Battery Operated Wall Sconces – Rental Friendly Lighting Hack

I’m a big fan of anything that makes a rental feel cozier. As a serial renter, we’ve tried so many different things to help our places feel more like home and one of my favorite things is adding good light fixtures. Too often in a rental, the lighting is lackluster so bringing in table lamps and floor lamps is always a must but if you really want your place to shine, consider wall sconces. 

What I love About Sconces

Wall sconces add an element of warmth, provide ambient lighting, as well can work lovely as task lighting or reading lighting for bedrooms. They can also highlight artwork or add a warm glow to your space. I could go on and on about sconce lighting but what I really want to say is that it’s gorgeous and you are not out of luck if you’re in a rental because we have options now!

Battery Operated Wall Sconces

Wall sconces bring the perfect ambiance to a space. For a long time, it wasn’t possible for the majority of renters to apply wall sconces to their homes because they had to be hard-wired. No more. You can install wall sconces with screws and use rechargeable light bulbs as an alternative to hard-wired (ie need an electrician to help with install) wall sconces. I wrote an entire blog post about hacking wall sconces so that you can make them renter-friendly but now, there are tons of wall sconces that come ready to install with battery-operated lighting. Not only are the options for battery operated scones convenient, but they are also legit gorgeous. There are some really nice options for battery operated sconces that I had to share a whole post about it. Some of us are out there dealing with ugly lighting unecessarily but, my guess is that will end today! Let’s dive in.

What are Battery Operated Wall Sconces?

Battery Operated Wall Sconces are wall sconces that do not have to be hardwired. Instead, they rely on battery operated LED-light bulbs. Most often these lights come with motion sensors, timer settings, or remote controls for easy on/off capabilities. Some of the bulbs have rechargeable batteries while others rely on good ol’ fashioned double A’s so you’ll want to check the specifications before ordering. What I like about battery operated wall sconces as opposed to the the wall sconce hack that relies on puck lights is that they use actual light bulbs that screw in so you are no longer limited on the type of wall sconces you pick. Hooray!

Battery operated wall sconce lighting ideas

Where to Use Battery Operated Sconce Lighting?

The great thing about these wall sconces is that you can use them virtually anywhere you might put a hardwired sconce light fixture. Consider using battery-operated wall sconces

  • In a living room or entryway – on either side of a piece of artwork
  • In a bathroom flanking a vanity mirror (be careful here as you may not love the slightly blue glow that LED lights can cast)
  • Hallways – I love sconces as an alternative to ceiling lighting in a hallway
  • Bedrooms – adds a stunning ambient glow
  • Dining Room – creates a moody setting that feels especially luxurious

8 Gorgeous Options for Battery Operated Sconces 

Battery Operated wall sconces collage
1 |2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Here we have battery-powered wall sconces in a variety of styles and price points. All of these are geat for rental homes and can be used in a range of spaces. If none of these strike your fancy you can always use this trick to hack a hardwired wall sconce and make it battery operated. You might also like these wall sconces that are all under $100.

Final Thoughts on Battery Operated Wall Sconces 

Battery operated wall sconces are a great and easy way to add lighting to places without having to worry about the wiring. They are especially great for tricky places in your home or any place in a rental home. They come in range of beautiful styles and can really bring your decor together. Wherever you decide to add wall sconces, you are sure to have a perfect glow that will make your room feel warm and cozy!

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