11 Stunning Board and Batten Entryway Designs

The entryway is a visitors’ first impression when they enter your home. It sets the tone for the rest of your house and gives guests a glimpse into your decor style. That’s why a board and batten entryway is such a great design choice. It offers a classic and timeless look that never goes out of style, plus board and batten truly goes with any home decor style from coastal and modern to farmhouse and everything else in between.

Entryway Board and Batten Design Ideas

Board and Batten Entryway Designs, graphic.

What is Board and Batten?

Board and batten siding starts with wide vertical planks of wood (board), which are then connected together by thin vertical strips of wood (battens) to cover the seams made when the boards are abutted next to each other. Traditionally board and batten was used on the exterior of homes and while that is still a popular design option nowadays it has also become a popular design option on the interior of homes.

Cost of Board and Batten

When considering any home project cost is always a major factor. The cost of installing board and batten on the interior of your home can be estimated by using the space’s square footage. If you are not very handy you can expect to pay a professional board and batten installer between $9 to $26 per square foot. If you are handy and have the tools already you can DIY board and batten much much cheaper. It’s important to remember that with interior board and batten no boards are actually needed instead the drywall will act as the boards. This is great because this allows you to customize the width between the battens.

Board and Batten Installation

If you are handy you can easily install board and batten in your entryway. All that is required is the ability to measure precisely and then simply cut the battens to your desired length. A small assortment of tools is also necessary, you’ll need include a  measuring tape, table saw, brad nails, brad nailer, liquid nails (or other wood glue), paintable caulk, and a caulking gun. To finish up you will also want some wood putty to fill in the nail gun holes, a paint brush  and of course, your favorite paint to finish up the DIY project. I like Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl and Benjamin Moore’s Paper White for board and batten, but truly most colors look fabulous with board and batten. I’ve installed board and batten a few times I even did a tutorial on how to install board and batten a few years ago check it out her. How to Install Board and Batten

Exterior Board and Batten Entryway Designs

Since board and batten can be used on the exterior and interior of your home’s foyer we will discuss both interior and exterior ideas. Growing up on the West Coast of the US there are not many homes with board and batten on the exterior. I absolutely love it and I can totally see myself in a home with board and batten on the exterior when I buy my forever home in a few short years.

Gray and White 

This board and batten design is gorgeous. What a great way to enter your home. This front door is an absolute beauty, I love how the door matches exactly with the porch ceiling. The board and batten is painted a beautiful shade of light gray and is contrasted with a white trim board and batten area.

White with a Pop of Color

This board and batten entryway wall is a great way to attract attention to your front door. With that beautiful front door, I don’t blame the design for wanting to highlight it. The all white design is perfect and the blue chairs provide the perfect accent pieces for this small exterior entryway.

Board and Batten Entryway Walkway

This is truly a unique entryway. It’s not often that you see exterior walkways leading to a home. I am guessing most homeowners want their entryway to feel open and welcoming. This homeowner made the best out of a less than ideal foyer by using floor to ceiling board and batten on both sides of the walkway. The glass panels on either side of the front door provide some of the openness homeowners desire. I love the ceiling here it provides the perfect contrast and touch of color for this small space.

Interior Board and Batten Entryway Designs

If you have been following the blog for a while now you already know that I have done more than a few interior board and batten projects. While I have never done a board and batten entryway that is certainly something on my to do list for my one day home. Here are 8 of my favorite entryway design ideas.

Floor to Ceiling Board and Batten

This foyer is absolutely stunning. The board and batten give the walls so much texture and depth and truly elevate this space. I love how the board and batten cause your eye to gravitate up it really highlights the high ceiling in this entryway. I also love how all the wood in this photo matches perfectly with the wall design. To me, the vintage looking flooring, console table, and double front door make this space unique and special.

Horizontal Board and Batten in Entryway

This is such a great example of how horizontal board and batten in an entryway can transform the often small space. Traditional board and batten runs vertically, this homeowner decided for their design they were going to forego tradition and do the exact opposite. I love the way this design turned out the board and batten coexists perfectly in this space with a lovely green barn door and brings the farmhouse style right to the front of the home.

Board and Batten Entryway with Bench

If you have kids you know how important a drop zone is. My current military housing does not have a drop zone. Essentially as soon as you walk in there’s a set of stairs and a door to the kitchen. I absolutely despise the layout. This home though has a gorgeous drop zone made even better with the addition of board and batten. This drop zone has it all a bench for taking off shoes, baskets and drawers for hiding and storing shoes, and even hooks to hang coats and jackets. 


This homeowner really must have wanted a legit drop zone in their entryway. They took over a closet and added board and batten a bench and hooks for the ultimate drop zone. It’s out of the way yet completely functional. Designing your board and batten with hooks is an excellent way to maximize the storage space in the entryway of your home. 

Horizontal and Vertical Board and Batten 

Why choose between horizontal and vertical board and batten when you can have both? This entryway design features a combination of the two styles, creating a unique and eye-catching look. The horizontal board and batten adds texture to the walls while the vertical pieces draw your eyes up to the high ceiling. The dark color choice for the board and batten also provides a unique and beautiful look.

Board and Batten on Entryway Ceiling

I feel like I am always talking about ceiling design. I don’t know why, from porch ceilings to basement ceilings it’s just something that I have been obsessed with lately. Board and batten on a ceiling is no different it is such an unexpected design choice and it looks absolutely stunning in this foyer. The white board and batten adds texture to the space while the bookshelves add contrast and allow the board and batten to stand out even more. This idea brings me to mind, another post I recently did on a similar ceiling design, Shiplap Ceilings.

3/4 Wall Design

This is another great design idea. I love that with this design you can still include your favorite wall color without having to stray from the traditional white board and batten. With this idea, you can do all the entryway walls or select one for a lovely board and batten accent wall idea.

Board and Batten + Shiplap

Why settle for just one type of wood paneling when you can combine two of the most popular designs? Shiplap and board and batten are equally great on their own but when combined they create an absolute showstopper of a design. This foyer design features a combination of board and batten and shiplap on the walls, creating something unique and definitely visually appealing. This is something I never would have thought about for my entryway or any area of my home really so I give a ton of credit to the interior designer here. The board and batten with hooks and a bench is such an easy way to dramatically increase storage in the foyer, this design is a no brainer.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you feel inspired by some of my favorite board and batten ideas. My tutorial should give you a head start as you start your very own project. Board and batten in the entryway is an easy way to add texture, character, and interest to a space that often gets overlooked. Whether you choose traditional board and batten or go for something unique like horizontal paneling, incorporating board and batten into your interior design will definitely take your home’s foyer to the next level. Don’t forget to add additional features like a bench or hooks to increase the storage potential of your space.

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