Pretty Painted Fireplace Ideas

There’s something inherently cozy and inviting about a fireplace. When buying our Florida house, it was the fireplace in the living room that really sold me. As beautiful as fireplaces can be, they can also date interiors quickly if they lack a contemporary feel. Fireplaces, in general, are susceptible to feeling outdated or dull. Our fireplace was covered in a cultured marble surround that screamed 1994. If you’re feeling like your fireplace is looking a little sad, don’t despair. You can completely revitalize your fireplace by harnessing the power of paint! Today, we’re exploring painted fireplace ideas, to help you create the perfect look for your space. 

I’m a big fan of little makeovers and I think painting your fireplace is an excellent way to bring a room up-to-date without having to gut and rebuild it completely. If you’re giving a little eye roll and thinking to yourself that white-painted brick fireplaces aren’t revolutionary, I get it. However, in this post, we’re looking at many different paint options for fireplaces from the more popular white-painted fireplace to a fun faux tile version that will have you painting over any fireplace material! Let’s get into it.

11 Painted Fireplace Ideas to spruce up your dated fireplace

Gorgeous Painted Fireplaces

We’ll take a look a some painted fireplace ideas that I hope will give you the confidence to update your own fireplace at home.

White Painted Fireplace Ideas

painted white brick fireplace living room with neutral colors
Dhinoy Studio

Let’s begin with a classic. White paint is a great neutral way to refresh a dated brick fireplace. It’s classic vibe and will never go out of style. I love the way this white brick fireplace blends in beautifully with the bookcases and the rest of the wall so that the texture of the brick is what really stands out. There are loads of white paint colors that work beautifully for brick. For a warmer white, I’d consider White Dove. For something a little brighter, I would try Chantilly Lace. Painting brick a shade of white is especially lovely in farmhouse-style homes as well as traditional spaces.

White Paint Colors to Consider for Fireplaces
Behr Whisper White
+ Sherwin Williams Oyster White
+ Benjamin Moore White Dove

Gray Painted Fireplace Ideas

gray painted fireplace with white walls
via Noelle Interiors photo by Jason Cook

A good alternative to a white-painted fireplace is something neutral and subtle like this light gray. Almost like a cool white, this color is just slightly more pigmented than the rest of the wall. This subtle variation allows the fireplace to stand out and become the main focus of the room. I love how this fireplace looks like it’s almost part of the rest of the wall – just with a bit more texture.

all gray painted brick fireplace
via West Trade Interiors

This space features a painted brick fireplace that is the same gray color as the walls with contrasting white trim. The white trim really pops against the light gray paint color, making it a good choice. I think this example of a painted fireplace is a really nice neutral way to update a brick fireplace.

Gray Paint Colors to Consider for Fireplaces
Benjamin Moore Gray Owl
+ Sherwin Williams Repose Gray
+ Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray

Green Painted Fireplace Ideas 

green painted fireplace
via Sullivan Design Studio

This great room is a sight to behold. The green-painted fireplace looks like it was made for this room! The slightly muddy green is soft enough that you aren’t overwhelmed by the color but it’s bold enough that you notice this fireplace. The contrast in texture of the smooth green paint and the natural stone brings warmth to the space. I’m not certain that green is a popular color for fireplaces but after seeing this one, I’m sure it should be!

Green Paint Colors to Consider for Fireplaces
+ Sherwin Williams Pewter Green

Black Painted Fireplace 

chic black painted brick fireplace
via Murphy Co Design

We can’t talk about painted fireplaces without including a black fireplace! Black painted fireplaces offer a beautiful, usually stark, contrast. This one looks especially elegant. The black paint has a matte finish that is very sleek. Against the white walls and natural wood furniture the space feels like a cozy atmosphere with a slightly modern edge. I think the black color, Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black is the perfect color to give your fireplace some dimension.

Bold Blue Painted Fireplace Ideas

blue painted fireplace ideas brick fireplace painted blue
via Case Design photo by Stacy Zarin Goldberg

I think one of the best ways to transform a dated brick fireplace is to hit it with a splash of color, bold color if you dare! I’m a big fan of using accent colors; this is one beautiful way to add a fireplace accent wall. I love the look of this bold blue brick fireplace. Generally, painting a brick fireplace a fun and exciting color is a playful way to give your fireplace new life. This blue paint really pops against the white walls and really helps to create a cozy atmosphere – perfect for relaxing in front of an open fire! 

Honestly, we don’t see colorful fireplaces enough. I am super into adding a faux fireplace to large walls when you can’t necessarily add a functioning fireplace to your home. It appears that this likely was at one point a functioning fireplace that was blocked off. Instead of removing it altogether, they made it a gorgeous focal point in this room. I think this is a lovely example of a painted fireplace. The bright blue is eye-catching and it contrasts beautifully with the bright white walls. This post about blue paint colors has a bunch of pretty blue hues that would be lovely as fireplace focal points!

blue painted fireplace and surround
via MP Design Group

White trim can feel pretty vanilla. Colorful trim is bold and when done well, it’s stunning. This is done really well. When the trim and doors throughout the house are a pretty blue-gray, why not paint your fireplace in the same color too? It’s bold, for sure, but this really works. There’s a really nice balance with the wall color being white. I love the colorful trim and fireplace wall because it makes the room feel cozy and inviting.

Faux Tile Fireplace Ideas

faux tile painted fireplace ideas
via Andrew J Howard photo by Zach Desart

Next up, get creative and turn your brick fireplace into a tile (looking) fireplace with paint. If you are totally over the look of your outdated fireplace and wish you could have the look of a tile fireplace without the effort of dismantling the brick and building a new tile fireplace in its stead This faux tile painted brick fireplace is a stunning focal point in this living space. The whole room is a pattern mixing dream and I think the faux tile design is understated but still eye catching.

Here’s another painted faux tile fireplace. This one is a really great example because it is very doable. If you have an outdated tile fireplace, painting it with a simple stencil in a tile-looking pattern will bring it back to life with minimal budget and effort. 

Quick and easy has its place but so does an intricate design that creates a wow factor. This gorgeous fireplace caught my eye with its pops of color. I had to look twice (thrice?) because it’s SO good you can hardly believe its paint. This painting project is time-consuming for sure but if you want to give your space a bold and exciting focal point consider a gorgeous painted mosaic tile scene like this!

 Wrapping Up Painted Fireplaces

If you are envisioning a fireplace makeover in your near future, I hope this post has given you a good glimpse of the many options there are when it comes to painting a fireplace. There are so many different looks you can create by playing with paint on your fireplace. Whether you choose a subtle neutral paint color or something bolder and more eye-catching, your painted fireplace will become the focal point of the room, for sure!

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