa white.

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa kitchen cabinets
via Kelsey Leigh Design Co

I cannot say enough about how gorgeous Greek Villa is on cabinetry. It’s the perfect white paint color that is warm and inviting, not stark at all. I especially love it paired with natural wood cabinets for a layered warm texture.

Let’s take a look at Greek Villa painted exteriors.

Greek Villa Sherwin Williams home exterior paint color
via Meredith Marlow

Greek Villa painted stucco really pops against the green grass and the big windows.

Greek Villa by sherwin williams a perfect warm white exterior paint color
via Design Idaho

Here is SW Greek Villa painted siding on a gorgeous home exterior. It contrasts very nicely with the black roof and trim. You’ll notice that in both photos of exteriors the color is solidly white. You can’t really see any yellow or beige undertones. As I discussed above, outdoors, Greek Villa looks a bit lighter and brighter than it does inside.

How does Greek Villa Compare to Other Popular White Paint Colors?

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa is one of the best paint colors out there in the white/off-white category but there are other options. Some of the top rival white paint colors include Sherwin Williams Pure White, Sherwin Williams Alabaster, and Benjamin Moore White Dove. I think it’s helpful to compare some of the top colors to see how each of them looks next to Greek Villa.

SW Greek Villa and SW Alabaster

SW Greek Villa vs SW Alabaster warm white paint colors

Sherwin Williams Alabaster is a top white paint color among designers and home decor enthusiasts. A solid creamy white paint color that has designers and homeowners alike using it all over their homes. Its LRV is 82 which is just a touch darker and slightly less warm than Greek Villa. Alabaster has more beige undertones while Greek Villa’s are more yellow. The paint color is fantastic for farmhouse style, traditional, and transitional homes. It even works beautifully in coastal design as well. If Greek Villa is a tad too warm for you or you are looking for slightly more depth then, Alabaster is a great option.

SW Greek Villa and BM White Dove

SW Greek Villa vs BM White Dove popular warm white paint colors

Another all-time favorite among designers and homeowners, Benjamin Moore White Dove is in the solid off-white category of white paint colors. It’s warm and soothing without overpowering undertones. You can see the very slight difference in undertones when compared side by side. White Dove has slightly more green than Greek Villa. This paint color has an LRV of 85, which is just ever so slightly lighter than Greek Villa’s LRV of 84. If you prefer something tested and trusted you might want to grab a sample of White Dove as well!

SW Greek Villa and SW Pure White

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa and Pure White - popular white paint colors

Another crowd-pleasing favorite in the white paint color category is Sherwin Williams Pure White. When held up next to Greek Villa it is marginally cooler. I would say that Pure White has a more neutral base and while it is an inviting color, it doesn’t have the warm undertones that Greek Villa has. Comparatively Pure White and Greek Villa have the same LRV, both 84 which makes them the same in terms of lightness. I think you’ll find that Greek Villa is just slightly more off-white while Pure White feels a touch more neutral white.

Final Thoughts on Sherwin Williams Greek Villa

Overall, Sherwin Williams Greek Villa is a wonderful white paint color to consider if you want to create a warm and welcoming environment in your house. This paint color has subtle yellow/beige undertones, making it less harsh than some cooler white paint colors. It will be both cozy and inviting. It will offer the ideal setting for a comfortable and welcoming home. It’s a gorgeous backdrop for any room you choose as well as home exteriors and kitchen cabinetry.

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