Low Ceiling Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Don’t let your low-ceiling room feel oppressive, dull and dark! Whether it’s your living room, kitchen, or bedroom – the correct lighting can provide an opportunity to open up the space and make it appear larger and brighter. In fact, some strategic illumination is one of the most efficient methods for visually enhancing a room with limited ceiling height. Anything that is under 8 feet high is typically classified as having low ceilings. While this may be daunting at first glance – by choosing wisely when selecting your lighting scheme you will have no trouble creating a larger appearing, brighter and more inviting atmosphere in no time flat! Check out these low ceiling lighting ideas below.

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Lighting to Avoid with Low Ceilings

This might seem like common sense, but if you have a room with limited ceiling height it’s best to avoid large, low-hanging light fixtures, like chandeliers or pendants (of course there are some exceptions which we will discuss later in this post). Not only will they shorten the room even more, but they can be at risk of getting damaged if they’re in the way of any foot traffic or worse yet injuring your homes occupants and guests. There are plenty of great low ceiling lighting ideas here so you should be able to avoid this pretty easily.

Low Ceiling Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is perfect if you have a low ceiling they are designed to sit flush with the surface of the ceiling for a sleek and polished finish. The light bulb, housing and other electrical components are tucked away in the ceiling hidden from view. This provides a clean and sleek look while not taking up any valuable overhead space. Recessed lighting is common above a kitchen island but can also be used in a living room as well.

A good general rule for placement of recessed lighting is to divide the height of the ceiling by two. The result is the distance to leave between each recessed light fixture. As an example, recessed lighting spacing for a room with an 8 foot tall ceiling would be 4 feet between each lighting fixture. This will provide good spacing and great lighting for day to day tasks.

Sky Light

Another great low ceiling lighting idea for a living room or kitchen with a low roof is installing a skylight. Skylights can be installed anywhere along your roof line, typically at the peak of the roof or even flush up against it. Skylights allow natural sunlight into a room, helping to create an open and airy atmosphere while still keeping that valuable headroom intact.

Low Ceiling Extended Lighting

The arms in this style of light fixture can be adjusted to provide light exactly where it’s needed when it’s needed. This style of light fixture takes up minimal space and are not hung from the ceiling so overhead space is not an issue. This type of lighting is budget friendly and can be found in countless different styles and finishes so there is certainly an extended light fixture that fits your space. 

Low Ceiling Lighting: Ceiling Fan

If the ceilings in your home are too low for a traditional ceiling fan, there is a solution! Low-profile ceiling fans can provide all of the same cooling and aesthetic benefits you desire – without sacrificing headroom. By eliminating the need for an additional downrod, these flush mounted fixtures hug your ceiling to keep it looking sleek and stylish while providing excellent air circulation.

Note:  As a general safety rule of thumb, a ceiling fans fan’s blades should be at least 7 feet off the floor to prevent/ reduce the safety concerns of having a low hanging ceiling fan. 

Flush Mount Lighting For Low Ceilings

Flush-mount lighting is also great for rooms with a low roof as they sit up close and more firmly against the surface of the ceiling – allowing them to take up less visual and overhead space than other larger fixtures such as pendants or chandeliers.

Lucky for you, I have already done the research and I have entire blog post dedicated to finding the best and most affordable flush mount lighting options.

Semi Flush Mounted Lighting for Low Ceilings

Similar to your typical flush mounted light fixtures are semi-flush mount light fixtures. The primary and most signifitant difference being the addition of a small down rod to extend the fixture away from the ceiling a bit. To get this fit in a space with a low roof you would not want to use a down rod with any significant size, I wouldn’t recommend any more than a few inches long. Otherwise people will be knocking their heads on the light fixture.

Like your regular flush mounted fixtures, semi flush mounted fixtures come in a variety of sizes and styles so finding one that fits your decor should not be a problem. You may even be able to convert a flush mounted light fixture into a semi flush mounted by purchasing a down rod separately.  This of course will all depend on the fixture you choose.

Pendant Lighting for Low Ceilings

 A pendant light fixture is a type of light fixture that is mounted to the ceiling and hangs from either a chain or a rod. Pendant lights are a common household light fixture, you probably already have some installed in your home. Think its not a good idea to use these in your space with a low roof? You certainly can add pendant lighting to your low ceiling space if you follow this simple rule. 

Pendant lighting should only be used in room with low ceilings if they are placed over a table in dining room or over a countertop in your kitchen. To achieve the best results the bottom of the fixture should have about 30 inches of clearance from  either the kitchen table or kitchen countertops.

Pendant is exactly the lighting idea I used in my previous homes low ceiling kitchen. I followed the rules and placed a low hanging pendant lighting over my eat in kitchen table. The light fixture was at such a height that you can still still the other people sitting at the table with you. Low hanging pendant lighting is extremely versatile and can be used in a multitude of low ceiling spaces.

Low Hanging Lighting

This is another great low ceiling lighting idea. These super low hanging lights are perfect for a bedroom or a nice reading nook in your living spaces. I am not sure they are practical elsewhere but you can let your imagination run wild with this one.

Sconce Lighting for Low Ceilings

Wall sconces serve a variety of purposes in any space but particularly in a living room or kitchen with a lower ceiling. Wall Sconces can be used as a primary light source or provide additional lighting to highlight your homes architecture or a beloved piece of art. Sconces are the perfect choice when adding overhead lighting is not an option. Sconces can be found in any decor style so there is sure to be a wall sconce that fits your particular style and taste.

Perhaps you like the idea of adding sconces but do not want to deal with the hassel of hard wiring the sconces in. Fear not I recently did a DIY project on a home where I was a renter and it was impossible for me to make modifications. For this DIY you can choose any wall sconces you like and use portable LED lights to illuminate the sconces. This ended up being a great little project for our home. You can check out the post here How to Faux Install Sconce Lighting.

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Floor Lamps and Desk Lamps

Floor lamps or desk lamps (table lamps) are a cheap and inexpensive way to light a space that has low ceiling. Lamps come in a variety of sizes and styles. You can find modern, contemporary, and even vintage looking floor lamps. Lamps don’t take up any of that valuable ceiling space so they are a great low ceiling lighting idea for those types of spaces.

This is one of the easiest and simplest lighting ideas out there. Decorating with floor lamps can be somewhat of a challenge but generally lamps look their best when they are around a seating area or other area where people gather and not off by themselves in a corner. Additional questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a lamp are how tall of a lamp do you need, how big of a lamp shade do I want and what do I want the lamp to provide. Answering these questions will ensure you get the best light fixture for your space. We have all used lamps at one time or another and their versatility make them a great low ceiling lighting ideas.

Using multiple floor lamps is also a great idea so you can have task lighting for reading or watching tv and general room illumination this extra light will ensure that you have the right amount of light for every possible task that happens in your home.

Low Ceiling Lighting Ideas Conclusion

With all the low ceiling lighting ideas shown there are a variety of creative ways to add light to the room without sacrificing style. With a little research and creativity, you can find the perfect lighting solution for your space that is both stylish and functional. So don’t let your ceilings stop you and use one of these low ceiling lighting ideas to create the home of your dreams!

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