Transform Your Space With Stunning Above the Bed Wall Decor

When it comes to decorating our bedrooms, we often focus on the furniture, the bed itself, and the bedding. Don’t sleep on the valuable space above the bed that can be used for adding personality, style, and charm to your bedroom. There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating the space over the bed and creativity will take you far. Today, let’s explore the world of above-bed wall decor, sharing fresh ideas and smart tips to help you transform this blank canvas into a stunning focal point.

Above the bed wall decor ideas for all styles

Above Bed Artwork Ideas

Starting off strong with the most popular of options for above bed decor, artwork! Whether it’s artwork that you’ve created, original pieces, or art prints, the key is to select pieces that resonate with your personal style and complement the overall theme of your bedroom. You’ll want to consider choosing large-scale paintings, a group of two or three prints, or photographs that capture your attention and create visual interest. Abstract art, landscapes, or even a 3D art wall can make a striking impact above the bed.

Large Oversized Artwork

Large artwork over the bed helps to make a bold statement and adds an extra layer of dimension, texture, and character to your bedroom. If you are looking for bedroom wall decor for above the bed that will be eye-catching and unique, oversized artwork is definitely the way to go. Scale is important. Oversized artwork also helps to create some balance in a large room. 

wall art ideas for over the bed
via Parker and Parker Design

Oftentimes we think of paintings when we think of artwork but I want to encourage you to consider photography as well for above the bed wall decor. Photography has a really beautiful way of evoking feelings and can really set the tone in a room. This calming beach print creates a very serene vibe in this bedroom.

Abstract Art

small scale modern wall art
via Coleman Builders

Abstract art is the perfect way to add modern flair and character to your bedroom. Whether you choose a large painting or a pair of smaller-scale artwork, abstract pieces can be incredibly versatile. The key to making this look work is selecting colors that will blend in with the overall color palette of your room while also adding some contrast and interest. I love how beautifully these pieces blend in this modern bedroom.

Another large-scale piece of art that makes for the perfect above the bed wall decor, filling up the space over the bed. It’s an abstract that blends so well with the space using the same colors as those that are featured in the beddings and rug. 

Trio of Framed Prints

geometic abstract art prints for bedroom decor
via Leslie Cotter Interiors

For a more modern take on the artwork route, consider choosing a trio or a group of framed prints to feature above the bed. This is an especially great idea if the pieces of art you have are smaller or you prefer a more geometric style. The trick here is to choose pieces that share some common characteristics such as color scheme, subject matter, or a common thread that will tie the look together. This foursome of black and white abstract pieces is a good example. 

3D Art Above the Bed

3D bedroom wall art ideas
via Rikki Snyder design by Coffinier Ku Design

For the creative types out there, 3D art is an amazing way to make a bold statement or just create some dimension. With 3D wall art, you can create a dramatic display that brings attention above the bed and creates visual interest. This 3D floating cloud artwork is a great modern touch that is understated but also pops right off the wall and immediately draws you in.

3D wall decor ideas
via Schell Brothers

Another option for 3D art is something like this set of 3D lilypad abstract pieces. Likely made of metal or some other media, these also pop right off the wall. They take up more space on the wall than the clouds – spanning the entire length of the headboard. This gives the art more of a wow factor. Additionally, the wallpaper pattern backdrop helps the artwork to really pop! Both options are excellent ideas for above the bed wall decor.

Mirrors as Above the Bed Decor

If you’re looking for something simple, on trend, and just as interesting as artwork you should consider installing a mirror above the bed. Mirrors are an excellent way to reflect light and visually expand any room. Not to mention they make great decor pieces all on their own! Mirrors come in endless styles so you can get really creative and install a mirror that fits your personal design style. Also, see mirrors over nightstands for alternative decorating ideas.

large mirror for bedroom decor
via ModClair

This large rectangular mirror complements this primary bedroom beautifully. It mimics the clean lines on the windows and nightstands. It also brightens up the space by reflecting the natural light that’s already in the space. Mirrors are a great home decor hack that helps interiors feel brighter and more open.

A chunky wood framed round mirror in this coastal beachy bedroom is almost like a porthole. That charming little detail in this room makes for the perfect over the bed decor piece and helps to complete the beachy aesthetic.

Use Nature as Art


driftwood eclectic over the bed wall decor
via Mackenzie Collier Interiors
photo by James Stewart

Using nature as art for above the bed wall decor is a wonderful way to bring a sense of serenity and relaxation into your bedroom. Nature-inspired artwork can range from breathtaking landscapes and botanical prints to abstract interpretations of natural elements to actual natural elements. The use of driftwood or walking sticks as a medium to create art for above the bed wall decor can be meaningful. These items can be pieces that you’ve picked up on your own adventures adding another layer of charm to your space. I especially love this idea for guest bedrooms.

framed nature pieces for over the headboard decor
via Blackband Design

Nature inspired art is a wonderful way to fill the space above your bed. This trio of coral prints with black frames brings in the perfect blend of modern style and nature. 

