Guest Room Office Ideas – For Your Combination Space

Since I am constantly on the move, or at least every 2-3 years the idea of combining a guest room with a home office really hits home for me. This is where versatility meets functionality. This ingenious blend not only optimizes space within your home but also enhances the overall utility of your home. With the right planning and of course a thoughtful design, a guest room and home office combination can create an amazing space that caters to your needs and your visitor’s needs. Let’s dive right into the world of guest room home office ideas and explore all the reasons why this combination is a fantastic option to consider for your home.

Why Have a Guest Room Office? 

Utilizing Space Efficiently

One of my primary motivations for creating a dual-purpose room is to efficiently utilize my space. As my living space becomes more valuable, I want to make the most of every square foot. A guest room-home office hybrid would be perfect for me, as it optimizes space by providing two essential functionalities without the need for separate dedicated rooms. This is particularly advantageous for me, as I often do not know the size or composition of my next home.

Flexibility Redefined

Combination rooms provide unmatched flexibility, adapting to needs at any given time. Which is something I am always desperately trying to find. This is especially true because I always seem to have family and friends visiting , whether that was when I was living in Hawaii, Washington DC, or Okinawa, Japan. A home office can easily transform into a guest haven with a pull-out sofa or convertible daybed. This adaptability ensures that the space remains relevant to your lifestyle throughout the time you are living in the home.

Thoughtful Design for Dual Functionality

When it comes to creating a guest room and home office combo, personalized planning is the key. Take into account your preferred color schemes, furniture choices, and layout to ensure a harmonious coexistence of both functions. Get creative with dual-purpose furniture, like a desk that also serves as a vanity or a wall bed that folds down over your workspace. These personalized design choices will seamlessly blend the best of both worlds.

Guest Room Office Ideas

Check out below for some of my favorite guest room office ideas.

Murphy Bed in Office and Guest Room

Murphy bed in a guest room office combination room

Kid me would have loved this guest room and home office combination idea. A Murphy bed is the perfect choice for a combination space. The bed slides up and into the wall, allowing you to maximize your office space when it’s not in use. This feature can be especially useful if you’re tight on space but need to accommodate guests whenever they come to visit. What I like best about this idea is that if you you are like me you can go months without having guests, then summer hits and it seems like you have guests constantly. With this idea when you are between guests simply put the bed in the up position and it is tucked away out of sight and it doesn’t take up valuable floor space.

Day Bed Office and Guest Room

Day bed in a multi purpose room used as a guest room and home office

Another great option for a combination space is to create an office with a day bed. Day beds are multifunctional and ideal for a home office-guest room hybrid. The day bed not only serves as a comfortable seating area for your office but also transforms into a cozy guest bed whenever needed. Additionally, the top of the day bed can be utilized as an extra surface for storage or as an occasional table, providing you with even more functionality and versatility in your space. With a day bed in your office, you can maximize the utility of your room without compromising on style or comfort. If you love this idea as much as I do click over to my post all about how to decorate with day beds.

Closet Office Space and Guest Room

small cloffice or closet office space in a guest room

I absolutely adore this concept. By utilizing a closet as a home office, you provide your guests with the freedom to fully enjoy their space while visiting your home. Closet office ideas offer a smart solution to establish a functional workspace within the comfort of your own home. Creating an office within a closet eliminates the need for an additional room, while also providing you with an organized area to focus and effectively complete your work.

Small Office and Guest Room

small bedroom with coastal decor which serves as a guest room and home office

As this example shows no matter the size of your space, you can still incorporate one of these guest room office ideas. Designate one corner of your living area or bedroom as a workspace to provide yourself with the necessary tools for productivity without taking away from the available real estate in your space. 

If your combined room is particularly small, opt for furniture pieces that are multifunctional and designed to save space. For example, an ottoman can serve as a footstool or extra seating solution while also providing additional storage within the same piece. You might even put up a shelving unit along one wall to create easy access to files and books without taking up floor space.

