Bold Black and White Bathrooms and How to Do It Right

The most classic color combination of all time is black and white. If all else fails, black and white will do the trick. It’s true in fashion and it’s true in design. Although black and white is a timeless choice, it’s far from boring. You can create really stunning spaces using a black and white color scheme. For those looking to create a black and white bathroom, I guarantee there is a way to achieve a black and white bathroom within your preferred aesthetic. From classic subway tile designs to bold mosaic patterns, the possibilities for creating a stunning and unique black and white space are endless. 

beautiful and bold black and white bathroom ideas

We love a black and white color combo. See more black and white inspo:

Elements of a Black and White Bathroom

Find Balance

Choosing the right balance of black and white is crucial for a black and white bathroom design. It’s all about finding the perfect harmony. Too much black and the room will feel too heavy and small, while an abundance of white might result in a lack of visual interest making the room feel too sterile. Striking the right balance requires careful consideration of proportions and distribution. One approach is to use black as an accent color, incorporating it in smaller elements such as fixtures, hardware, or accessories, while allowing white to dominate the majority of the space. Another approach is to opt for more balance by using black and white in equal proportions, perhaps through a checkerboard pattern or alternating tile designs. You want to find out which approach will work best with your specific taste so that you can design a black and white bathroom that feels like you.

Choose Your Tile

Probably the most classic and simplest way to incorporate black and white into your bathroom is to use black and white tile. There are a million ways you can use black and white tiles in your bathroom from penny tiles to small-scale mosaics or anything in between. One classic black and white combo pairs popular subway tile with black grout giving a beautiful contrast. The right mix of black and white tile will set the tone for your entire space. Combining black and white tile with other materials such as wood or stone will add texture and warmth to your bathroom while keeping with the black and white color scheme.

Fixtures and Accents

Fixtures for a black and white bathroom can be sleek and modern or you can go the vintage timeless route. For a more vintage look, you can easily incorporate brass faucets and fixtures into your black and white bathroom. Polished nickel and black hardware are another option that will give your black and white bathroom a contemporary look. Further, accessories like artwork and hanging mirrors or potted plants are great ways to incorporate more of your color scheme into your space. Lastly, wallpaper is a lovely way to add visual interest to a small space like a bathroom. Black and white wallpaper that has a lot of movement can really make a bathroom pop.

Add Soft Textures

The reality is, if you aren’t careful, you can end up with a cold looking bathroom when you focus heavily on just the color scheme of black and white. You want to add some soft textures to add warmth to your space. You can do that by adding plush towels (I always recommend white – these are my favorite), and soft textured rugs. Plants and greenery will bring softness to the space as well.

Try Something Unexpected

As we’ve already determined, black and white is a classic color combination but if you aren’t intentional, it can be boring instead of timeless. You can avoid your space falling flat by adding something unexpected. Ideas for something unexpected would be a unique tile pattern like chevron, dots, or even something special like a tiled heart on the wall (see below). Quirky accessories, wallpaper, or artwork can also add some visual interest. When designing a black and white bathroom be sure to find one or two elements that will really pop.

Recommended Black and White Paint Colors

Here are a few recommended black and white paint colors you may want to consider for your black and white bathroom:

10 Beautiful Black and White Bathroom Ideas

Let’s take a look at some sparks of inspiration. These images of gorgeously designed black and white bathrooms will have you ready to create this timeless look in your own home.

Black and White Chevron Tile

black and white bathroom with herringbone black tile
via Build With Kenowa photo by Stoffer Photography

This bathroom is a perfectly balanced example of a black and white bathroom. The striking black herringbone wall contrasts beautifully with the white vanities below it. Those elements along with the black door and contrasting black trim create a perfect balance of black and white. The brass hardware and wall sconces add the perfect touch of warmth to this classic black and white design allowing the space to exude elegance and feel inviting at the same time.

Striking Black Painted Vanity

This black and white bathroom starts with a classic subway tile pattern that turns exciting with the unexpectedly fun tiled shower. The addition of a black-painted vanity creates a modern look that is both bold and elegant. All of this is balanced by the warmth of the light wood floors which really makes this space stand out. 

Tiled White Walls and Black Floors

classic black and white bathroom with white subway tile and black accents
via Tristan Gary Designs photo by Derrik Louie

All tile everything. While not the most practical to clean, I love a completely tiled bathroom. This one is fun with the subway tiled walls contrasted with the black hexagonal tile with white grout. The black fixtures create another layer of contrast. This bathroom is perfectly modern and chic.

Farmhouse Take on Black and White 

This bathroom has a relaxed and rustic feel to it. The first thing that stands out to me is the large square slate tile floors and the white subway tile with black grout. The white walls are balanced with the black window, vanity, and fixtures. The addition of the wood ceiling is really what makes this bathroom special and ties all of the elements together. 

Totally Recreatable Family Bathroom

This is a great family bathroom that reminds me of every bathroom we’ve ever had. I love this example because it shows you all that is possible with something as basic as a cookie cutter bathroom. The black chevron tile is contrasted beautifully with the white walls and white subway tile. The black and white shower curtain and warm wood vanity tie the whole room together. This is a great example of an adaptable design that you can easily recreate for your own home. 

Tiny Black and White Bathroom 

This bathroom is proof that you don’t need a lot of space to create something stunning. It’s simple. A small, black stand alone sink with a shelf at the bottom, a round hanging mirror, with a white textured backdrop. The tiny footprint allows the elements here to really stand out. This would a lovely design to recreate in a small powder room.

Stunner Black Floral Wallpaper  

This bathroom is a stunner. When I talk about unexpected elements, this black and white floral wallpaper is a great example of that. The first thing that catches your eye is the wallpaper and the brass fixtures. This bathroom has an old-world vibe with the vintage-inspired wallpaper, but it stays modern with the chic marble hex tile flooring. 

Modern Penny Tile Bathroom

black and white monochrome bathroom with contrasting penny tile
via Andrew Child Architect photo by Tatjana Plitt

To some, this bathroom may feel a little bit sterile but I love the modern feel of this space. The contrasting, modern, black and white penny tile along the walls and floor gives a great texture and makes it interesting. From there, all of the elements are fairly minimal but that’s what makes this space stand out. It is simple yet still has enough detail to keep your eye moving around the room.

Black and White with Wood Elements

modern traditional black and white bathroom
via Built-Design photo by Haris Kenjar

Black and white bathrooms do not have to be all black and white. I love this whimsical space. The eyecatching tile is really the show-stopper. The geometric floor tile and the tiled heart on the wall are gorgeous surprise elements in this space. The warm wood vanity and shelf beautifully balance all black and white.  

Geometric Modern Tiled Bathroom

This bathroom is perfect for modern minimalist lovers and anyone who prefers a more white color palette with a splash of black. It really feels like one of those luxury bathrooms. The geometric tiled floor in black and white is really unique and stands out. The best part is the way the tile on the floor is mimic in the shower on the shower floor and the back of the shower niche. The brass fixtures paired with the black vanity and white walls make this bathroom all come together nicely. 

Wrapping Up

Black and white bathrooms can be challenging but so much fun to design. Avoid a boring feel by adding unique and thoughtful elements to your bathroom. With a few simple touches, you can easily transform your space into something special. Whether you are looking for a modern minimalist retreat or a bold statement, the possibilities are endless when it comes to designing a black and white bathroom. Hopefully, you’ve gained some good insight into what it takes and you’ll be ready to create your own gorgeous black and white bathroom in no time!

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