The Best Paint Colors for Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets with color are having a moment right now. A shade of gray is a great alternative to the all-white kitchen while maintaining a neutral space. Here are some of the best colors for gray cabinets! 

When we first moved into our current home, we didn’t have the budget to completely overhaul the kitchen, (looking back – I wish we would have found a way) so we opted to paint the existing cabinetry to update the space. At the time, it felt sort of bold to paint the kitchen cabinets gray. All-white kitchens were all the rage. I had experience with painting white cabinetry previously but this time, I felt like a darker neutral would work better for our needs. Gray kitchen cabinets are not only very on-trend but because gray is an accepted neutral, they have a very timeless look.

There are several reasons that I think gray kitchen cabinets are a good idea. If you are considering a color other than white for your cabinets but aren’t quite ready to go bold, you can settle on a safe neutral, and gray is definitely considered a safe neutral in home decor.

Gray kitchen cabinets go so well with many different countertop and backsplash options. You can have a light and bright space with gray kitchen cabinets by pairing them with white quartz countertops and a subway tile backsplash. Or, you can go the opposite way and create a moodier space with soapstone and a colorful backsplash. The options are endless but gray kitchen cabinets are a safe place to start.

The six best grey paint colors for kitchen cabinets

The six best paint colors for gray kitchen cabinetry

Once you’ve made the decision to paint your kitchen cabinets gray, the hardest part begins, which is deciding on a paint color. In general, selecting a neutral paint color can be challenging. I know I made the gray kitchen cabinets sound super simple in the paragraphs above but the truth is, grays can be tricky. Gray paint colors have many different undertones that can appear prominent in different lighting situations.

Since cabinet painting is labor-intensive you want to get the color right the first time. I’ve scoured the web and found six of the very best paint colors for gray kitchen cabinets (including the one that I selected for my own kitchen cabinetry). These paint colors vary in shades from dark gray to a soft light gray as well as from warm and cool. Check out each color below including a link to see the paint color in an actual kitchen.

Grey Kitchen Cabinets Paint Color Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray – Light Gray Cabinets

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray is a beautiful deep gray that has blue/green undertones. In a space with a lot of natural light, you will see a subtle hint of blue. In spaces with less natural light, the color is much warmer and more neutral. Of the six (including the color I selected for my own kitchen), this may very well be my favorite shade of gray because I love the cooler undertones. This color is a great option for anyone that was light gray cabinets that have a touch of softness.

Grey Kitchen Cabinets Paint Color Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl – Gray Cabinet Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl is beautiful light gray paint color. It’s one of the most popular selling gray paint colors on the market because it’s a versatile color. It’s a light warm gray that can go cool with more natural light. This color looks best in spaces with less natural light. Overall it’s a great color for light gray kitchen cabinets.

Grey Kitchen Cabinets Paint Color Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray

Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray – Gray Cabinet Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray is a rich warm gray that looks very beautiful in contrast with white. I love seeing this color on kitchen cabinets paired with white walls and brass hardware – very chic. This color is on the bolder side since it’s a deep color but it’s still a true gray that is gorgeous on cabinetry.

Grey Kitchen Cabinets Paint Color Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray – Gray Cabinet Paint Colors

Another great hue for light gray kitchen cabinets is Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. Repose Gray is better known as a “greige” it’s not a true gray as it has some brown undertones that give it a more greige appearance. It looks great in spaces with lots of natural light and in spaces that have minimal or no natural light. Repose Gray is a great go-to color because it’s easy. It looks great in many different spaces and lighting situations.

Grey Kitchen Cabinets Paint Color Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray – Light Gray Cabinet Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray is another popular greige that can appear rich in some spaces and like the perfect neutral in others. It’s just a shade darker than Repose Gray and a little richer. It’s recommended for cabinetry because it’s the perfect contrast color to a cooler wall color.

Grey Kitchen Cabinets Paint Color Behr - Still Gray

Behr Still Gray – Gray Cabinet Paint Colors

Behr Still Gray is a true medium gray. It is a warmer shade of gray that works really well with low natural light. I used it for my kitchen cabinets in a space with very little natural light. In spaces with more natural light, the color can cool slightly with a slightly blue undertone but overall it stays a true medium gray. The color is dark enough for a great contrast to the white walls without being dramatic.

Guide to Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Once you’ve picked out the perfect gray paint color for your cabinets. This post is a great guide for painting your kitchen cabinets. You’ll get all of the details on how to get the smoothest finish and how to make the cabinet paint last for a long time.

The cabinet painting was just one part of the complete budget-friendly kitchen renovation. We painted the cabinets, added new quartz countertops, then installed our own backsplash to save a few bucks and we’re really happy with the way it turned out. If you are looking for some ideas to complete a budget-friendly kitchen renovation this post will be a really helpful resource.

