Tin Ceiling Tiles Wall Art

I want to share with you my vintage ceiling tiles wall art.

A few weeks back while my mom was in town visiting, we stumbled into this awesome architectural salvage shop. They had anything you could dream of from old rustic solid wood doors, to gorgeous brass door knobs, to old vintage ceiling tiles.

These little babies were $8.00 each. I honestly thought they looked perfect just the way they were. If I didn’t have such stark white walls I would have hung them up just like that. I love that you can see the tin showing through and little bit of rust around the edges. It just screams vintage. I spray painted them navy and grey and that really allowed them to stand out.

To hang them up I just hot glued some sawtooth hangers to the back. I love the way they turned out. These little vintage pieces really give the room a great look. Have you come across any great vintage pieces? Tell me about it!

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  1. I would love to come across some old ceiling tiles someday. I thought they looked nice the way they were, too. But you’re right they wouldn’t have stood out. The colours you painted them look great.

  2. Such a great project! I have this crazy idea that I’ll know my dream home when I see it because it’ll have tin tiles on the ceiling in one of the rooms (I don’t care which room). But perhaps, a more realistic expectation could be that I’d install tine ceiling tiles in at least one room (I don’t care which room).
    🙂 But until then, a project like this would make me happy. Thanks for the inspiration!