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It’s been a few weeks in the new house now and while we still don’t feel “home” (and I’m not sure we will for a while) I am getting a little more excited about making it our own. We still have stacks of picture frames leaned against walls around the house, only a portion of our sofa, and zero rugs but I am envisioning a cozy space in our living room where we can curl up on the couch and watch movies together. I’ve been scouring the web to find the perfect additions to bring our living room together and I put together a fun design board. New house, new look. Here’s our Coastal Living Room Design Plan.

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This living room design plan has a lot of the same elements that I’ve always loved. It’ll be coastal casual with lots of texture and cozy elements. What is different is I’m bringing in a bit more color with this rug. I am really excited about the rug because it’s muted but has so many colors that you can bring in. With the change of a pillow or two, you could change the look of the room.

My not-so-favorite thing about our new house is the layout of the living room is quite odd. There’s only one wall that works for the television and it’s dead opposite a window which means I have to put my sofa partially in front of a window. I hope by framing it with high hung curtains and adding a large piece of art on the other side it will feel balanced.

We re-ordered the same York sofa (our old one was destroyed in the move) and I’m going to splurge for this coffee table. Finding a coffee table that works with a chaise sofa can be tricky. Many of the ones I loved, like this one and this one, are just too long to work with our existing furniture. A round coffee table seems to be a good solution. Also, I’m re-homing the Farlov chair we had in our old house and replacing it with one or two of these chairs. I still love the Farlov, but in this home, it doesn‘t quite fit in in the living room. I think one or two of these smaller chairs will work better for additional seating.

Artwork – I am bringing back this beach print for above the sofa. I love this print. I took the photo and had it framed at Framebridge. We had it above the sofa in the Florida House before we put the built-ins up then it moved to my office. I’m happy to have it back in the living room. I’m also ordering this print from Pottery Barn that I’ve been wanting for ages but never had a place to put it. We have one wall in our living room that will be perfect for it.

Of course, I’ll share how it all comes together over the next few weeks. I’m excited about creating something new while still utilizing much of the pieces we had in our last home. The rug comes on Wednesday and that alone will be a huge step forward for us.

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  1. Hi Chelsea, you have so much great content on your site, I’m having a hard time navigating to an older story that showcased a diy art piece you hung in a restroom above a toilet! Can you please point me in the right direction? Or let me know it’s no longer available? Thanks much!