Neutral Side Chairs Under $200

I’ve scoured the web looking for the perfect neutral side chairs for my pedestal dining table. My table was a craigslist find and we sold the chairs to it about a year ago. In the meantime, we’ve had a few mismatched chairs while I searched and hunted for the perfect ones. Now that I finally feel confident in my style and look I’m going for in the new house I pulled the trigger on some chairs last week.
neutral side chairs under 200

I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the other ones I was considering. The best part is all of the dining chairs are affordable with a price tag of $200 or less (some even under $100)!

neutral chairs


7 neutral dining chairs4/5/6/7

The Farrow Side Chair (#5) is currently sold out but this one is a great alternative and similar in price.

I gave a sneak peek of the ones I ended up purchasing on Instagram.

Which ones would you go with?

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  1. Love all of these chairs, Chelsea! You always have the best round ups! Can’t wait to see your new space! Xo

  2. Those are all really beautiful chairs but my single chair budget is a fraction of one of these!

  3. I love number 3 though I would be scared to have it at a dining table with children…I’m just imagining trying to get food out of that awesome fabric *gasp*! Therefore #4 would have to be my realistic favorite. Awesome roundup, I love the ones you ended up picking 🙂

  4. Hi, I just discovered this site during a search for wallpaper alternatives and would love to offer an opinion on the chairs since they’re one of my favorite things to find and work with.
    I find that if there is no continuity, in this case no matching chair set, there should be a balance in the upholstered vs mainly just wood/wicker or in the fuller vs thinner frame.
    Specifically in regard to the chairs you have listed, 1, 3, 5, 7 would be a nice balance combo.
    Being that price is a factor and a deal breaker, I also took that into consideration. That said, 4 and 6, in my opinion, are over priced for the type of chair.
    Lastly, I like the look of a loveseat/ setee/bench on one side of the table with chairs on the other.

    I will keep my comments brief in the future, but am looking forward to learning from this site, receiving the newsletter and sharing my design ideas when appropriate.

    If anyone has an out of the box idea for adding design to a wall full of built in book shelves where painting will be tedious and ineffective. I.e. wallpaper tiles, a pattern created with design tape in multiple colors.

    Thanks! Megan