My Girls’ Shared Room Design Board

Hi there. I’m popping in today to share my girls’ room design board. I hadn’t planned on designing this space so quickly but we’re going through a major season of change in our home and now seems as good a time as any to get my girls settled in their new room. M (almost 2) is consistently climbing out of her crib (like a pro I should add), so she’s ready to say goodbye to the baby bed anyway. P has been begging to share a room with her sissy since she was born, so I think a shared space will be great for the girls. This will also give them a dedicated playroom and give our guests more comfortable accommodations when they come to stay. Currently, we have our playroom combined with the guest room and it’s cramped.

Here’s my girls’ room design board.

Little girls shared room inspiration and design board. Calm, beachy, feminine space

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My goal for this space is to create a calm and comfortable sanctuary for the girls. They’ll have all of their toys in another space so this will a little retreat for them. A place to read books, rest, and relax which means it will be free from clutter. P’s favorite colors right now are blue and pink and since she’s already had a pink room, she requested a blue room this time. So we’ll be painting the room Topsail by Sherwin Williams which is the perfect light blue without being baby blue or too bright. Additionally, we’ll be adding an accent wall with a wall treatment painted in my favorite white, Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore.

My dream kids bed is the Elsie bed from PB Kids but I could not talk myself into spending $1000 on kids’ beds so instead I went a different direction, and ended up with a more cottage inspired, metal bed. I love this bed because it’s super affordable while also being very versatile. I want a cozy coastal look for this space, and I think this bed will fit the bill.

To bring in more beach vibes, I’ll be adding in some neutral tones with this natural fiber rug, and a warm wooden end table. I love these stools as end tables because they take up very little space and they can easily be moved around the room if necessary.

Their bedding will have lots of layers. I’m not totally set on sheets for them yet because I haven’t found any that I love but these tiny dot sheets are darling. This quilt will add great texture and color to the bed as well. I will likely also add a plain white duvet over top but I also snagged some cute light gray Kate Spade duvets at Home Goods awhile back, so I’ll try those out first. I bought two of these fringe throw pillows from the Nordstrom sale but they’re sold out now. I found them here though.

I plan on adding some beachy art like this print. I love the blue and white umbrella. We will add some more elements that are special to my girls as well but this is a great jumping off point for this space. I’m really excited about this girls’ room design board and I can’t wait to start implementing all of our ideas!

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