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Pretty Painted Interior Doors

If you’re like me, you understand that it’s the little things that transform a house into a home. What better way to inject a bit of your own personality and flair into your home than with painted interior doors? Whether you prefer vibrant and bold or calm and peaceful, there’s certainly a shade that resonates with you. Let’s take a look at some of my personal favorite interior door paint colors.

Finding the perfect paint color for your interior doors can be a daunting task. You first need to determine if you want to go bold with a statement color or subtle with neutrals. Then you have to consider how much natural light is present in the area. When there’s plenty of natural light, you can take advantage of it by making strong color choices. On the other hand, darker colors work best in homes with minimal natural light. 

Your color choice will also depend on the type of activities that take place in your room. For example, if the door leads to a bedroom or living area, you’ll want a neutral color to make it welcoming and homey. If the door leads to an area mostly used for storage or a home gym, a brighter shade or even a dark paint color would be best. Realistically though whatever color you choose you want to be sure all your doors coordinate with the rest of your home’s paint colors and decor.

My Top Choices for Interior Door Paint Colors

Gray Interior Door – Kendall Charcoal

I am absolutely in love with this Kendall Charcoal painted door. To me, this is one of the best ways to incorporate a darker color into your home’s decor. This barn door is the perfect accent piece in this stunning bedroom. The door coordinates perfectly with the rustic wood wall and greige wall color.

Black Painted Interior Door – Sherwin WIlliams Tricorn Black

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black is one of the most popular black paint colors out on the market these days. The neutral yet bold color makes a perfect contrast to a bright white. Sherwin Williams describes the color as a, “trendy, never-boring black.” They go on to say that you can, “pair it with white for a classic contrast. Since it’s a true black, it works with any undertone.” It’s true that Tricorn Black is as close to true black as you’re gonna get. It’s classic, it’s timeless, and it’s a great pick for painted interiors doors as well as other black accent pieces in your home.

I have used black for my exterior door on my Florida home and it was a great design choice it was a nice accent against light brick and it helped to hide dirt and other grime.

Blue Painted Door – BM Midnight Blue

If you have been following along on the blog for a while any amount of time then you already know I am obcessed with anything blue. This interior door is no exception. Benjamin Moore’s Midnight Blue is another beautiful paint color choice for interior doors. I love this color combined with the off white paint and neutral and natural furnishings. What a perfect way to enter and exit your home than through this beautiful entryway.

Blue Painted Door – Valspar Silver Fox

The Valspar Silver Fox is an lovely choice for those seeking a subtle yet distinctive tone for their interior doors. This color offers a unique blend of gray with undertones of blue, providing a unique look to any room. Where this color shines particularly well is in spaces that have tons of natural light, which enhances the paint’s complex characteristics. Whether used in a modern minimalist home or a cozy traditional setting, a Silver Fox painted door acts as elegant backdrop, coordinating effortlessly with a wide range of other color palettes and home decor styles. This barn door is the perfect accent piece for this homeand its two tone painted walls.

Red Interior Door 

There are not many more colros that are bolder then red. This bright red painted interior door is a beautiful way to add a “POP” of color to your home. The key to pulling off a bold color like this is to make sure it coordinates with other colors in your home, whether thats through accent pieces or accent wall colors. I have used bold colors on interior doors before in my home and it was always a topic of conversation when ever I had guests. It was probably my favorite part of my Florida home.

Beige Interior Door

This is a look I do not think I have seen before. I am here for it though. I love the beiuge door with the bright white trim and light wood flooring. The beige gives this home a true luxury feel. While I am not 100% certain on the color of this particular interior door but a color that I have reviewed recently looks very similiar and that is Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak

Pale Oak can be described as a light greige (gray plus beige), or off-white. It has a hint of pink in it which gives it that warmth that nudges it into the greige paint color category. It’s a light color however it still has enough depth to not feel washed out even on doors that receive an abundance of natural light. 

Green Painted Interior Door

Adding a green interior door to your home can infuse your space with a sense of tranquility and nature into your living space. A popular choice for those wishing to bring the calmness of the outside world indoors is a soft sage green, which pairs beautifully with a wide range of decor styles, from modern to rustic. This color does not overwhelm the senses but rather invites a peaceful ambiance into any room. This example is really well designed the green door pairs perfectly with the natural wood and bright wood walls and trim. The door also proivides a nice contract against the busy tile flooring. Lucky for you I have previously reviewed tons of green paint colors that are perfect for a homes interior.

Lime Green Painted Interior Door

I know I know, this is an unusual selection for this post, but I absolutely love this interior door design.Like the previous green paint color I think that this paint color goes perfectly with the natural wood and also provides a nice back drop against the tile flooring.

Burgundy Interior Door

For mew this door exudes luxury. The color combined with the wallpaper give this space a real luxurious feel. A burgindy door doenst have to signify luxury I can see a burgundy door working with pretty much any design style from farmhouse to mordern.

Gray and White Interior Door

Love, love this interior door design. I remember seeing something to this trend on Pinterest a while back and instantly have wanted to incorporate this design into my own home when I finally settle into my forever home. I have always loved how gray and white coordinate perfectly together, although if this were my design I think I would use a softer gray to pair with the bright white paint in the rest of the design.

White Painted Interior Door

Last but certainly not least we have th ever popular wgite paibted interior door. This is kind of the standard color that everyone uses because itsd classic, timeless and agreeable with all design styles. I have had plenty of white interior doors in my homes so I am obviously a huge fan myself. I love paring white doors with black hardware I love the contrast.

Interior Door Paint Colors Wrapping Up

Its safe to say that I am now even more obsessed with painted interior doors than ever before. Each of the color choices we have talked about today are great for different reasons, they can work in any home and each can really make a statement.

As you can see, there are endless possibilities when it comes to painted interior doors. Whether you’re looking for a subtle pop of color or a bold statement piece, there is a paint color that will fit your unique style and home decor. So go ahead and get creative with your interior doors – they are a fun and easy way to add color in an unexpected space.

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