Colorful Shower Tile Ideas

Bathrooms are one space in the home that is begging for personality. You can really create any vibe you desire by playing around with paint colors, different floor or shower tile, and additional elements like fixtures. Whether you are hoping to create a spa like sanctuary or a splashy space filled with color, good shower tile will get you the majority of the way there! Today, let’s pore over some bathroom shower tile ideas together!

Modern Spa Like Shower Tile Ideas

To elevate a bathroom while maintaining a spa-like feel you could try a more modern vertical subway tile installation in a calming blue color. The black fixtures are a stylish addition and provide a nice contrast to the otherwise light and airy space.

Another option for a spa-like feel that is modern is to use a bold tile color that’s still in the blue color family. This aqua blue shower tile and paint color paired with the clean white floor tile is a fun contrast that still feels calming.

Pink Bathroom Trendy Shower Tile Ideas

I’m not typically one that recommends a trend because I believe that you should decorate not for trends but for your own taste.. but I am loving the pink bathroom trend. There are so many beautiful ways to incorporate pink shower tile while maintaining a classic feel. You can add neutrals, mix in white tiles, and try patterned tile in order to bring some color into your space. Let’s take a look at some pretty pink bathrooms.

pink shower tile ideas
via Pencil & Brick

A pink shower can be the pop of color that acts as the focal point of the space. This pink herringbone tiled walk-in shower is beautiful and adds a luxurious feel to the otherwise white bathroom.

Here’s another option for a colorful pink bathroom. The vertical pink tile on only one wall of the shower/tub is smart so the room doesn’t feel overpowered by pink. This space is perfectly balanced with the right amount of color and neutrals. The white tub, trim, and ceiling contrasts beautifully with the pink floor tile, and pink walls.

Pink Penny Tile

This rich pink penny tile is unexpectedly beautiful. The small scale tile in a large shower brings depth to the space. I also love the contrast of the pink tile and the terra cotta stone tile floring. This is a really nice shower design that mixes different tile pattern sizes and colors to create a beautifully layered look.

Irridescent Tile

bright and cheery iridescent shower tile ideas
via The Odell Group

If you are looking for a touch of whimsy in your bathroom then this irridescent tile is a trendy and unique option that adds a fun and playful feel to any bathroom. I love this tile for a kid bathroom or a guest bathroom. It’s a surprising pop that feels a little luxury and a little glam. It pairis really well with soft pastel paint colors and gold fixtures. The irridescent shower tiles here are carried over as a backsplash to the bathroom vanity for continuity. 

Bold Patterned Tile

Whether it’s smaller tiles or larger format files, pattern tiles with a bold print are a fun way to inject color into a bathroom. When you use patterned tile as your chosen shower tile it creates an accent wall in your bathroom. Patterned tile is like artwork in a way so it’s a beautiful way to add color to a bathroom.

bright and bold bathroom tile ideas
via The Brighton Bathroom Company photo by Justin Lambert

Another unexpected tile color for bathrooms is yellow. This  color is often associated with happiness and positivity, making it a great choice for a bathroom. This space looks cheerful yet sophisticated. Yellow works well as an accent color in a bathroom so selecting a patterned tile that has yellow in it is a great choice to give you a different feel.  Mixing yellow with white and natural wood tones can feel both energetic and inviting.

Bold and Colorful Shower Tile Ideas

We’ve already noted that colorful shower tile is a great way to level up your bathroom design. Whether it’s mosaic tile, patterned tile, or a solid color shower tile, you can elevate the entire mood of your space with the shower tile design! Bold colors are a really fun way to inject color to the room. Let’s take a look at some bright and fun colorful shower tile ideas.

Bold Green Tile

Kelly green shower tile with contrasting grout is giving bright and bold vibes. The bold color with a classic herringbone pattern adds a touch of sophistication to the space. This shower tile idea would work well in a modern or contemporary bathroom design. The smaller scale wall tile paired with the large marble tile on the floor is a nice contrast in both size and color.

Bright Blue Tile

Bright blue shower tile and other colorful ideas for bathrooms
via Lux Design Build

Bright blue everything – will give you the boldest of bold bathrooms. If you have a whole shower room why not use bold tile variations like this bright blue. The white grout breaks up all the tile and contrasts well with the blue tile. You can also use colored grout that blends with the tile. This bold shower tile selection can work for both a large bathroom or a small bathroom.

I think hexagon tile is a great option for bathroom tiles. They come in a large variety of colors and sizes so they are great for shower wall or shower floor tiles. You can use them as a focal wall in the shower. You can also use colorful hexagon tile as the full shower tile. A bold color like this blue is a perfect contrast to break up all of the white in this bathroom. The use of neutral colors on the bathroom floor mixed with the bold blue on the wall is a sophisticated pairing that is bright but calming.

For those who want to add some whimsy and playfulness to their bathroom, consider bold and colorful shower tile ideas like these mentioned above. Whether you are mixing a variety of colors or just going for one solid color, you can create a unique and stylish bathroom by simply picking the right tile. 

You want to also consider the different variations of tile size and shape when selecting a shower tile. White subway tile, while classic, can be playful and fun in bold colors. Try different layouts for a unique look. Hexagon tiles are a popular choice for shower walls because they add dimension and interest to the space. They can be used in a variety of patterns.

Wrapping Up Colorful Shower Tile

In conclusion, adding a pop of color to your shower tile can create a fun and inviting atmosphere in your bathroom while also showing off your own personality. While we often consider neutrals as the best options for bathrooms, bold colors can be stylish and playful. With the right selection of colorful shower tiles, you can transform your bathroom into an oasis of color and whimsy. Don’t be afraid to go outside the box and let your personality shine through in your next bathroom renovation project!

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