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9 of the Best Altenatives to Vertical Blinds

I have been wanting to write this post for a while now. Since I am a military family that means I move every two, three, or four years. Often we end up in Military housing. One thing that is a constant in Military housing (and most rental homes) is vertical blinds. Vertical blinds are ubiquitous and has me always on the lookout for alternatives to vertical blinds. I have gotten very good at hiding them or just replacing vertical blinds with another type of window treatment. Whether the blinds are on your sliding glass door or regular window it’s almost always a good idea to cover them up with something a bit more modern and easier on the eyes.

Alternatives to vertical blinds graphic.

 Alternatives to Vertical Blinds

You are no doubt familiar with the vertical blinds I am talking about. You likely had them in your rental or they came with your first new home purchase. They are very functional and get the job done when it comes to privacy and light control. There comes a point though when you are just plain tired of vertical blinds. They break pretty easy and if we are being honest are not that great to look at. Here I will discuss 9 of my favorite vertical blinds alternative.

Roman Shades

I am absolutely in love with this design. I love how the roman shades are a little bit transparent, allowing just the right amount of natural light to penetrate them and enter this beautiful bathroom. The thin linen fabric is just the right amount of sheer allowing for privacy and lighting.  Everything about this design is perfect, from the shiplap ceiling to the stunning roman shades. This is an excellent example of using a different window treatment other than the traditional binds.

Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo window shades are one of the best ways to replace blinds (vertical ones too). Like roman shades they allow just a little natural to enter the space while also allowing for a decent amount of privacy. I love the naturalness of bamboo and it helps that bamboo is eco-friendly as well.  This bedroom makes for a great design I always dream about one day having a bedroom sitting area like this.


Valances are another great choice for your home if you are trying to avoid traditional vertical window binds. while valances do not provide the same amount of privacy as some of the ideas listed here I wouldn’t discount them. They are an excellent choice for windows that face your backyard or ones where privacy is less of a concern. These red valances add tons of style to this space and they coordinate nicely with the red brick backsplash and the reds from the wood table.

Apron Curtains

I love the use of these apron curtains above the kitchen sink in this home. Not only do they add interest and texture to the space but they also make a great alternative to vertical blinds. Apron curtains certainly do not provide the same amount of privacy as traditional vertical blinds they certainly are more stylish. Apron curtains differ from traditional curtains in that they do not cover the entire window. Apron curtains are just short curtains. They are kind of like the opposite of a valance, but with apron curtains, you can still open and close them allowing for light control similarly to traditional curtains.

Frosted Glass

For ultimate privacy without having to sacrifice style, frosted glass is an excellent option. Frosted glass allows natural light into your space while still providing enough privacy to feel comfortable in your own home. Frosted glass comes in two options the DIY option which is basically a vinyl sticker that you can cut to size and easily place on the window you want to cover. The other option for frosted glass is true frosted glass which usually involves etched glass and is permanent once applied to a window. As a serial renter, the temporary option is usually my go to, and I like the temporary stuff because if you later change your mind about the frosted glass window it’s easy to remove and won’t require a big project.

Interior Window Shutters

Love, Love, Love interior shutters.  It’s not a design you see very often and I am stumped as to why. The interior shutters are absolutely stunning. These appear to be built in with the interior doors but you can attach shutters to any window you like. These provide the ultimate in privacy when closed and allow for maximum light when open, making shutters perhaps one of the best alternatives to vertical blinds. 


Curtains are the easiest blinds alternative idea to make your own. Blinds come in a huge assortment of colors, materials, and designs. Not sure what else to say about curtains other than they are great for privacy and when opened allow for plenty of light to come into the room.

Frosted Window Blocks

Frosted window blocks are another great option for those looking for maximum privacy while still allowing natural light into a space. Frosted blocks are also great because you don’t have to think about them. Once the blocks are installed they are ready to go want privacy they are ready, want to allow all the light in the blocks are ready to go. While these may not be the most aesthetically pleasing blinds alternative they get the job done and do it really well. 

Stained Glass Window

This idea is similar to frosted glass in that there are two types permanent and temporary. The temporary type is something I have used in the past on a small window that was adjacent to my front door. It was an awkward little window and there wasn’t space for any other type of window covering. It was a fun way to enter my home every day. The colors it would make throughout my home when the sun was shining were always a treat. Permanent stained glass can be very expensive depending on how elaborate of a design you choose. I would try and find something vintage that could work for your window size. 

Alternatives to Vertical Blinds Conclusion

More often than not people choose traditional blinds for their large windows or sliding doors without giving thought to other window treatment options. Hopefully, you’ve seen some unique ways to decorate your home and thinking about alternatives to blinds that will work well for your home and you can finally get rid of those boring old blinds.

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