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Styling a Breakfast Nook – Lighting Update

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I love our breakfast nook. It definitely gets the most mileage out of all the rooms in our home. Ever since we moved in almost two (!!) years ago, it’s been used on the regular. Typically, the table is covered in art supplies or baby dolls and the floor is covered in Cheerios or pretzels. I think it’s because of the constant use (abuse?) I’ve neglected it when it came to styling. It’s always felt two parts chaos, one part beauty. I’ve been dying to add some layers and warmth into this space. When I came across the Palmero Grove Gilded Iron Pendant light, I knew it would be the perfect catalyst to styling a breakfast nook that is warm and inviting.
Styling a breakfast nook

Styling A Breakfast Nook

I really believe that decorating is a process and that styling your home is something that happens over time. When we bought this house, I wanted to do all the things right away and never gave myself the chance to really discover my style and how it would mesh with this house.
How to style a breakfast nook

Our old pendant was one of the first things we added to the house and after we painted the walls white, it sort of just blended into the wall. It just wasn’t a good match.

Beautiful light and bright breakfast nook - I love the contrast of the bronze light

The new light turned out to be the perfect dose of contrast and just completely pops off the white walls. Matt installed the new light fixture in no time. Seriously, he commented multiple times about how simple the installation of this light was. Good news because I have a few more light fixtures to change out.

Love this gorgeous light and bright breakfast nook

After he installed the light, I couldn’t wait another minute before installing the new FEIT vintage light bulbs. Can we just take a moment and discuss how absolutely darling those bulbs are? They are the perfect match for the fixture.

Breakfast nook brightened up with vintage light bulbs and a gorgeous light fixture

And the minute we flipped the switch, I was even more in love!

Vintage bulbs, white walls - light bright and gorgeous breakfast nook

In addition to adding the new light fixture, this sisal rug brings another layer of warmth to this space making it exactly what I was hoping for. I would say it’s still a work in progress as I bring in more details here and there but that’s what this process is all about.

So, do you have a breakfast nook you love? What are your favorite ways to style a breakfast nook and create beauty in a space that’s often chaos?

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