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Who doesn’t love stylish and functional kitchen seating? Bar stools are a great addition to your kitchen if you have a bar or an island that provides seating for your family and guests. Scouring through the internet to find the perfect coastal bar stools can be challenging. There are many different materials, price points, and styles to choose from, so what you’re looking for is out there! This post is a great guide to finding the perfect set of beachy bar stools for your coastal-inspired space. You can find coastal bar stools at numerous shops, I’ve rounded up some of the best ones at the bottom of this post!

Coastal Bar Stool Inspiration

Before we get into the details of functionality and design factors for coastal bar stools, let’s look at some coastal kitchens with bar stools done well.

This coastal kitchen uses white bar stools for the breakfast bar area. The white stools go great with the white cabinets and are the perfect contrast for the blue wall.

Another idea for coastal bar stools is to have them go around your kitchen island. The navy blue island is a beautiful pop of color and pairs lovely with the rattan bar stools with blue and white woven seats.

elegant kitchen bar stools for a coastal kitchen
via @breezydesigns

A classic elegant coastal kitchen with natural wood rattan backed barstools with woven seats. These bar stools are ever popular in coastal homes for many reasons. First, they are gorgeous to look at and secondly, they are functional. The woven seats are easy to clean and hold up exceptionally well.

My friend Kelly has the most gorgeous lake house in Michigan. It’s design is functional and beautiful plus she has an impeccable eye for decorating. Her kitchen is lovely but we really need to mention how functional it is. She has these bar stools that just tuck easily under the island countertop so that they are out of the way. They are pretty in design but having a bit space so that your bar stools can be tucked away is really helpful.

elegant kitchen with coastal bar stools
via Chrissy Marie Blog

An elegant show stopper here using no back bar stools to add seating to her giant island. You may be noticing a theme here. The rattan bar stools with woven seats is a favorite among coastal loving homeowners!

unique coastal bar stools
via Jewett Farms

These unique coastal bar stools are the perfect addition to this blue and white kitchen. I love the woven seat with the white base and clean lines. They give the perfect touch of coastal style.

Bar Stool and Counter Top Measurements

The typical countertop height in a kitchen is 36 inches, with 42 inches being the standard bar. To ensure that your kitchen island chairs or bar stools fit properly, measure your space first.

Bar stools available on the market today range from 28 to 30 inches tall. Counter stools range from 24 to 27 inches tall. Many retailers sell both counter stools and bar stools.

Knowing the height of your area and the height of your barstools is critical when purchasing barstools since you may want to conceal them under the bar if they aren’t in use.  Additionally, you should allow for about 10-12 inches of leg room between the top of the seat portion of the bar stool and the bottom of the countertop.

The next thing to consider is how many stools will comfortably fit at your kitchen counter. The average seat width is about 17 inches add a few inches if you are looking for barstools that have armrests. You will also want at least 5 inches of space between each stool. 

As a guide to figure out the number of stools you need, measure your counter length and divide that number by 22 inches for bar stools without armrests and 25 inches for barstools with armrests.

Backless Vs. Backed Bar Stools

Backless bar stools have many advantages and disadvantages.

Backless Bar Stools


  • Backless barstools allow you to maintain sightlines in the adjacent areas of your home.
  • Backless barstools also tuck underneath the countertop easier, taking less floor space when not in use.


  • As there is no back support therefore long-term comfort may become an issue.

Backed Bar Stools


  • Better back support
  • Backed bar stools feel more secure and are great for homes with small children
  • More style options are available with backed bar stools


  • Bar stools with backs will almost certainly be visible even when tucked underneath the countertop.

Bar Stool Functionality

I love the functionality of bar stools. In many homes today the kitchen is the hub of the house. In fact, in many open-concept homes today the kitchen is seen from almost anywhere in the house. Having bar stools in your kitchen gives you an opportunity to be in the hub of your home comfortably.

Want a place to sip coffee, do homework with the kiddos, or have breakfast? Your kitchen island is perfect for that and having bar stools is great for all of that. It keeps your dining room clean and clutter-free, saving it for family meals. 

Additionally, you can chat with your guests while you cook a meal. In fact, you can simply entertain your guests while they enjoy relaxing on your favorite coastal bar stools while you flutter around and engage. One of my favorite memories is visiting with my friend Jill in her kitchen. I would sit at her kitchen bar and we would chat as our kids played. There is something really inviting about having bar stools in your kitchen.

What Material Should You Look For in Coastal Bar Stools?

The most important factors when deciding the material for your kitchen barstools are do they work with the decor of your kitchen and whether they are durable. Both of these will determine the longevity of their time in your home.

First, to the point of design style. Since we are discussing coastal kitchen spaces, you’re going to look for materials that are light and have some texture so you’ll want to consider light or white woods, cane, rattan, wicker, and seagrass. 

Now to durability, many coastal bar stools are going to have a handwoven seat (which I personally love the look of). This type of bar stool can be durable because they are relatively easy to keep clean by just wiping them down with a rag. Keep in mind that any scrubbing will weaken the integrity of the seat. If you have small kids, you might want to consider a solid seat or something upholstered.

Where to Buy Stylish Coastal Bar Stools

Now, where do we find a similar look to the bar stools we see above? Many of them come in varying seat height from counter height to bar stool height. Make sure you take a look at the coastal stools below!

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