Staying Organized with Kids

Sometimes I think being organized with kids is an oxymoron. Like, how is that possible? I’ve noticed that there are some things that really take little effort that help us to all stay organized and it keeps our house a little more tidied up. Today, I’m going to share just a few little tasks and ideas that help us all feel a little less flustered and a tad more organized.

1. Have a drop zone – To keep the girls from tracking all of their things through the house, as soon as we get home from school, gymnastics, or where ever, we unload right at the front entryway.  We built this entryway organizer for this purpose. The shoes go in the baskets and coats and bags get hung up. This saves me every morning because nobody is looking for a shoe as we are trying to run out of the door.

I use the basket for my keys and sunglasses. I also will drop in outgoing mail or other items that I want to take with me out the door.

Toy Storage Hacks - Space Saving Toy Organization

2. Give everything a home – We like using baskets and bins to give everything a place. My girls responsible for keeping their play room clean. But, they are also just 5 and 2 so we don’t expect perfection. At the end of the day, as long as things are in bins I feel good about it. We use bins and baskets in our cubby as well as around the room for things such as stuffed animals, baby dolls, shopkin toys, magnet tiles, and more!

Toy Storage Hacks - Space Saving Toy Organization

The girls know just where to put each item from memory, but labeling things help their friends know where things go as well.

Toy Storage Hacks - Space Saving Toy Organization

We also use under the bed shoe storage containers for items that don’t necessarily get played with every day.

The girls also have a dress up station that we built that helps them to keep all of their dress up play stuff in one place.

Toy Storage Hacks - Space Saving Toy Organization

3. Group Like Things – This tip is for kid’s stuff as much as it is for the rest of the home. We have this art caddy that is perfect for the girls. They can pull it out, bring it to the table, and have all of their supplies in one place. I also like to group books, dolls, and other like items.

4. Be Flexible and Use What You Have – In our last house we did not have a dedicated play room but I was insistent on having a place for all the toys. You don’t need a dedicated play room in order to keep your home clutter free. I wrote this post a couple years ago about organizing toys without a dedicated play room. You can use what you have.

5. Do 5 minute “Sweeps” – I like to keep an empty basket in my living room under the side table. A couple times a day I take 5 minutes quickly go through the house and sweep up all things that need to be put away. Usually, their the girls’ items that I can hand off to them for them to take care of together.

I’m definitely not the most organized mama out there but these little things help us from going totally nuts. I don’t stress a lot because the reality is, kids do live here so I don’t mind seeing signs of them but I do prefer it to be in a more tidy manner. 😉

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