Vintage Fan Makeover

Right when he arrived in Florida my husband started scoping out the thrift/antique/junk scene for me. He truly is a man after my own heart. When I arrived a week or so later he greeted me with the best welcome gift I could have asked for, a vintage fan! I had been searching for one for a while but they can be hard to find in good condition and not completely over priced. While I loved the gesture and the fan itself, I wasn’t a fan of the sterile gray color but it was nothing a little spray paint couldn’t handle. This past weekend I declared it was vintage fan makeover time.vintage fan makeover

Painted Vintage Fan Makeover-5

You can see here the rust setting in and just the general ickiness of it. I knew I wanted to use it in my home as decor so I really needed to give it a facelift.

I turned to my trusted friend, spray paint 🙂 Black spray paint did the job oh so perfectly. All I did to give this beauty the “vintage fan makeover” was clean it off really well, then I got to work spray painting it. It took several coats and several breaks in between to get the smooth black finish I was looking for.

Painted Vintage Fan Makeover-2

But I think it turned out perfectly.

Painted Vintage Fan Makeover-3

It took me awhile to actually bite the bullet and paint this guy. Sometimes I get cold feet when it comes to true vintage pieces. I’m so happy I went for it though, it’s a million times better as an “after.”


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  1. I never thought to paint a fan before the final result looks great! I couldn’t help but laugh at this part “..I wasn’t a FAN of the sterile gray color”, hehe, punny. Great DIY!

  2. Such a fun, simple idea!! Looks great! BTW – LOVING the new look around here! The fonts are awesome! Hope you guys have been enjoying settling into Jacksonville and are getting excited about baby!!

  3. What a beauty! You’re so lucky to have found this. And good call on the black. It works so well and it looks elegant against the wood grain.

  4. What a creative idea! I would have probably just used a paint brush, but using spray paint was probably quicker and looks nicer. Great job! It would probably look nice in a room with any color scheme. What is the color scheme of the room you have it in now?

  5. What a great hubby! The fan is retro cool and I love how you updated it with the spray paint. It looks great!