Girls’ Christmas Jammies

I’m blaming 2020 for the reason why I want to usher in the holidays so quickly. The minute Halloween was over I asked Alexa to play Christmas music. Seriously, as I was making Sunday morning breakfast I was dancing around to Wham!’s Last Christmas… for real. I still have a few pumpkins around but they’ll probably be packed up in the next few days and all the Christmas decor will come out. I did make a few purchases for my Christmas decorating over the weekend that I’ll share later in the week but one thing I always try to purchase as soon as they come out is my girls’ Christmas jammies. The cutest ones always sell out and it’s hard for me to find matching jammies in toddler and girls sizes! Since I spent a good portion of my Sunday sourcing them I thought I’d share some good finds so you don’t have to do the digging.

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I reeeeallyyyy wanted these for them but they were sold out in Millie’s size so I ended up getting my second choice which was this pair. We have several of their jammies and I love the quality. I will probably also grab these because I can’t pass up a nightgown.

Am I the only one that’s ready for some holiday cheer or are you ready too?

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