Our Master Bedroom Currently

When we first moved into the Florida house we immediately painted all of the rooms which you already know.

The story of this bedroom reminds me of a story I read to my daughter, “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie,” if you know it this will totally make sense! Ha.

Our bedroom was bright red and gold. We painted it a nice shade of greige for now just to get it back to neutral. Sleeping in a red and gold room probably would have given me nightmares.
Master Bedroom Bedding Refresh-2

After the walls were painted, I wanted to create a really calm master bedroom space.
Master Bedroom Bedding Refresh-3

Since we painted the walls we noticed how tall the ceilings were so we ordered a new headboard.
Master Bedroom Bedding Refresh-5

And since we ordered a new headboard, we needed some fresh bedding to go with it.

Master Bedroom Bedding Refresh-6

Because I have a thing for white bedding I ordered the Page Blue reversible duvet from Crane & Canopy. I prefer white bedding but it’s fun to have a pop of color. Master Bedroom Bedding Refresh-7

I also ordered three of the Euro shams. They are also reversible. I love the combo of the blue pattern Euro with the white bedding. It’s a lovely contrast. Both the duvet and the shams have piping around the edge which provides a really great finished look that you don’t see in all bedding.

Master Bedroom Bedding Refresh

I teamed up with a few of my blogger friends for National Sleep Week and we’re answering some sleep related questions!
Here we go:

1. Ok, so tell us the truth how many throw people are actually on your bed? 1? 5? more?

We always begin the night with only two (my husband and I) but by the morning we have all four of us piled in. My three year old is usually laying across at the top with her head by my head and her feet basically in Matt’s face. And Millie is usually snuggled in, nursing. One of these days we’ll get the bed to ourselves… am I dreaming?

2. What’s your favorite show or book to read before you go to bed?

I’m big on Netflix and watching entire series’ so we are usually watching a couple episode of whichever series we’re into at the time. We just finished/caught up on Blue Bloods.

3. For a cozy bed proper bedding is a must. What your favorite bedding company? Why?

My requirements for a cozy and comfortable bed are oversized comforters with cozy and soft duvets. I’m currently loving this reversible duvet from Crane & Canopy. It’s so soft, relatively wrinkle free, and since it’s reversible, it’s basically a two in one!

4. What your wake up call in the morning? An old school alarm clock? Your cell phone? Your kids? Your pet?

Cell phone alarm – or three of them. Does anyone else do this? I have three alarms to ensure I wake up before the kids. I discovered that I do so much better when I get some time to myself in the mornings before they wake up.

5. Favorite breakfast in bed meal?

French toast all the way! Doesn’t happen very often around here, though!

Are any of my answers totally crazy? Or do you have an answer to one of these that’s totally crazy? I’d love to hear it!

Be sure to visit my friend, Camila from Effortless Style for some more bedroom eye candy + her responses to these Sleep Week questions!

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  1. The reference to “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” is a riot!! Hadley is obsessed with that book right now, so I totally read the first half of this post with that book in mind. Ha. Love love love those euro shams!

    1. #momlife! hahahahaha The euro shams are great but the bedding altogether is on point – I’m pretty pleased with it!

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