Blue and White Christmas Tree Ideas

The year I gave up on traditional Christmas decor was so freeing for me. As much as I appreciate classic red during the holiday season, red and green just never fit very organically with my coastal-inspired decor. Several years ago I decided to decorate my Christmas tree in blues and whites and it felt perfect, my coastal Christmas tree felt like me.

Using blue in my coastal Christmas decor allowed the holiday decor to fit seamlessly into my everyday decor. I’m not saying that it should always be that way but it felt right to me so that’s what I’ve been doing ever since. I might go back to the classic red one day but for now, I’m embracing the blue and white coastal Christmas tree and all the blue Christmas decor that gives me that beachy Christmas tree I have been so longing for. 

Coastal Christmas Decor green tree with blue decorations.

Decorating seasonally doesn’t have to include traditional seasonal colors. It can be whatever you want. It can be whatever you like. It makes sense for my Christmas tree to have blues and whites and maybe even a beachy feel because that’s the design of my home. I’ve written in the past some more tricks on decorating your home seasonally without changing your home’s color palette.

I should also mention that I like my tree to look a bit different each year but I do not love the idea of spending big on holiday decor year after year. Having coastal Christmas tree decorations that fit in with my usual decor means that I can stretch some of my coastal holiday decorations past the holidays and into the winter and beyond.

I do not change my entire Christmas tree annually. Instead, I may change just an element or two. Changing something as simple as ribbon color from one shade of blue to another shade of blue can change the look of the entire tree. Or switching out inexpensive Christmas tree baubles from silver to gold can do the trick as well. 

For example, see my copper and blue Christmas tree that had all the same baubles just different ribbons!

In today’s post, I want to share some blue and white Christmas tree ideas and even some coastal Christmas trees from across the web. These trees are gorgeous and full of ideas to help to create a festive, blue and white tree of your own this holiday season.

How to Achieve the Perfect Blue and White Christmas Tree 

Choosing Between a Green Tree or Flocked Tree

You absolutely can execute a beautiful blue and white Christmas tree with either a green tree or a snowy flocked tree. They both provide a fairly neutral backdrop to play with. 

Nautical Christmas tree ornanments.  Blue and White Christmas tree ideas.

This elegant white Christmas tree with blue decorations from Decor Gold starts with a flocked tree turned glam.

Beach themed Christmas tree with natural elements.

I love this green tree with royal blue and white decor. It’s more understated than the previous tree. This tree from Sanctuary Home Decor is proof that you don’t have to go over the top to have a beautiful Christmas tree.

Use a Variety of Bulbs and Ornaments on Your Blue and White Christmas Tree

Using different colors, sizes, shapes, and finishes of ornament bulbs give your Christmas tree more visual interest. It keeps the eye moving all around the tree. I recommend using three to four different colors of bulbs. For a blue and white Christmas tree, you might use dark blue, light blue, gold, and silver. Or blue, green, white, and gold. You can also play around with different metallics. I like using a few oversized bulbs in addition to standard-size ones. I also like to use ornaments that have different, unique shapes other than the traditional spheres.

Ocean themed Christmas tree.  Blue Christmas ornaments.

I love this moody color combo from Craftberry Bush.

coastal Christmas decor blue and White Christmas tree

This tree from 2 Bees creates a lot of visual interest with the variety of ornaments used. There are many colors, shapes, and sizes while still staying with the blue and white color palette.

Coastal Christmas tree topper. Beach Christmas decorating.

If you love traditional ornament bulbs, try mixing colors, finishes, and sizes like this tree.

Add Other Elements Like Sprays and Picks

Ornamental sprays and tree picks add a layer of texture that’s important to a well-decorated tree. Branches, Picks with berries, faux greenery, silver ornaments, and faux flower-like poinsettias all are great options to add dimension to your white and blue Christmas tree. I like to use these to add some lighter colors to my green tree or some darker colors to a flocked tree.

To have a full-looking Christmas tree you need to add things like ornamental sprays and tree picks. You can see here from Citrine Living, the sprays that are peaking out from the tree giving it a fullness that is pleasing to the eye.

Beach Christmas decorating. White blue and silver Christmas tree.

How gorgeous is this blue and white Christmas tree? I love the way Lilypad Cottage uses picks as a tree topper instead of the traditional star. I also love the combination of rich navy blue ornaments with textured white ornaments.

Use Ribbon and Garland to Take it to Another Level

Ribbon and garland are elements that are often overlooked in Christmas tree decorating. I have a feeling that it is because it’s a challenge to get the ribbon to look good on a Christmas tree. The beautifully cascading ribbon is my favorite way to elevate a Christmas tree.

Coastal Christmas ornaments. Christmas beach decor white and blue.

You can have ribbon cascading around the tree but you can also tie bows of ribbon to the tips of tree branches like this blue Christmas tree.

coastal ornaments. Beach ornaments for Christmas tree. White and tan tree

This very elegant blue and white tree from Blue Gray Gal‘s living room has perfected the art of Christmas tree ribbon-ing. See how the ribbon is perfectly tucked into the tree – it looks like it’s one piece of ribbon flowing gently down the tree – that’s the look we’re striving for.

Beach Christmas ornaments blue and white tree. Blue Christmas tree ideas.

An elegant beaded garland is another option for elevating a coastal Christmas tree like this tree from Sand and Sisal.

I’m all about a blue and white color scheme so this post full of blue and white Christmas trees is all the inspiration we need for this holiday season. I hope the tips in this post are helpful and give you the confidence to try and blue and white tree this year if you’re interested! Additionally, I hope you’ll see from this article that blue and white Christmas trees can be just as festive as the traditional red Christmas tree. You don’t have to use those traditional seasonal colors if you don’t love them. You can still decorate your home in a way you love using colors that you love.

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