Coastal Bathroom Ideas

A beautiful bathroom is the key to tying together the perfect coastal home. Even though it may not be the first room you see when entering a house, small yet important details like a well-designed coastal bathroom can go a long way in terms of aesthetics. If you’re looking to turn your bathroom into a sleek, coastal oasis, there are a few things important things to remember. 

First, stick to a beach-inspired color palette that will be easily recognizable as part of the coastal style aesthetic. 

Next, focus on creating vibes that mimic those found near the coast – think breezy, serene, and light. You’ll also want to incorporate natural materials like wood, stone, or tile flooring to give your space a natural feel. 

Finally, add some luxurious details that elevate the space and make it feel like a true getaway. The following coastal bathroom ideas will give you what you need to create your very own gorgeously designed serene space that will surely wow your guests. 

Before we peek at the bathrooms, let’s quickly discuss what coastal style is and how it’s typically incorporated into modern coastal homes.

Coastal Bathroom Ideas

What is Coastal Style?

Coastal style is a relaxing, serene design aesthetic that draws inspiration from the blue waters of the ocean, neutral tones and textures of the beaches, and colors from coastal towns and seaside cottages. This style typically features soothing colors like light blues, greens, and neutrals; natural materials like wood, stone, and tile; minimalist fixtures and accessories; and plenty of natural light. In a coastal bathroom, these features are intertwined to create a spa-like serenity that makes you feel like you are vacationing at a seaside bungalow.

Let’s take a look at some really lovely beach bathroom ideas and gather some inspiration for beach bathroom decor that would be great to try! 

Coastal Bathroom Ideas

Coastal Color Painted Vanity 

One of the best coastal bathroom ideas for adding a touch of coastal flair is painting your vanity a coastal color. Light neutral colors like gray or taupe or even a soft beachy color like blue, green, navy, or even teal work well in coastal bathrooms. This gives you an on-trend coastal look and creates an airy and bright space that feels refreshing and relaxing.

Coastal Tile Bathroom Walls

Tile that is the color of beach glass is a popular aspect of modern coastal bathrooms. Adding ceramic or glass tile that has a fish scale effect or the look of sea glass is really an elevated idea for coastal bathrooms. To add a unique vibe or your own spin on a modern beach-themed bathroom you can also use bright blues and greens when selecting your tile. Check out all the ways to dress up your bathroom windows here.

mermaid bathroom - green scalloped tile wall with big bathroom picture window
via Widbey South Woodworks

You can use coastal bathroom tiles that are visually interesting like scalloped tiles in the colors of beach glass or hexagon tiles in a shade of blue. Lastly, consider a unique tile pattern that pleases the eye like this penny tile that is installed in large stripes. These are just a few ideas for creating a beautiful beachy bathroom.

Modern Coastal Wallpaper

beach coastal wallpaper for a bathroom
via Shear Construction

In a coastal home, a lot of times a small space like a bathroom is the perfect place to add personality. If you want something a little more fun or obviously coastal, you can definitely try it in a bathroom. 

One of the best coastal bathroom ideas for adding visual interest to your coastal space is using wallpaper. There are many coastal inspired wallpapers with beautiful coastal imagery that will allow you to express your desired beach aesthetic. Whether you want something more playfully coastal or if something that is more classic is your taste, you’re sure to find an option that works for you. Some more subdued coastal bathroom wallpaper could include a palm printed wallpaper or grasscloth.

You can add more color and fun with ocean sea life by adding fish wallpaper or jellyfish wallpaper. Whether you choose to cover an accent wall or the entire space in wallpaper, it’s a great way to add some coastal flair to a beach house bathroom. 

Navy Blue Shiplap and Other Colorful Wall Treatments

Board and batten and shiplap walls are classic design elements that you see in a lot of beach houses. You can play on that traditional wall treatment by adding a splash of color, like the navy blue shiplap accent wall above.

Coastal Lighting Ideas

Seaform Pendant Vanity Light

At the heart of coastal design, light always has to be a subject. Coastal bathrooms must have light. I suggest taking advantage of all the windows you can in coastal bathrooms. In addition to letting the natural light it, you can add some fun elements to your coastal bathroom design with lighting fixtures such as pendant lighting, chandeliers, or vanity lighting. I love this aqua vanity light for a coastal bathroom.

