Summer Bedroom Decor Ideas

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I am so happy that summer is finally here. I’ve been busy swapping things out around the house so that my house looks more relaxed and ready for summer. In the summertime, I like to change up the bedding in the house to something a little lighter. Today, I’m partnering with Walmart to share some ideas to lighten up your bedding this summer as well as some other ideas to prep your home for summer! Walmart Home is such a great resource for beautiful and affordable pieces for all areas of your home.

Summer Bedding Ideas

Swap out the sheets | I like to start by swapping out my sheets. I especially love these cotton wrinkle-resistant ones in the summer. They are light and breathable which is exactly what we need on those 100+ degree days. I also love that they come in dozen of different colors and prints.

Use a light duvet comforter | In other months I usually make my bed with several layers. In the summer, I pare that way down and go from the top sheet to a light cotton duvet. I prefer a white duvet because it’s a very classic look. There are several great options at Walmart Home including this textured one that is really pretty.

Top the bed with a light blanket or quilt | As a contrast to the white duvet, I added this cheerful lemon print quilt to the bottom of the bed. I think this punchy yellow one is another great summery option.

I found a set of four pillow covers which were perfect for summer. I was thrilled to find zippered pillow covers at Walmart Home. The fun thing about the pillow cover set is that they are all different prints. I used two of the four for decorative throws on my bed. They are really light fabric so I think they’re best used in a bedroom.

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There are just too many great options at Walmart Home that I can’t stop at just the bedding. I rounded up some more of my favorite affordable pieces for summer all from Walmart Home.

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