Blue Kitchen Islands – 12 Paint Colors That Look Amazing

Today’s design topic is all about blue kitchen islands. When I think about my dream kitchen, it includes a blue kitchen island with contrasting surrounding cabinets. I’m not sure if I’d pick natural wood cabinets or a lighter paint color, but I know I’d have a blue-painted kitchen island! If you are looking for ideas on blue kitchen islands then you’re in the right place! A blue kitchen island can be a great way to create visual contrast in your kitchen. Adding a splash of color to your island while the rest of your cabinetry is a more neutral color creates a beautiful focal point in your kitchen. There are many different blue paint colors that you can choose from, but which paint color is the best for a blue kitchen island? Let’s explore 15 blue paint colors that are beautiful for a splash of color on your kitchen island! 

Popular Trend: Blue Kitchen Islands

I believe that blue kitchen islands are a trend that will not be going out of style anytime soon. Dare I say that blue kitchen islands are timeless, even? Generally speaking, blue has become such a popularly used color in home decor because it goes with so many different styles. We are seeing more blue cabinetry in a variety of spaces but especially kitchen cabinets because of blue’s new neutral status. When we think about neutrals we typically think of white, gray, creams, and tans but I think we have to include navy and some gray-blue colors in that list of neutrals because they go with so much. A contrasting kitchen island is a very popular design element for kitchens and shades of blue are probably the most common color used for contrasting islands. Blue is a great choice for your kitchen island because it goes with so many different design styles, is a pretty neutral color in that it can play nice with other colors like grays, whites, greens, and browns. 

12 paints color options for a blue kitchen island

What Paint Colors Should I Consider for a Blue Painted Island?

Once you’ve decided that you want a blue-painted kitchen island, how do you determine what paint color to use? I’ve written about blue paint colors and blue-gray paint colors in the past. Today I’m going to share examples of blue kitchen islands and share their paint colors so you can get an idea of what those colors look like in real spaces! 15 different real kitchen islands that are painted various shades of blue. There’s truly something for everyone in this list of blue hues from coastal to modern to farmhouse, there’s a blue island for everyone’s design style!

Benjamin Moore Labrador Blue

Benjamin Moore Labrador Blue

According to Benjamin Moore, Labrador Blue is “a muted denim blue.” It has an LRV of 32.08 as a deeply saturated color. It’s a classic color that works beautifully on cabinetry.

muted blue kitchen island - labrador blue by benjamin moore
via Pacific Coast Builders

The only thing better than one kitchen island is two. The gorgeous contrast of white shaker cabinets against the blue-painted island is to die for. The blue paint color used here is Benjamin Moore’s Labrador Blue, a medium blue that is a perfect color to accent this space. This blue kitchen island pairs beautifully with the light wood floors and white shaker cabinets for a clean, modern farmhouse look.

Farrow & Ball Cooks Blue

Farrow and Ball Cook's Blue

Another whimsical blue that looks incredible as a kitchen island paint color is Farrow & Ball’s Cooks Blue.

This color is unpredictable as a blue kitchen island color but it works so well in this space with the white kitchen shiplap walls and the wide plank flooring. In an all-white kitchen, the blue really stands out so selecting a beautifully rich medium blue like Cooks Blue is an excellent choice.

Sherwin Williams Slate Tile

Sherwin Williams Slate Tile SW 7624

If you want a showstopping paint color that isn’t your average blue, Sherwin Williams Slate Tile is a nice color to look into. Slate Tile is a deep blue-gray paint color that’s richness makes it perfect as a paint color for a kitchen island.

Paired with white cabinets and light wood flooring, this nicely saturated blue color looks amazing and definitely makes the blue island the star of this kitchen.

Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray

Sometimes a soft, fresh, steely blue-gray is just what a kitchen needs for a splash of color. The kitchen boasts shaker white cabinets with brass hardware, white countertops, and a really beautifully painted blue-gray kitchen island.

The paint color of this blue kitchen island is Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray which is probably one of the more popular light blue-gray paint colors. It is a bit of a chameleon color and can look bluer or more gray depending on the lighting situation. Here it’s the perfect mix of blue-gray and really stands out in a mostly white kitchen.

Farrow & Ball Light Blue No. 22

Farrow and Ball Light Blue No 22

If you love blue and want to try a light blue that is a little more playful blue color for your kitchen island, try Farrow & Ball Light Blue No. 22. On the paint chip it looks much more gray blue than blue but as you can see in a bright space, this blue paint color has all the right shades to give it a beautiful light blue finish.

This paint color is perfect for anyone that wants a blue and white kitchen without it looking too modern or stark. Light Blue No. 22 gives you a pretty ideal color blue for an inviting kitchen island. 

Farrow & Ball Parma Gray

farrow and ball parma gray no 27

Another playful blue paint color that can feel casual or sophisticated depending on what other features the kitchen has. This cottage kitchen with slate tile flooring and white cabinets is really zhushed up by the addition of the muted cornflower-ish blue kitchen island.