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      1. Hi!!! Love all the information you provided. I painted my kitchen cabinets BM super white and have carrara marble countertops. I am looking for a beautiful greige wall color. Can you please make a few suggestions. I have gone through at least 10 gray paints. My kitchen is east facing and everything looks too blue or too green or purple. Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

  2. I have old flat front cabinets. No detail . I did so much research and ended painting them Benjamin Moore Dolphin Gray. I’m really not happy with the color. I feel like they need a stain or antique or distressed . I can’t decide on a wall color. The color they say “go with” Dolphin Gray are Hint of Mint and dark brown. I don’t want that on my walls. It is a small old kitchen I would love to freshen up. Frustrated?

  3. Hi Chelsea! Thank you so much for sharing this! I am in the process of updating our kitchen cabinets and went with the Behr paint you listed here-the grey is perfect for our kitchen too! Greys can be SO difficult-I have personal experience with testing over 10 different greys on my walls. ? Anyway. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing! I also read your original post with your kitchen update. Love it! Your description of the “warm grey” sold me! We’ve got about half more to go but I’m already thrilled with the color outcome! Plus the paint is drying smoothly and brush stroke free (for an affordable price too!)!! So again-thank you!

    1. Angela – this makes me so happy! I’m glad the color is working as well for you as it does for us! 3 years later we are still loving it!

      1. Hi, This sounds exactly like the problem Im having. Im so frustrated. Can you tell we the color of the gray she finally decided on. Thank you!

        1. Hiya! I ended up using the Behr Still Gray color for my Kitchen cabinets. Chelsea talks about using this color and the specific type of paint to get in another post I believe. Good luck to you! Almost a year later and the paint is holding up phenomenally and I still love the color just as much as I did then!

  4. I painted my cabinets BM Dolphin Gray . I’m having a lot of trouble choosing a wall color. Any suggestions?

  5. Hi,
    We are painting our kitchen cabinets and we like Coventry Gray. We currently have White Dove on the trim of our doorways and windows, and would like your opinion of what color to paint the walls? The cabinets and the white trim will be adjacent to the walls.

    We do have Horizon in other rooms in our house (hallway, dining and living rooms).

    Any ideas for wall color in the kitchen would be helpful! Thank you!

  6. We are buying an older manufactured home that I want the gray you used for your kitchen. My only problem is that the counter tops have a true green tile around edges and backsplash. I won’t be able to afford new counter tops yet. Walls will be white with stainless appliances. Any suggestions?

    1. Help!!! We are building a barndominium and I need help with my kitchen cabinets and built ins. We are going to have a lot of natural light… I’m painting my walls SW Pure White throughout. My kitchen cabinets and all built ins will be gray. I’m wanting a true gray but have been going back and forth with shades. My ceiling fan is a brushed nickel and my lighting is all a brushed nickel. The guy building my cabinets suggested SW gray clouds and I have been leaning towards March Wind. Help!!! If there is another color that you think would look better, please tell me. I definitely don’t want Any blue or green. Help and Thanks!

      1. Hi Suzanne, I’m not familiar with either of those colors so I can’t say for sure which direction I’d go. The best advice I can give is to grab samples of 3-5 colors slap them on one of the cabinets and observe it throughout the day so if any of them are giving you those blue tones you’re trying to stay away from.

  7. I’ve been reading and researching about gray paint for cabinets for weeks and this has been the most helpful post I’ve come across. Thank you so much! Especially love being able to check out the links to see the color used in an actual kitchen : ).

  8. I just painted my walls repose gray and I love it!! Now I have to choose a cabinet color for my kitchen and dont know what to go with. I was looking for a little darker gray. I’m open to suggestions 🙂

    Thank you!

  9. This is a great article! Very helpful. What do you think of BM Stonington Grey for kitchen cabinets?

    1. I am looking at BM Stonington Grey as well for our remodel. Would love to hear the thoughts on this colour!

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  11. If I paint my kitchen cabinets a light gray do I have to paint the walls white? The only reason I hesitate painting them gray is the wall color. It’s open concept and I’d like all rooms to have the same color and preferably not white??

    1. Hi Judy, you can paint the walls whatever color your heart desires. Definitely does not have to be white. That’s just what I like.

  12. Hi Chelsea,
    I been resourcing on line to get ideas for my kitchen cabinets color and I found you website. I hoping you can answer my questions soon.

    My entire house has a beautiful peach 🍑 color light and a little darker but it looks beautiful but I been wanting to paint my kitchen gray:) and I’m in the process of doing it. Please give me your point of view would it look good peach color walls with gray kitchen cabinets???? If they do what color of handles for the kitchen would you recommend me ????

    Please help me out!!!
    Thank you so much!

  13. My kitchen walls are shiplap and painted Sherwin Williams Alabaster. My kitchen gets tons of natural light. What do you think of BM Thundercloud for a cabinet color? Is is wam enough for a room filled with light?

    1. Hi Carmen, I’m not familiar with that color. I did look it up and it looks beautiful. It does pull blue so I would probably grab a sample of it and test it with the light in your home to make sure it’s what you want. My guess is that with tons of natural light it would be a lovely shade of gray.