Handmade Pieces as Wall Decor

Using handmade items as above-the-bed wall decor adds a touch of uniqueness, craftsmanship, and personalization to your bedroom. Handmade pieces carry a special charm and character that mass-produced items often lack. From handcrafted macrame wall hangings and woven textiles and baskets to intricately carved wooden art and pottery, there is a vast array of handmade options to choose from. These items not only showcase the talent and skill of artisans but also add a sense of warmth and authenticity to your space.

I purchased this handmade juju hat several years ago and use it as a focal point in my bedroom. These pieces make great above the bed wall decor alone or situated in a group. Juju hats are traditionally ceremonial and symbolize prosperity. 

macrame piece for above the bed for bedroom decor
via Lord Interior Design
photo by Blackstone Studios

Macrame is also a great way to add texture and interest to the wall above your bed. This natural fiber macrame piece is definitely eye-catching and adds dimension to this room. 

Rugs and Tapestries Statement Pieces

hang rugs above headboard for a create wall decor idea
via Jessica Blue Interiors

If you want something unique and more unconventional, try hanging a rug or tapestry as above the bed wall decor. Rugs are especially great if you’re looking to add texture and warmth. If you have a special handwoven rug that is around 2×3 or 3×5 it could be the perfect sized rug for wall hanging. Special, one of a kind rugs and tapestries make for the perfect statement pieces to hang above the bed.

Add Texture By Hanging Baskets or Plates Above the Bed

wall basket ideas for above the bed
via Christen Ales photo by Merrick Ales

Another way I love to fill up a blank space above a bed is by using ordinary items like baskets or ceramics. Whether the pieces are everyday finds or something unique and special a basket wall or a few plates on the wall can make a statement in the empty space above your bed. This single large basket above the bed is a simple item that brings visual interest to the room. The woven material warms up the otherwise cool room. 

baskets wall decor ideas
via Regan Baker Design photo by Suzanna Scott Photography

Another cool basket is used as an over the bed decor piece. This one looks original and almost like it could have been sitting in a museum, yet it’s in this gorgeous bedroom complementing the decor nicely.

pottery as wall decor in bedroom
via Kathleen Walsh Interiors photo by Rick Lew

Maybe something you don’t typically think about is using plates, or pottery, as decor for above the bed. Plate walls aren’t uncommon but they aren’t generally found in bedrooms. I love the unexpected aspect of using plates in a bedroom. It could be a really fun way to display some of your favorite one of a kind pieces.

Eclectic Gallery Walls Over the Bed

gallery wall as above the bed wall decor
via L Weatherbee Design Studio

Creating a gallery wall above the bed is a nice way to showcase your personal style, memories, and cherished artworks. Gallery walls offer a personalized approach to wall decor, allowing you to curate a collection of pieces that reflect your unique taste. You can mix and match different sizes, frames, and art mediums, such as photographs, prints, paintings, or even three-dimensional objects. Arrange them in a grid formation for a clean and organized look or you can experiment with a more eclectic and asymmetrical arrangement. 

picture shelf as above the bed wall decor ideas
Ayesha Usman Design

You can also add a long shelf above the bed and create an interesting arrangement that way. A gallery wall above the bed becomes a focal point that captures attention and adds visual interest to the entire room. It also allows you the flexibility to change and update the display as you acquire new pieces or want to refresh the look of your bedroom

Other Alternatives to Above the Bed Wall Decor

Accent Walls

accent walls as over the bed wall decor
via Blue Copper Design

Creating an accent wall with wallpaper, wall paneling, or even fabric can create enough depth and visual interest that you don’t need added artwork.

Use Drapery

drapery as wall decor for above the bed
via Jamie Herzlinger

Whether you have an actual window behind your bed or not you can hang drapes to create a dramatic effect that exudes elegance as you see here.

Decals on Bedroom Walls

wall decal as over the bed wall decor
via LDa Architecture & Interiors photo by Greg Premru Photography

Another option that works especially well for rental spaces is adding wall decals. Today, there are so many great options for wall decals that look modern and stylish. My best recommendation is to find them on Etsy as they have a huge selection.

Wrapping Up

No matter what design aesthetic you are drawn to or what type of over the bed wall decor you choose, there is something for everyone! Hopefully, through this guide, you’ve found enough inspiration to come up with ideas of your own for the space above your bed. The great thing about above the bed wall decor is that it can be changed out pretty easily as your style evolves over time. Have fun with the space, use what you love, and enjoy!

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