Our Family Charging Station

We’re a family of four with over six different electronic devices. Here’s our family charging station where we keep everything organized and juiced up.

Creating a family charging station was one of those things that I didn’t do for a long time but then once I did it, it seemed like such a great solution that I wished I had done it sooner. We store all of our devices on this chest in our living room. For a long time, they were just stacked on top of each other with cords going everywhere. Devices were fighting over the two plugs available nearby and it really was a mess. It cannot be overstated how nice it is to have devices neatly tucked away and charging all at once.

Family Charging Station

How to Create a Family Charging Station

Create a storage area that fits all your devices

We charge all of our devices in the same spot. I like having them all tucked in the corner of our living room so that nobody asks “Where is my charger?” or “Where is my iPad? Everyone knows that it’s at the charging station. We have several computers and iPads that we were just stacking on top of each other to charge them. I bought this wood file organizer and it fits the devices perfectly. Even the iPads with their clunky cases can slide in nicely.

Upgrade your outlets to accommodate what you need

One reason we selected this corner of the living room is that there’s an accessible outlet there. We have more than two devices so we needed a solution that could accommodate a few more. You can absolutely swap out your outlets for USB ones that can charge multiple devices. That was more effort than I wanted to put into this project because this is still a rental, after all. Instead, I found this outlet expander that has three outlets plus three USB ports. That’s six devices that we can charge at once!

Charging Station for electronic devices

Organize and Label Cords

Another smart idea for cord organization is to label the cords that you are adding to your charging station. I use a label maker (this is the one I have) and simply label each cord like “Peighton’s iPad,” or “Mom’s computer” – that way when we’re grabbing a cord or for some reason taking a cord from the charging station, we know that we’ve got the cord that belongs to us. That being said, we rarely remove any cords from this area. Additionally, I use these cord separator to keep all the cords separate and organized.

Buy Extra Cords for Travel

You should buy extra cords once you have your charging station set up so that these cords never leave the charging station. Matt and I charge our phones bedside and we have additional chargers for the car. We also keep a spare charger for the other devices stored away so we have them ready to go for travel. Don’t forget to label those as well!

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  1. Hi! Fellow Navy spouse and design-lover who found your blog thru Design Darling’s link. I can so relate to your experiences of renting and trying to make temporary houses *home*. We bought (what we hope will be a long-term) house in FL last year, as this is our final stop before my husband’s retirement. I love the freedom of being to able to make decisions without worrying about a landlord or an impending move/resale, but it’s also a bit overwhelming to have so many options 😀

    Wishing you all the best and look forward to following along!