  14. Hi, I am currently in the process of remodeling my kitchen. I am undecided as to what color grey to paint my cabinets, wall color and flooring. Would like some advice. My countertops will be Allen and Roth quartz effervesce.

    I am thinking about SW mindful gray or ponder. Should I paint the walls a pure white? and dark grey floors??

    1. Hi Ruth, lovely countertop choice. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of those choices. I think a white oak floor would be nice too and bring a little warmth to the space.

  15. Hi! Why does grey have to be so difficult?? I have a galley kitchen with not a lot of natural light. I painted the walls Sherwin Williams March Wind & am trying to pick a grey to paint my cabinets. Suggestions greatly appreciated…

    1. Hi Lisa, how does March Wind look in your kitchen? True gray? On the lighter side? Does it pull any specific undertones? It’s hard to suggest a color since I haven’t seen your space and depending on lighting colors can look so different. If March Wind is a true gray, I might consider going darker on the cabinets.

  16. Hi Chelsea, we have Kitchen cabinets that are painted SW Modern Gray (warm gray/greige) and I’m having an awful time trying to figure out a wall color to go with it. I have BM Gray Owl on walls now, but it just looks all wrong….I’m sure the undertones clash or something. The kitchen has southern light. Any ideas?


  17. My cabinet is wood brown in the kitchen I have charcoal gray couch and white and chrome televisions and bar stool . I am trying to see what Grey color should I paint the kitchen cabinets

  18. Hi Chelsea,
    We just updated our kitchen. We have slate gray GE appliances. We have Alaska Drift quartz countertops. They are a warm white with gray veining that compliment the appliances. We have a white 10″x 2″ white brick backsplash with a warm gray grout. Our sink is slate gray gray composite by Blanco and our floor is a neutral stone 12″x 24″ tile. We have white trim and doors. The problem is we have out-of-date “orange” cherry cabinets. The wood grain is beautiful, but I had no idea how badly they would fight the look of our kitchen. We don’t want to replace them, but we think they need to be painted to go with the rest of the room. Any suggestions? Thanks for your time!

    1. Hey Barb, what color are your walls? Are the cabs solid wood? Could you sand and restain to a color you prefer since you like the wood grain? Otherwise, painting is a great option! I have a tutorial here on HOW to paint cabinets.

  19. Hi Chelsea,
    We recently painted our living room walls with dunn edwards silver setting and silver bullet with a white trim baseboard in between. We are remodeling our kitchen and I don’t know if to go with SW pure white for top and bottom cabinets or add some color to the lower cabinets with a gray color (perhaps with SW repose gray). Would that be too much gray? I’m gearing towards a Calacatta gray counter top (which has gray veins through out) with black hardware and a black faucet. Any suggestions?

  20. Chelsea hi love reading blog. I need help I live in an old farmhouse. Kitchen cabinet doors are flat. Want to paint gray. Not a lot of natural light. Hope to do shiplap on walls will paint a white not a bright white. Suggestions for a gray color. I’ve heard Sherman Williams is a good paint & Behr any help would be appreciated.

  21. Hi C,
    Hey thank you for your sharing tips.
    Would you have a link for wall color paint to compliment pearl gray cabinets?


  22. Good day dear… I love the way your kitchen came out and you gave me an excellent idea of what I would like to do with mine…

    Can you let me know what kind of paint you used… I know it was Behr, but what finish?

    Thank you so much….


  23. Hi
    I am planning to revamp my old kitchen without changing the kitchen units. I have grey laminate flooring. White walls, black granite worktops and natural wood country kitchen cabinets. I have an island in the middle. The splash back is mosaic black and grey stone tiles.
    I am thinking of greys, repainting walls but want to keep my granite.
    Change the splash back to marble white?
    Please advise which are the best colours to use ?

  24. Hi Chelsea, I am having a very difficult time picking paint colors for our open concept living, kitchen and dining room. We have full sun all day long. Trim, shutters, fireplace are all white. So far I have chosen Benjamin Moore Intense White for the walls, Chantilly Lace for the kitchen cabinets (I am thinking of doing the upper cabinets white) and our lower cabinets and island a “gray” colour. I am unsure of what gray. We are aiming for mid to light gray and have looked at the colour from Benjamin Moore that is Platinum Gray. Do you have any thoughts on this combination. I would really appreciate your help.

  25. Hey there! I am having a heck of a time choosing a cabinet color! Walls are Revere Pewter and I started to paint the cabinets Alabaster. However, I feel like they are clashing with my old off white counters.(Unable to replace at the moment) Should I paint the cabinets grey? Which color would compliment Revere Pewter walls? Lots of natural light.

  26. I am adding a small bar to my current kitchen and plan to install painted cabinets and then paint my existing island cabinets to match. Currently my cabinets are cherry finished. My countertops are a brown granite. But they do have a little bit of gray in them so I plan to paint the cabinets a gray color. But I’m having a hard time deciding what color of gray to go with. My kitchen is not very, bright with natural lighting and my walls are painted a light beige color. Do you have a suggestion for a gray color that will also look OK with my current cherry cabinets?