Hideaway Bed Idea for Office and Guest Room

wood hideaway bed in a home office and guest room combined

This is another great guest room office idea and similar to a Murphy bed. A hideaway bed is the perfect solution for a small bedroom or office. The frame of the bed is typically made from light weight materials and has attached shelving, which can be used to store items like books, stationery and other office essentials. When the bed isn’t needed, you can simply push it back against into the wall and regain full use of the home office space again.

Sofa Sleeper Home Office and Guest Room

We recently stayed at a hotel that had a sofa bed. My kids were absolutely obsessed with it. Weird I know. So I know this is a great option for those looking to combine their office and guest rooms. A sofa bed can easily be incorporated into your home office, acting as an additional seating solution during the day or transforming into a comfortable bed for guests in the evening. Quite simply, it’s the perfect combination of style and function. 

Home Office in a Walk-in Closet

What if you dont want to combine your guest room and home office? Here is the perfect solution if your closet is large enough. Consider adding your home office to your walk in closet. This is such a clever idea and such a unique way for an interior designer to use closet space. This concept of creating an office within a closet allows you to stay organized and makes the most out of your available space. 

Hallway Office 

Another great location to avoid having to combine a guest room and home office is to use the hallway. Not every home will allow you to utilize this idea but if you are fortunate to have space in your hallway for this. I think it would be a great compromise. Whether you leave your office here full-time or only move the office into the hallway when you have guests. 

Secretary Desk Home Office Guest Room

I love this idea for a smaller space (or really any space). The great thing about a secretary desk is that you can close it when you are finished working or when your guests are staying. This way, the office is tucked away and out of sight. Plus, it looks chic and stylish in almost any room.

Office and Bed Separator

If you must combine your office and guest room, but still want to have some distinction between the two separate room uses. A great compromise is to use a room separator between the office and the guest room. This way you can divide the space into two separate areas while maintaining an open floor plan. This designer cleverly uses curtains to separate the office area from the sleeping area.

Desk and Bed Built-in

The last guest room office idea I will leave you with is to build a desk and bed into the space. This idea is perfect for those who love the convenience of having a combined room but don’t want to lose too much floor space. By building the bed and desk into the wall you can enjoy a multi purpose space without sacrificing any square footage in your room. And with this setup, you don’t need to worry about guests feeling overly cramped during their stay or having to move furniture around when they come and go.

Guest Room Home Office Designs I Love

Now that we have thoroughly discussed the functionality and purpose of a dual purpose room. I wanted to share a few of my favorite dual home office and guest room designs.

Simple and Understated

This guest room office is simple and understated, while still providing a luxurious feel. The muted blue paint complements the furniture without overwhelming the space. Plus, the built-in desk and drawers create plenty of storage in this small room. This is a great design as it accomplishes everything that a home office an guest bedroom should, it provides a place for the guests to sleep and sit while also providing the homeowner a place to work while working from home or a place for kids to finish their homework without distractions.

Shelving and Wood Tones

This guest room office layout with long floating shelves is perfect for those who want to keep their area feeling cozy and inviting. The warm wood tones in the furniture and the shelving above the desk add a feeling of hominess while still providing enough space for all of your home office needs. This design offers an elegant look as well.

Dual Purpose Furniture

This guest room office is great for those who need to maximize their space. The furniture pieces here are all dual purpose, they can be used as a nightstand for guests or a desk for people while completing their work or homework. I love the gray accent wall and dark wood floor combo. Who wouldn’t want to spend their work day here.

Guest Room Office Ideas: Conclusion

Whether you prefer integrating these two living spaces or keeping them separate, the possibilities are abundant in today’s market. From space-saving Murphy beds and hideaway beds to versatile Secretary desks and sofa sleepers, there are options for guest room office ideas to suit every space, regardless of its size. Implementing one or multiple of these ideas into your spare room for overnight guests will allow for maximum usage of this  often times underused spaces

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