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Winter snuck up on us as it always does. Living the island life I didn’t anticipate needing any real winter clothes. However, we’re traveling to mainland Japan for a snow trip and it reminded me that I do, in fact, need winter clothes! Over the last few years, Walmart has really changed the game when it comes to affordable fashion. There are so many great winter pieces for women. I’m highlighting just a few winter fashion items that caught my eye.

One thing I noticed right off the bat was that there were dozens of really nice sweaters for $30 or less. In the fall and winter I love layering with cozy sweaters. I think all of these options are great everyday pieces this season. This green and navy blue color block sweater is warm and has a really flattering fit. The turtleneck comes in a bunch of colors and is a great layering item.

It’s not just sweaters that are worth checking out. I found a bunch of adorable jackets and coats that are great for everyday wear, snow trips, and other winter activities. It rains a lot here and this $20 rain coat caught my eye immediately. It comes in several colors, I love the light pink.

In my opinion, where Walmart is really killing it right now is in the winter accessory game! Look at that leopard cozy wrap. It looks high end and so snuggle worthy! It’s $30. I love the blanket scarves they are available too. Another high end looking option is the reversible blanket scarf. Throw that over a white button up shirt or a striped turtleneck and you have a really put together outfit with minimal effort. Additionally, the cute boots, beanies and hats, and even fuzzy socks are all fantastic cozy winter fashion finds.

Please tell me you’re loving all of these winter finds as much as I am. There are so many incredible things to be found over on Walmart Fashion. Check it out here.

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