Shiplap Fireplace Ideas: 16 Modern And Stylish Designs

I have been absolutely obsessed with fireplace design lately. I am particularly loving the look of a fireplace with shiplap above. To me, it is a striking design feature and can be a major focal point and can totally elevate the look of your home. And you know what? Modern shiplap is a fantastic way to add some visual interest and texture to your space. The best part? Shiplap is super versatile and goes well with all types of home designs from modern and traditional to the ever popular farmhouse style.

Understanding Shiplap

If you’re not familiar with shiplap, it is a type of wooden wall paneling commonly used as exterior siding on barns, sheds, and other rural structures. Traditionally, the boards are installed horizontally with a small gap between them to allow for expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. This distinctive look has now made its way indoors and has become wildly popular in home design, thanks in no small part to a popular home renovation show.

Why is Shiplap Perfect for Fireplaces

Shiplap is perfectly suited for fireplaces for a number of reasons. First, it’s fair to say that I absolutely adore how the even and repetitive horizontal lines of shiplap give a clean, organized feel to the space. There’s a calm symmetry that is just so appealing with shiplap walls. Furthermore, shiplap’s texture adds a layer of visual depth that makes your home’s fireplace stand out, becoming a compelling centerpiece in any room. But the beauty isn’t just skin deep. Shiplap’s ease of installation make it an easy weekend DIY project too. Its ability to withstand heat makes it a safe option for fireplace surroundings. So, whether you’re a DIY enthusiast like me, or prefer to hire a professional, incorporating shiplap into your design can create a stunning impact without much hassle.

Shiplap Above Fireplace Designs I Love

Take a look here for some of my favorite shiplap above fireplace inspiration ideas. You’ll find everything you need to help make the best decor decision for your fireplace. 

Painted Shiplapped Fireplaces

Gray Shiplap Designs

I love the look of a gray fireplace for its modern, clean, bright, and calming appearance. Choosing a gray color can create a beautiful contrast with darker brick or stone and bring balance to an otherwise busy space. Conversely, since grays are a neutral color they also blend in seamlessly into all sorts of neutral family room or bedroom designs. Some of my favorite gray paint colors for shiplap include: Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal and Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray.

Blue Painted Shiplap 

If you have been following along on my blog for a while then you’ll already know I am obsessed with anything blue and painted shiplap fireplaces are definetly not an exception. Blue can give your home a lovely beach house vibe that is both warm and inviting or it can be used with the trendy farmhouse decor style for a pop of color.

Black Painted Shiplap

Black shiplap is something I do not think I have seen before but I am here for it. I am in love with this fireplace design I love how the black fireplace box and black TV screen are disguised by the black paint color.  Another thing to note is the either intentional or unintentional but beautiful coordination between the black fireplace and the black window frame and chandelier. Sometimes it’s the small details that set a rooms design apart.

Green Painted Shiplap

This is another great painted shiplap design. The white side walls provide the perfect contrast to the green painted shiplap. The wooden mantle only adds to this beautiful design.

Wood Stained Fireplace Shiplap

I know, I know this is exactly a paint color but it’s close enough to consider it for this section. I think the contrast between the wood of the shiplap and the room’s white painted shiplap is absolutely stunning. I love how the variety of wood tones in the space coordinates perfectly and makes for a cohesive design. The beachy art above the fireplace is a nice touch and looks amazing against the raw wood.

Classic White

A white shiplap wall is the most common color and there’s good reason for that. White literally goes with anything and everything. It’s clean and easy to decorate around and no one ever gets tired of white shiplap. This design features the classic combination of white shiplap and a large piece of art leaning on the mantle. There’s tons of natural light entering this space which allows the fireplace to truly shine.

Miscellaneous Shiplap over a Fireplace Designs

High Ceiling Fireplace

This design showcases a number of things I love. First, the high ceiling and tall shiplap draw your eyes up to make the room feel bigger and grander Second, the TV is offset and in an atypical location. That is certainly something unexpected. All the natural lighting only elevates this high ceiling design. Everything comes together in this space to make a truly amazing design.

Brick and Shiplap

I can’t think of any better combination than the brick and shiplap in this farmhouse living room. All the neutral tones in this home combine to make a superb design. The bricks are not the traditional red bricks but more of a muted tone and I think that’s the perfect look to coordinate with the sofa and wood flooring.

Vertical Shiplap

Looking for something a bit unique but still love the shiplap look. You can’t go wrong with vertical shiplap. Traditional horizontal shiplap turned 90 degrees totally changes the look and feel of this modern living room farmhouse fireplace. I love the contrast of the black picture frames against the bright white shiplap. Lately, I have also been obsessed with living rooms with exposed beams and this one is no exception, not only do beams allow for taller ceilings but they also make the rooms feel more rustic and are another great design element.

Wide Plank Shiplap

Shiplap over a fireplace. the shiplap is made with wide than usual planks and has a tv overlapping the design.

Is vertical shiplap still not different enough for you? Take a look at this shiplap design idea. This homeowner used wider than usual planks above their fireplace. The wider shiplap boards make for a more dramatic statement piece that coordinates with the mantel. This room is stunning and this wide plank shiplap only makes it better. The wide wood planks make the fireplace a true focal point in this home.

Corner Fireplace

What better way to make full use of your home than by having a corner fireplace.  This home elevates its design by using the shiplap all the way to the ceiling. This makes the space feel taller and more open and spacious. I absolutely adore the small details here. The blue and white tile fireplace surround ties in the surrounding shelf and furniture. Creating a cohesive look and truly elevates this home’s design.

Small Shiplap Fireplace Wall

I came across this fireplace design idea and thought it was the cutest thing. I am usually all about texture but I love the “flattness” of this design. It took me a few seconds to see what this fireplace was missing and it doesn’t have a mantle which I think adds a ton of style to this design. This design is beautiful because of its simplicity. Plus, if you have been around long enough you know I am a sucker for any blue and white home designs.

Stone Fireplace with Shiplap

What better materials to match with your shiplap and fireplace than natural stone.  The gray stones used on the fireplace surround are truly breathtaking. The stones flow seamlessly with the entire room design. The light gray shade with white grout lines is perfect for this space. Pairing the stones with shiplap and a solid wood mantle creates a truly remarkable statement piece in this home.

Chevron Shiplap Fireplace

Now this is something I have not seen before. This homeowner laid out their shiplap not horizontal which is how it’s typically done, nor did they lay it out vertically like we saw above. They decided to create a chevron pattern with their shiplap design. I am here for it. I think a lovely herringbone design would also look amazing when paired with shiplap and a fireplace. The contrast in the grays of the shiplap and wood mantle provides the perfect contrast to make this design stand out and make it a true focal point and accent wall in this home.

Fireplace + Mirror + Shiplap

I have always loved the idea of hanging a giant mirror above the fireplace. I think it really elevates the look and feel of a room. It gives the space a larger appearance and is truly a clean design element.  The oversized mirror in this design is the perfect addition to the classic shiplap. The combination of white shiplap and gray accents makes for a dramatic appearance. I love how there are so many different elements that make this room come alive. This design looks like it came straight from my own home as I had a very similar setup in my Florida home.


Accent wall designs over fireplaces have become more and more popular in recent years. It’s no wonder that shiplap has become a staple for many home designs, especially when paired with a fireplace. The versatility of shiplap allows it to be incorporated into a wide variety of design styles from modern farmhouse, to coastal, to traditional. It adds texture, dimension, character and a cozy feel to any home this design is installed in.

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