Stair Landing Ideas

Designers and homeowners often forget to include stair landing ideas in their home decorating and design plans. A staircase landing is usually empty, with all the focus on the bedrooms and other living spaces. Staircase landings partway up a staircase can sometimes feel too small to bother decorating to designing. But staircase landings offer plenty of potential for decor that make them stylish and individual, rather than boring areas you merely pass through on your way upstairs. Staircase landings can be elegant, personalized and, yes even useful! Here, we bring you stair landing ideas you can use to gain inspiration for your own home.

What is a Staircase Landing?

Landings in a staircase are the flat floor levels or platforms typically located where the direction of stairs changes.  Stairs with landings have many advantages over straight stairs without landings.

  • Less Space – A staircase with a landing takes up much less space than a straight staircase.
  • Safer – Staircases that have landings are much safer than those without landings as a fall down half the stairs is much better than a fall down the entire flight of stairs.
  • Breaks – Stair landings allow for short breaks while climbing your stairs.
  • Decorations – Landings are a great space to add some decor and personalization to your home.

Staircase Landing Ideas

Check out below for some of my favorite staircase landing ideas.

Staircase Landing Idea – Board and Batten 

A staircase landing with a board and batten wall treatment can add a touch of rustic charm to your home.  This classic technique is simple yet elegant and can be customized to fit practically any decorating style. Board and batten can be used to introduce textures and patterns in an area that typically is under decorated. Board and batten makes for an inexpensive DIY decor option as well if you are up for the task. Check out my previous post on Board and Batten Ideas for additional inspiration.

Gallery Wall on a Staircase Landing

Staircase with photo gallery and planter
Via Making Home Base

Why not use the wall space on a stair landing as an opportunity to add a gallery wall? A staircase landing is a great place to display your favorite artwork or family photos. Gallery walls are a creative way to highlight your favorite pictures and also help break up the monotony of empty, open wall space. If you choose to place a gallery wall on your staircase landing be sure to click over to my post on how to Plan and Decorate a Staircase Gallery Wall to get more inspiration and tips for hanging your favorite family photos or pieces of art on your staircase landing.

Add a Bookcase to Your Stair Landing

Stair landing bookcase with books and other decor items
Via Michael Rex Architects

If your family is anything like mine then you are overflowing with books.  Instead of donating them after you read them one time why not hang onto your favorites by adding bookcases to your high ceiling stair landing. Bookcases are great for landings, they can add additional storage in an unexpected location and also allow you to display those knickknacks on shelves. 

Console Table On a Stair Landing

A console table is another great way to add additional storage to your stair landing. Console tables are a classic decorating piece that can be used in a wide range of styles and can help you make the most out of your space. Try using a console table on your staircase landing as extra storage for books, knickknacks or other items. Or use it as a place to display family photos or favorite pieces of artwork. Try and coordinate your console table with your staircase treads and risers for a completely unified look.

Stair Landing Decor: Planters

Another staircase landing decor idea that I have personally used is to add some greenery to your stair landing decor with live plants in planters. If you don’t have a green thumb you could use faux plants too. What I like best about using planters is that there is typically lots of unused space on your stair landing and its a great way to incorporate some greenery into your home. Using plants on your stair landing also allows you to get creative with your planters. You can use colorful planters to tie in the rest of your home decor with your staircase landing or you can go loud and bold if your staircase landing is unseen from the downstairs living spaces.  

Staircase Landing Seating Area

Want to take staircase landing decorating ideas to the next level? Creating a seating area on your staircase landing is one of my favorite ways to elevate the look of this overlooked area. You can use any type of seating that fits your style and home decor. Staircase landings are an ideal place for a small space reading nook. Adding a seating area to your staircase landing also allows you to incorporate other staircase landing decor ideas into your landing area design.

Staircase Landing Ideas: Include a Chandelier 

chandelier on a staircase landing
tVia Ziman Development

A staircase landing is a great place to add some more light and also can be used to introduce some flare. So why not consider adding a chandelier as part of your staircase landing decor? Chandeliers are always in style and go great with just about any home decor style from coastal to farmhouse. Having a chandelier on your staircase landing adds great accent lighting to any home. Chandeliers can always be changed if your tastes or decor style change. Adding a chandelier may not be an option or at least not budget friendly if you don’t already have the electrical connections on your stair landing for a chandelier. Adding a lamp to your staircase landing will give you a lot of the same benefits for much cheaper then installing a chandelier.

One other thing to consider when decorating your staircase landing is to ensure that the landing matches your Stair Risers and Stair Treads. Thats important because you want all three to combine and create a cohesive look.

Gallery wall on a stair landing
Via Casa Wasy Interior Design

Stair Landing Ideas Conclusion

In closing, with so many options for stair landing decor, there is no excuse not to utilize this often overlooked space.  Whether you are looking for stylish storage, additional greenery, or a cozy seating area, there is sure to be a staircase landing decor idea that works for your home. So what are you waiting for? Start experimenting with these stair landing ideas today!

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