Vintage Valentine’s Day Vignette

Hi sweet readers! I’ve been promising you my Valentine’s Vignette for awhile now. And truth is, it’s been complete for a little bit. But the thing is, I just can’t stand photographing my entry way. The lighting is horrible and I am never super pleased with the way the photos turn out. Sigh. Oh well, you work with what ya got, right? So at last, here is my vintage inspired Valentine’s Vignette.

Making Home Base: Vintage Valentine's Vignette #ValentinesDay

I pretty much love everything about this sweet little vignette. If you’re a regular around here, then you’ll recognize a couple of the big players in this vignette: the paper bag and washi tape heart bunting, and my Valentine’s Day wreath.Making Home Base: Vintage Valentine's Vignette #ValentinesDay But my favorite part about this vignette has to be those glass cabinets. Yes, cabinets! I picked these up a few weeks ago from my local Habitat for Humanity Restore (stay tuned for the full scoop). Then I lined them with some book pages. I also used my cute skeleton keys to really give the old vintage feel. I also sprinkled a few leftover glitter hearts on the table for a pop of color.

Making Home Base: Vintage Valentine's Vignette #ValentinesDay

My entry table is the setting of my vignette and it has a bottom shelf that’s fun to dress up too! It shows off my fun little chalkboard…

Making Home Base: Vintage Valentine's Vignette #ValentinesDay

and this little vase filled with some those glittery red hearts that I picked up at the dollar tree and of course, I sprinkled some more glittery red hearts down here.

Making Home Base: Vintage Valentine's Vignette #ValentinesDay

So there you have my vintage Valentine’s Day Vignette. Better late than never, I suppose. I love the way it turned out. And I will probably keep it up for a few days past Valentine’s Day. Shhh….

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  1. What a lovely vignette, Chelsea! I can totally relate to your frustration regarding the bad lighting in the entryway, I’ve got the same problem. Nevertheless, your pics are charming!

  2. It looks so cute Chelsea, as all your vignettes do. There’s that table that I like so much, but I especially love the glass cabinets and the fact that you lined them with book pages. Very cool. Can’t wait to read more about them!


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