TV Wall Ideas For Your Home

We love a good TV binge or movie night snuggled on the couch, but even flat screen tv’s aren’t the most stylish decor fixtures. Having a big black box on your wall directly in front of a sofa doesn’t exactly scream warm and cozy. Having a television in your living room is now more commonplace than ever, but that doesn’t mean it has to be an eyesore. With the right TV wall ideas, you can incorporate a TV in your design instead. Today, we’re talking all about TV wall ideas, how to design one, and a bunch of brilliant ideas to inspire you to create your own.

TV Wall Ideas for Your Home

How to Design a Wall With a TV

It may require some forethought and design planning but you can absolutely incorporate a TV into your design aesthetic. Designing a living room TV wall can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some quick broad overview ideas on how to decorate around a TV without compromising the aesthetic of your space.

Choose a Focal Point That’s Not a TV

Every room needs a focal point, whether that’s a piece of art or a piece of furniture. It can be something as significant as  large built-in bookcases that house the TV to something as understated as a pair of art pieces. You’ll just want to make sure that there is something that catches the eye.

Consider Furniture Other than A Media Center

There are so many more aesthetic options than a basic media console for housing a TV. Using floating shelves or even built-in shelving can help to reduce the space taken up by traditional media centers and cabinets and they are much more pleasing to the eye. Additionally, using unique pieces like a vintage buffet or dresser as a TV cabinet or even hanging your TV above a fireplace – all of those ideas are more aesthetic than the old media center.

Pick a Wall Color

 If painting the walls is available to you then you are in luck and you have even more leverage for disguising your TV. If you want to camouflage your TV you could use a dark color like navy, black, or dark green as a backdrop. Neutral colors work nicely on built-in cabinetry that houses a TV as well.

Some paint colors that are great for disguising a TV are Sherwin Williams NavalSherwin Williams Tricorn BlackSherwin Williams Iron OreSherwin Williams Evergreen Fog, and even Sherwin Williams Pewter Green.

Check the height of your TV

For optimal viewing, TVs should be at eye level when seated. If you want an in depth look at what height your television should be then you should check out this Guide for TV Height. 

TV Wall Ideas

Let’s look at some examples of TV walls that are aesthetic and inviting. All of these spaces are functional and pleasing to the eye and you don’t even mind the black box 😉

Built-in TV Cubby 

Swanson Homes photo by Landmark Photography

The built in cubby next to the gorgeous stone fireplace is well thought out and super functional. The first thing I notice is the fireplace, not the TV. That’s the goal when creating a TV wall. You don’t want the TV to become the focal point (unless you really do). There is some symmetry with the built-in TV on the right and the bench on the left. Additionally, the black TV mimics the black fireplace box. All around this is a really great way to incorporate a television without the TV becoming the focal point of the room.

Built-in Shelving TV Wall

via KGB Design

There is really something so classic about a white built-in bookshelf. You can’t go wrong with a white built-in TV wall. This one is great because it expands across the entire wall. While the TV is front and center, it feels like it’s a piece of the focal wall, not really the focal point. I think adding the artwork directly above the TV is really smart and draws the eye up and away from the TV.

TV Gallery Wall

via Domino

The way I love a TV gallery wall. It’s just a big, big love. This eclectic mix of artwork from floor to ceiling, behind the TV is a fantastic way to disguise a TV. 

TV Disguised as Artwork TV Wall 

via House Mix Blog

If you have zero desire to see your TV unless you are watching it you might consider a DIY project like this one. You can create a hideaway for your TV that is disguised as artwork.

TV Hidden in a Gallery Wall

via Emma Jane Palin

Another brilliant gallery wall that does a great job at disguising you TV. I love the bold red cubbies. It’s a striking look that grabs your attention. Additionally, the way the artwork is laid out – you have to look pretty hard to figure out which of the frames is the actual television!

via the Styled Domicile

A Frame TV will definitely make camouflaging your television a lot easier than traditional TVs. As you can see in this TV gallery wall, it’s hard to tell that the large piece of artwork over the buffet is the TV. Again, TV wall ideas that include a gallery wall such as this one are great ways to hide your TV because the wall is busy and gives you many beautiful pieces to look at.

Shiplap TV Wall with Fireplace

via Plank and Pillow

Probably one of the most mainstream options for a TV wall is to hang a TV above a fireplace. This isn’t my favorite installation of a television but when done well, you get a really aesthetic look like the one above. One thing I really love about this TV wall is the symmetry. The built-ins on either side of the fireplace make the space feel really balanced. While I would expect the TV to stand out in an unattractive way, it almost provides the perfect amount of contrast against the white walls.

Contrasting TV Wall Ideas

via Brophy Interiors

This space has a lot going for it. I think what really works is the contrast in the room. The black box of a television isn’t the only black thing in this room. The black frames as well as the black console table give the room enough contrast that the black TV feels like it’s working with the design instead of against it. I also really like the way they carried the shiplap behind the TV with the colorful built-in around it.

Black and White TV Wall

via Younger Homes

We talked about how dark walls help camouflage televisions making dark paint colors ideal for those wanting to disguise their TV for their TV walls. This is a perfect example of that. The TV above the fireplace is camouflaged by the black paint. It also is a really fun contrast in this space because there’s just a strip of black in the center of an otherwise white wall. There’s some great symmetry here that creates an all-around aesthetic space.

Hidden TV Cabinet

via Simply Home Decorating

If you like the convenience of having your TV above the fireplace but aren’t a fan of the way it looks then this is a great solution for you. A cabinet that hides your TV above a fireplace is a great alternative to a TV wall.

Final Thoughts: TV Wall Ideas

When it comes to designing your TV wall, the key is to make sure that the television doesn’t become the focal point of the space. You want it to blend in with any artwork or design elements so that when you look at your wall, all you see is an overall cohesive aesthetic not a big black box. If you are able to keep this in mind and use these tv wall ideas as inspiration, you can create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. No matter what your style may be, there are lots of ways to incorporate a TV without sacrificing the overall design of your space!

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