Coastal Wall Decor and Where to Find It

It’s not much of a confession because it’s probably pretty obvious, but I love love LOVE coastal wall decor. Give me all the beach vibes in my home and I’m a happy camper. From pictures I take myself, to stunning paintings or photography by talented artists, I’m all about filling my home with pretty artwork that I love. It’s the perfect addition to blank walls and makes me so happy to look at.

A few times a week I get asked about the artwork above my mantel. It’s the perfect crisp and cool, beachy print. When I’m looking for artwork in my home, I usually look for cool colors that fit my coastal-inspired aesthetic. I like white or natural wood-colored frames. I also like natural elements like leafy green botanical prints, waterscapes, and cool yet bold abstracts. In this blog post, I’m going to share what I look for in coastal wall art, where to find it, where to put it, and how you can even make your own!

Coastal Wall Decor Ideas

Where to hang coastal wall art

I’m a big fan of using wall art wherever possible in your home. Whether you have a beach house, coastal farmhouse, or are just a lover of seaside home decor, some prominent places to display beach wall prints are living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and even entryways. Imagine anywhere you’d like to have an ocean feel. The idea of coastal wall art is to bring the feel of being near the ocean indoors. Consider where in your home you’d like to bring that feel and you can add coastal wall decor in those spaces. 

coastal wall art abstract print above mantel

In our living room, I hung an abstract print that reminded me of the bright blue ocean above my mantel.

diy coastal wall art with beach print

I also printed and framed a photo of ocean waves that I had taken with my camera. I simply uploaded the digital image to Framebridge, selected the size and frame, and had it printed, framed, and sent to me. 

Hanging beach wall art above a sofa, fireplace, or even dresser is a common theme in coastal homes.

coastal wall decor framed beach prints

I’ve also used beach photos in bathrooms around my house.

My favorite coastal wall decor idea has been the coastal gallery wall around my tv in my living room.

There are so many options when it comes to beach-inspired wall art.

What to look for in beachy wall art

I look for cool beachy colors like deep ocean blue, light blues, and greens, and even neutral colors like sandy browns and tans when looking for coastal artwork. All of these colors make me think of the ocean which in turn, to me, makes them perfect coastal wall decor. You can find pieces that are abstract, beachy printable wall art, and other beach decor like paddles or buoys. Also, paintings, photography, and even drawings are great coastal wall art. 

Additionally, pieces of art that have greenery or botanicals that are found near the ocean, like palm leaves, are great options.

coastal wall decor - blue print wall art
via Pottery Barn

Another idea is to add framed artwork of living creatures if you wish. This may not be for every beach house but in some coastal homes like a coastal farmhouse, you could totally do wall art with coral, starfish, crabs, seagulls, seahorses, or even whales.

Where to Buy Coastal Wall Art

Here are some examples of beautiful coastal artwork that is available for purchase. If purchasing artwork is not necessarily in the budget, you have other options! There are tons of free or budget-friendly printable art options out there. I’ve made available some of my own beach prints if you are interested. 

Where to find coastal wall decor - shopping ideas

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1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 

You can also usually find some nice framed coastal prints at places like Home Goods and TJ Maxx. Etsy is another great place for buying digital downloads that you have printed locally for a nominal fee. You can also pull out photos from magazines like Coastal Living and place them in a pretty frame. 

And next time you are at the beach, snap a few photos with your camera or your phone and have those printed. There’s something really special about having framed coastal decor that is an actual photo you took yourself!

Other Coastal Wall Decor Ideas

Another option for coastal wall art is to frame in a shadow box some seashells or sand dollars. More on the DIY coastal wall art ideas below.

Additionally, you might consider ways that you can include nautical wall decor as well. If you have a beach house or lake house or have a space in your home with a specific nautical theme, adding some nautical decor like canvas prints of sailboats, shadow boxes with nautical flags, surfboards, or even photos of sailboats or nautical flags is a great option!

Use Unassuming Objects as Wall Decor

Wall art doesn’t necessarily mean photos and paintings. Wall art can be literally anything you put on the walls from seagrass baskets to driftwood to surfboards. Think about items that have meaning. Will they fit in the space you are trying to fill? If all answers are yes, then, go for it! 

There is a wide range of options for coastal art. You can get creative and find a way to incorporate coastal wall decor into your home! 

How to Convey a Relaxed Vibe with Wall Art

One important factor to consider when planning out what to put on your walls is how you want the space to feel. Typically with coastal wall art, we’re inviting a feeling of relaxation and calm. You almost get the sense that you are on vacation when you look at the wall art. Whether it’s an abstract image or a beach photo, you want your family and guests to feel calm and soothed in your space and you can do that with wall art.

DIY Coastal Wall Decor Ideas

In addition to purchasing beautiful coastal wall décor, you can make your own for a fraction of the cost and it will be way more special.

Seashell Shadowbox

seashell shadow box coastal wall art
via Stephanies Slice of Life

Try creating a beautiful seashell shadow box that is significant to you. Consider adding shells from your favorite beaches, or from a trip that was special to you.

Make a Huge Oversized Piece of Abstract Art

oversized abstract art for coastal wall decor

Art can be expensive. I’m big on making large artwork when you can’t find something that’s the appropriate scale. You can add a ton of texture and dimension to your space by creating your own abstract piece of art. I did this for above our sofa when I couldn’t find art that fit my budget.

Shopping Links


This is just a sample of the pretty artwork I found after looking at some of my favorite sources which include:

  1. Minted
  2. Artfully Walls
  3. One Kings Lane
  4. Pottery Barn

Wrapping Up

You can make your coastal home elegant and inviting by adding things to the walls. The takeaway for today is to just put the nail on the wall. Find something that will work within your budget and your style and go for it. I hope with all of the options you’ve read here today that you’ve found something that will work beautifully in your coastal home!

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  1. I love these picks so much! I love Minted for finding cool prints, as well as Society 6. I even had some photos we’ve taken here framed by Minted and I’ve loved them each time. I also love Artifact Uprising and Parabo Press for printing huge photos for wall hangings and of course, the OG coastal inspiration – Gray Malin. Perhaps in my next (more prosperous life) I will own one of his pieces LOL!

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