Farrow & Ball’s Parma Gray is a lovely choice for a blue kitchen island. It’s certainly blue but has some gray undertones that allow for some softness that makes it just a charming shade of blue.

Sherwin Williams Cyberspace

Sherwin Williams Cyberspace SW 7076

Now, if you are looking for a strong and moody paint color to add to your kitchen island then Sherwin Williams Cyberspace must be added to the conversation.

blue and white kitchen with blue kitchen island
Bucks County Cabinet Painting

A dark blue-gray that pulls a little bit of charcoal gray at times is an elegant look for a kitchen island with shiplap. Cyberspace would be a great blue island color for a traditional or modern kitchen.

Benjamin Moore Blue Note

Benjamin Moore Blue Note blue paint color

I think Blue Note by Benjamin Moore is a really lovely elegant blue paint color. It’s bold and responds well to light giving a more exuberant feel when in natural light and remains more restrained and elegant in dimmer spaces.

As a kitchen island paint color, it is stunning. You can see in the kitchen above that it’s a nice dark color that gives plenty of contrast to the white kitchen without overwhelming it. This blue kitchen island is the perfect amount of added color.

Sherwin Williams Naval

sherwin williams Naval SW 6244

Probably one of the more popular blue paint colors, Sherwin Williams Naval has to get a mention in a round-up of blue paint colors for kitchen islands. Naval is a deep navy blue with a touch of violet. Sherwin Williams describes the color as, “a serene shade with a hint of opulence, it works well with polished marble, gleaming metals, soft leather, and sophisticated patterns.”

I cannot think of a better match than Sherwin Williams Naval and marble countertops and brass fixtures. If you like Naval, it’s worth looking into Benjamin Moore Hale Navy as well. 

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue HC-143

Another pretty blue-green paint color that is whimsical and almost has a delicate feel is Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue. Perfect for a cottage kitchen island, Wythe Blue is a lovely blue-green with a subtle hint of gray undertones.

Also, a blue-green kitchen island is an ideal way to add a pop of color to a farmhouse-style kitchen.

Benjamin Moore Water’s Edge

Circling back to a classic medium blue paint color that is beautiful on kitchen islands, Benjamin Moore Water’s Edge is top of mind. Benjamin Moore calls Water’s Edge an Old World blue and I really appreciate that description. It’s got such depth and a feel of timelessness.

Of all the blue kitchen islands on this list, I really love this one painted in the gorgeous Water’s Edge.

Benjamin Moore Ocean Floor

Benjamin Moore Ocean Floor paint color

Benjamin Moore’s Ocean Floor is a dark blue that brings drama to a space. As a kitchen island color, it injects the right amount of contrast to a kitchen, especially one with white cabinetry.

blue painted kitchen island ideas for a classic contrast
Studio Dearborn

It has a traditional feel and coordinates nicely with dark wood flooring and vintage rugs. I love this kitchen, especially with the custom range hood and gorgeous blue kitchen island. If you are looking for a sophisticated blue kitchen island then Benjamin Moore Ocean Floor is your color.

Benjamin Moore Hearthstone

Benjamin Moore Hearthstone

I first discovered Hearthstone when searching for the best blue-gray paint colors. It’s a really lovely steely blue paint color with plenty of gray tones but it can change a bit in different lighting situations. With substantial natural light, it is a bit bluer forward and that’s when the color truly shines in my opinion.

This is a paint color that will work for a variety of kitchen styles so if you are looking for a blue island paint color – take a look at Benjamin Moore Hearthstone.

Benjamin Moore Newburg Green

Benjamin Moore Newburg Green

This color may be more green than blue but if you are feeling adventurous then why not try out this gorgeous teal blue/green on your kitchen island? Benjamin Moore Newburg Green is a surprisingly gorgeous kitchen island paint color. 

rich blue kitchen island paint color ideas
via Ridgecrest Designs

It’s a beautiful paint color option for a contemporary kitchen, one with dark wood cabinets. Bold, and full of color, this is an excellent choice for anyone that wants to play around with color in their kitchen without going too far. 

Benjamin Moore Timber Wolf

Benjamin Moore Gray Timber Wolf

Benjamin Moore Timber Wolf is a nice, safe, medium gray with hints of blue. It’s a very neutral color that goes great with a lot of design choices.

Benjamin Moore Timber Wolf kitchen island paint color
Ohara Designs

It’s a light color so you need to be careful that it’s not completely washed out in an all-white kitchen. Play around with color in the backsplash and flooring to allow the kitchen island to shine.

You may also want to explore my favorite paint colors for kitchen cabinets.

Blue is the new neutral and since that’s the case it’s a perfect contrast to add in white kitchens. There are many blue paint colors that would look great on a kitchen island for an added pop of color, including the ones we’ve mentioned here. Whether you are looking for some bold drama or subtle sophistication, there is a blue kitchen island color for you! Which blue kitchen island would you choose?

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