Pebble Flooring for Coastal Modern Bathroom Floors

Another idea for beach bathrooms that is a surprising and gorgeous addition is pebbled flooring. Not only does it provide an interesting texture to the space, but it also adds a natural element that is a must when decorating a coastal space. A beach themed bathroom color scheme is all about nature, think of the colors of water and sand. Adding pebbled flooring you can achieve that natural feel while also adding a gorgeous and unexpected texture to your bathroom. 

coastal bathroom ideas - pebble tile shower
via Stockett

Another idea is to use pebbles as shower tile – you can use it on the floor and continue it on the walls. It creates a beautiful nature-y feel.

Beach Bathroom Mirrors

Continuing to draw on beach themes as inspiration for our coastal bathroom ideas – one great way to bring beach vibes to up your coastal bathroom decor is by adding mirrors. A rattan bathroom mirror or a rope or jute-wrapped mirror will add interest with its design, but also will echo the colors of driftwood or sand and the elements of being on the water. Rattan is so classically a beach-inspired design that adding it to your bathroom is a no-brainer.

Plants and Greenery for a Natural Element in a Beachy Bathroom

What’s a coastal space without a bit of greenery? Whether you choose faux plants or real ones, make sure you add a plant or two to your coastal bathroom decor. Remember, coastal design is heavy on bringing outdoor elements in, adding a bit of greenery adds a touch of nature while also providing a beautiful layer of color to your bathroom.

Add Shower Accent Walls for Coastal Flair

Who doesn’t love an accent wall? An accent wall in a shower is a really great way to add an eye-catching design element to your beach-inspired bathroom. You can add colorful nautical stripes to one wall with tile, you can add a punch of color like blue or turquoise, or even a unique pattern to create something that really stands out in your coastal bathroom.

I love the idea of adding scalloped tile to the back of a shower niche. This is such a beautiful way to add just the slightest bit of color and design while maintaining a chic modern coastal feel.

Beachy Sea Glass Countertops  

sea glass coastal bathroom countertop - bathroom vanity countertops
via Vetrazzo

Did you know that there is a countertop product that actually has recycled glass inside of it? I think it’s a brilliant idea to use it as a countertop for a coastal bathroom. You can play with paint and tile colors or go more neutral and let the countertops be the star of the show. Whatever you choose, these countertops are really unique and interesting design element that is a perfect idea for a coastal bathroom. 

Accessorize Your Beach Bathroom with Coastal Artwork

Don’t forget about accessorizing your walls with coastal wall art. Consider wall art that is coastal in nature like prints of coral, anchor, or sea life in a frame. Even vintage photos of your favorite beach location would be beautiful as coastal bathroom decor.

Boat Cleats as Towel Hooks for a Casual Coastal Look

boat cleat towel hooks for a beach house
Boat Cleats as Towel Hooks

Coastal homes have a casual elegance about them. They feel lived in so keep that in mind when designing your own. Consider using towel hooks to hang towels in lieu of formally folding them. A casual, by-the-beach way to hang towels in your coastal bathroom is to install boat cleats as towel hooks. I love this nautical bathroom idea and actually used it in my own coastal bathroom a few years ago. You can use the plain ol’ black boat cleats or you can find them painted in several colors. My favorite is the pretty brass ones. 

Light Wood Coastal Bathroom Vanity

A coastal palette boasts light wood tones that mimic sand. Consider a wood vanity that is stained in a wood tone that is light and subtle instead of a stain that is dark and rich. Light wood looks gorgeous against white walls and white tile.

See how well a light wood vanity goes with the ocean blue tones. So serene.

With these simple tips and tricks, you can easily create the coastal bathroom of your dreams and enjoy all the benefits of this serene, coastal style. Whether you choose to incorporate pebbled flooring, coastal lighting, an accent wall in your shower, or boat cleats as towel hooks, there are endless possibilities for creating a coastal oasis in your home. So why not start planning your coastal bathroom today?

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