Benjamin Moore Ballet White OC-9

Benjamin Moore Ballet White OC-9 is a great choice if you are searching for the perfect off-white paint color. It’s perfectly neutral and it looks great in a variety of spaces. It’s warmth provides a feeling of refinement that feels very inviting. I think cream paint colors can look a bit dated but this one is very relevant and looks sophisticated on the walls. This is a go-to paint color for all walls because it can coordinate with a ton of different paint colors. It also is a great all-over paint color that can complement various design styles.

Benjamin Moore Ballet White OC-9

All About Benjamin Moore Ballet White

Benjamin Moore describes Ballet White as, “A crowd-pleasing off white that offers just the right amount of color.” I agree that it is a crowd-pleaser in that it’s a super versatile paint color. In general it is a beautiful creamy, off-white and it looks great all over so it’s an easy pick for a neutral paint color. Ballet White is a part of Benjamin Moore’s Off-White Collection which is considered the ultimate collection of sophisticated white and off-white paint colors

What Color is Ballet White?

I think the official classification of Benjamin Moore Ballet White would be “cream.” It’s a beautiful warm neutral color that feels sophisticated and refined. It has an LRV (light reflectance value) of 71.97 which compared to the brightest white which is 100, it’s definitely got some color to it giving it that creamy tone. Ballet White sits in a little between creamy off-white and creamy greige to be honest. 

Ballet White Undertones

You expect cream paint colors to have a yellow undertone. That’s the nature of cream colors. Ballet White has a bit of yellow and gray undertones because of this I would say that it can straddle the fence between a cream paint color and a greige paint color. In some light, you’ll notice Ballet White looking more muted and gray feeling while in direct afternoon sun, Ballet White reveals its warm and creamy tones.

In fact, Ballet White stands out as a more neutral cream paint color compared to others in the same category. It’s a perfect choice if you desire the elegance of a cream-colored paint without an overwhelming yellow hue.

What are Some Coordinating Colors to Benjamin Moore Ballet White?

Ballet White is the perfect complementary paint color because it goes with pretty much everything! I think you will appreciate how easy it is to find complementary colors for Ballet White. As always I recommend Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace for the trim. It’s a gorgeous crisp white that really pops beautifully against cream-colored walls.

Here’s a list of colors that I think pair nicely with Ballet White:

What Paint Sheen Should I Use for Ballet White?

The use of different paint sheens varies depending on the space but I think eggshell and satin would both make the perfect sheen for Ballet White. Both eggshell and satin provide a subtle look of a matte finish but are also relatively easy to clean.  I also love the idea of using an eggshell finish on the walls with the same color for trim but with a high-gloss sheen. It evokes a really posh and luxurious feel that I think looks gorgeous in this creamy off-white paint color.

Benjamin Moore Ballet White OC-9 in Real Spaces

I always love seeing paint colors in real spaces to get a feel for how a color can look. Of course, lighting plays a huge role in how a color will look in your space so you can’t be totally sure unless you test it on your walls but this should give you some examples of Benjamin Moore Ballet White in real spaces.

Here we get chance to see how rich and creamy Ballet White looks against white trim. I love how the gray undertones really tone down the yellow leaving you with the perfect mixture of smooth, creamy white. You also get a glimpse of how well Ballet White pairs with a navy blue paint color, like Sherwin Williams Naval.

If you are looking for a classic white paint color for exteriors then Ballet White must be on your short list. I love the look of brick homes painted with Ballet White. I have a whole post about white exterior paints colors for other options but Ballet White is a perfect white. Exposed to the harsh natural light of full sun, Ballet White appears brighter and slightly more white with a tinge of gray than it does on interior walls however it still has a creamy feel that brings the element of warmth.

This example shows how washed out Ballet White can be with an abundance of natural light. In this space Ballet White loses some of its creamy tones and feels more like a really light greige. We discussed earlier how Ballet White can take on different tones depending on lighting and we see that here. However, even though Ballet White has lost some of it’s creaminess here, it’s still a gorgeously soft off-white. I think that’s what makes it such a great choice for a neutral. Even when washed out – it’s stunning.

Benjamin Moore Ballet White is a great paint color option for traditional spaces. It has such a sophisticated feeling. It warmth is really on display in the space above. It creates the perfect backdrop for this well-design and refined room.

If you desire a spa-like bathroom that is elegant and warm, you should consider Ballet White. This space above features creamy Ballet White walls and it is such a luxurious vibe. The color really pops against the white trim work and the whole space is elevated even more so with the gorgeous artwork.

classic mudroom with creamy white walls
via Crisp Architects photo by Rob Karosis

I love the whole feel of this space. Benjamin Moore Ballet White is painted on the walls while the headboard and trim work is all a bright white. With the mix of artificial and natural light the color looks more gray than cream here but again, it shows off the versatility of the color and how it really an all-star neutral. While it can transform slightly, it looks stunning in all versions.

transitional living room with ballet white walls
via Jeff Schlarb photo by Peter Medilek

Our final example of how elegant Ballet White looks in a living room. I love the tones in the space with the creamy white walls and wood floors that of a similar tone. All of that contrasted with pops of black make for a really beautiful space here and it all starts with a perfect backdrop of Ballet White.

Final Thoughts on Benjamin Moore Ballet White

As the name suggests, Benjamin Moore Ballet White is an elegant and sophisticated paint color that looks great in a variety of spaces. Its yellow and gray undertones give this creamy white warmth and make it inviting while also being neutral and versatile. Whether you are looking for an all-over wall color or trim accent – this paint color will serve as the perfect backdrop to any decor style!

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