Sherwin Williams Coastal Paint Colors

Selecting paint colors for your home can be the most challenging part of home design. If you are looking for beach house colors, I hope that challenge can become a bit easier with this guide to beach house paint colors. Whether you live by the beach or just dream of spending your days in a coastal paradise, these Sherwin Williams coastal colors will help turn your home into a tranquil oasis. From soft whites to cool blues, these 12 popular coastal paint colors will give your home the relaxing seaside feel you crave.

So, if you’re looking for calming coastal paint colors that will help transform your home into a relaxing seaside retreat, consider one of these Sherwin Williams colors. From soft whites to cool blues, these coastal colors will give your space the serene feeling you’re after.

What are the most common beach house paint colors?

The most common colors for beach house homeowners and designers are whites and tans, blues, and greens. Blues and greens are regarded as soothing, relaxing, and evocative of the sea and sky so these colors reflect the beach beautifully. 

Sherwin Williams Coastal Colors

Sherwin Williams beach house coastal colors beach color palette

These 12 Sherwin Williams coastal paint colors are all beachy in feel, with a sense of tranquility that is expected of a seaside home.

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Sherwin Williams Eider White  

SW 7014 Eider White

This tricky paint color is more of a soft gray than a white. By itself it can appear white but paired with a white trim color, you’ll see a significant contrast. Eider White is a great light and airy color making it an ideal beach house color, but there are a couple of things you should know. Eider White is a cool paint color that has a touch of pink undertones.

It has an LRV (Light Reflective Value) of 73 which means it’s a very light paint color. If you have a bright space that has a lot of windows, you’ll enjoy the subtle gray coastal paint color. If you’re looking for grey coastal paint colors, be sure to add Sherwin Williams Eider White to your shortlist.

Sherwin Williams Extra White

SW 7006 Extra White

Sherwin Williams Extra White is a nice coastal white paint hue. It’s a cool, even chilly white paint that is very dependent on the space’s lighting and ambiance. It has very cool undertones which make it a nice coastal color.

Its undertones can occasionally show hints of purple, gray, or blue, so it’s important to keep that in mind when choosing this paint color. The LRV of Extra White is 86, making it a nice crisp white paint color. If you are looking for a beautiful bright white for your beach house, this could be a winner. 

A crisp bright white that would be a nice alternative to Sherwin Williams Extra White is Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace.

Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige

SW 7036 Accessible Beige

Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige is a beige paint color with gray undertones. Despite its cool undertones, it remains a warm gray color creating this hybrid paint color known as greige. It’s beautiful.

Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige coastal beach color palette
via Cottage Home Company

It’s a solid neutral that can balance out the coolness of the blues and greens that are hallmarks of coastal design. With an LRV of 58 it’s a beautiful medium tone that feels light and fresh. 

Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan

Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan SW 7531

Canvas Tan is a beautiful tan paint color. It could even be called khaki. It has yellow or gold undertones making it a warm paint color. It’s a lovely option for a coastal color palette because it balances the cool colors traditionally found in coastal homes. It has an LRV of 64 making it a soft color with depth.

Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan Coastal Paint Color Palette
via Victoria Renovations

It’s a nice neutral color for a kitchen, bedroom or living room. You could even use it as a full home paint color if you want to brighten up your space. Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan should definitely be considered for your coastal home paint palette.

Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice

Now we’re getting into the gray coastal paint colors. Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice is one of the more overlooked paint colors but I can’t put together a guide of coastal colors without including it. It’s a fantastic neutral paint color that will bring a subtle warmth to your home. It has an LRV of 66 so it’s quite light on the scale of gray paint colors. Like all paint colors, there are subtle undertones with Crushed Ice that you need to be aware of. It has a slight violet or blue undertone but still has a warm base.

If you have a space with a lot of natural light, it can feel a little flat and if you have a dark space the blue undertones in Crushed Ice can make it feel a little dingy. If you have moderate light, or western-facing windows, you’ll see the best version of Crushed Ice.

Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray

SW 6205 Comfort Gray Sherwin Williams Coastal Colors

Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray is more of a blue-green-gray than a gray paint color, making it a perfect coastal paint color. Comfort Gray is a color shifter in that in some spaces it can lean bluer and in others greener. The LRV of Sherwin Willams Comfort Gray is 54 which means that it has a significant depth of color.

Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray seaside sherwin williams paint colors
via Allison and Ramsey

It’s among the beachy paint colors because of its ability to look blue and green. The blue/green color is reminiscent of the ocean which makes it the perfect color for a beach house. Paired with white trim, it has beautiful contrast.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt SW 6204

Much like Comfort Gray, Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is a chameleon paint color. It is a favorite paint color of designers and homeowners for beach houses and coastal-designed spaces because of its blue/green/gray look. In some spaces it looks bluer, in others it appears quite green, and in some spaces, it looks gray.

Sherwin Williams coastal paint colors - popular green blue Sea Salt
via Echelon Custom Homes

It is at the top of my list of beach house colors, especially beach house bedroom colors. With an LRV of 63, it could almost be the lighter-tone version of Comfort Gray. It’s a beautiful light paint color that brings the colors of the sea to any space.

Sherwin Williams Tradewind

SW 6218 Sherwin Williams Tradewind

Your quintessential ocean blue paint color, Sherwin Williams Tradewind has to be on the list of beachy blue paint colors. Whether it’s for interiors or as a coastal exterior paint color, Tradewind is a classic.

It’s perfectly coastal blue without being baby blue. It’s got a cheery brightness that pairs really well with a crisp white trim. Sherwin Williams Tradewind has an LRV of 61 giving it some depth without being too dark or bright. 

Sherwin Williams Rainwashed

SW 6211 Rainwashed beachy paint color

If Tradewind is your quintessential coastal blue paint color, then Rainwashed is your classic blue/green paint color. Like many popular Sherwin Williams coastal colors, Rainwashed is firmly in the blue/green color family. While many blue-green paint colors have some gray in them that warms them ever so slightly, this one stays pretty solidly cool.

Sherwin Williams Rainwashed calm coastal paint colors
via Shoreline Construction

In the can, this paint color looks as if it’s more green than blue but once on the walls, it’s a beautiful shade of blue. Its LRV is 59 making it a  color that will provide some depth on the walls. Rainwashed is great all over the house but I love it in a family room, bathroom, or bedroom.

Sherwin Williams Watery

SW 6478 Watery Sherwin Williams coastal colors

If you are looking for a bright and cheerful blue coastal paint color then you must consider Sherwin Williams Watery. This paint color can go from a brightly saturated blue, aqua or turquoise to a more subtle muted blue depending on the light.

It reminds me of colors you would see in coastal Florida. Whether you use this paint color as a fantastic beachy bedroom paint color or as a lovely exterior paint color it does a great job of inviting the ocean in. The LRV for Watery is similar to Rainwashed at 57.

Sherwin Williams Stardew

SW 9138 Stardew blue paint color

If you want a blue hue that is more muted and sophisticated then Sherwin Williams Stardew is worth a look. Sherwin Williams describes Stardew as a cool crisp blue. I think that’s the most succinct description of this paint color. If you’re looking for a coastal-inspired, medium-blue paint color, I think this one is a good pick.

It has the tiniest bit of cool green-gray undertones but it’s a strong blue paint color in the end. Let me be clear, Stardew is not a light blue paint color. It has an LRV of 43 which means it’s got some saturation. It will appear darker in spaces with less light and lighter in spaces that have more. I think this is a beautiful paint color to include in your collection of coastal wall colors for interior or exterior.

See Stardew in our Laundry Room

Sherwin Williams Naval

SW 6244 Naval paint color

The last and final paint color in my coastal color palette is Sherwin Williams Naval. Navy blue is a lovely coastal color. Adding something bold, even if muted, to a selection of more light to medium paint colors reveals a beautiful contrast. Naval is a nice option for adding that contrast. Sherwin Williams considers its paint color, Naval, a neutral and I think that’s a fair assessment.

via Piper Gonzalez

Naval is a true navy paint color. It doesn’t have the violet or green undertones than are commonly found in navy blue paint colors. It has an LRV of 4 because it is so richly saturated. It’s a nice dark color that would be an excellent accent color in a beach color palette. I’d consider using Sherwin Williams Naval in a coastal kitchen like on a kitchen island, as a dining room paint color, or even an accent wall. 

If you are preparing a weekend of beach house painting or even just painting one beachy room, I hope you found this article helpful for selecting coastal colors in your own home. 

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